In memory of those who died this day during the Great War

  • 1915 1234/X Peter Benoit, Newfoundland Royal Naval Res
    Buried at Woodlands Cem, Gillingham, Kent
  • 1915 16213 Henry Morris, Infantry
    Buried at Church Cemetery, Bulford, Wiltshire
  • 1917 443340 William Wills, Pioneers
    Buried at Churchyard, Bleasdale, Lancashire
  • 1918 1084249 Clarence Walter Rothwell, Infantry
    Buried at Military Cemetery, Shorncliffe, Kent
  • 1918 69937 Frederick Jacob Snelgrove, Infantry
    Buried at Cemetery, Seaford, Sussex
  • 1919 1105264 Charles Benson, Infantry
    Buried at Cemetery, Buxton, Derbyshire
  • 1919 2500826 Robert Lawrence King, Railway Troops
    Buried at Cemetery, Lenham, Kent
  • 1921 257962 Harold Wrench, Forestry Corps
    Buried at St Lawrence Chyd, Frodsham, Cheshire

About the authors

Diana and Adrian

“Far From Home”

This long-term study is a post-retirement and not-for-profit undertaking by published authors

Diana Beaupré and Adrian Watkinson

who live in the south east region of England.

Diana is half French-Canadian and has a deeply personal fascination for anything Canadian. Her 1st Class Honours Degree in American and Canadian Studies at Canterbury Christ Church University was completed in 2007, serving to fuel Diana’s long established passion for research.

The volume on Shorncliffe at Folkestone, which is featured on this site, had its roots in Diana's final year Dissertation at University. Subsequently, a paper entitled: "En Route To Flanders Fields: the Canadians at Shorncliffe During The Great War" was published by the London Journal of Canadian Studies. (Volume 23: "War and Peace in Canadian History"™ which is also available online).

Adrian is a Graduate in Hotel and Catering Management at Hendon College of Technology, London (1969) and has expanded his lifelong interest in history into this current project. He also dedicates much of his time to genealogy research.

We are undaunted by the huge challenge of finding, photographing and producing profiles for the 3902 WW1 Canadian service men and women commemorated in graves and memorials throughout Great Britain, which are to be found across a staggering 872 different locations. Our objectives are to complete the biggest part of the study in time for the Centennial anniversary of The Great War and finish it completely by the close of 2019.

A list of our written and published articles on Canadian WW1 topics can be found on the “Published Articles” page.

Lyette Brochu

Lyette Brochu

From the early days of the “Far From Home” project, Lyette Brochu, a friend and dedicated genealogist with an ex-military background, was on hand in Quebec to help us out. She frequently travelled to the Library and Archives at Ottawa for research when needed. We greatly appreciate her unstinting work and support.

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