In memory of those who died this day during the Great War

  • 1915 1234/X Peter Benoit, Newfoundland Royal Naval Res
    Buried at Woodlands Cem, Gillingham, Kent
  • 1915 16213 Henry Morris, Infantry
    Buried at Church Cemetery, Bulford, Wiltshire
  • 1917 443340 William Wills, Pioneers
    Buried at Churchyard, Bleasdale, Lancashire
  • 1918 1084249 Clarence Walter Rothwell, Infantry
    Buried at Military Cemetery, Shorncliffe, Kent
  • 1918 69937 Frederick Jacob Snelgrove, Infantry
    Buried at Cemetery, Seaford, Sussex
  • 1919 1105264 Charles Benson, Infantry
    Buried at Cemetery, Buxton, Derbyshire
  • 1919 2500826 Robert Lawrence King, Railway Troops
    Buried at Cemetery, Lenham, Kent
  • 1921 257962 Harold Wrench, Forestry Corps
    Buried at St Lawrence Chyd, Frodsham, Cheshire

Canadians commemorated (A - D)

The names of soldiers that will appear on our CD-ROM volumes:

1 Abbott Arthur John England London Wandsworth
2 Abbott Cephas Hector England Sussex Seaford
3 Abbott Robert Stanley England Hampshire Bramshott
4 Abbott Samuel Lee England Cornwall Lezant
5 Abel Andrew England Sussex Hastings
6 Adair William Gordon England Hampshire Bramshott
7 Adams Alfred Roy England Surrey Brookwood
8 Adams Edward England Devon Crediton
9 Adams Hedley Benjamin England Kent Shorncliffe
10 Adams John England London London
11 Adams John Thomas England Lincolnshire Grimsby
12 Adams John William England Suffolk Great Waldingfield
13 Adams Rossiter John George England Hampshire Bramshott
14 Adams William Henry England Sussex Uckfield
15 Adams William Holloway England Sussex Seaford
16 Adamsky Steven England Sussex Seaford
17 Adamson Bertram England Kent Shorncliffe
18 Adamson David Lowson Scotland Angus Forfar
19 Adderley Harry Blackburn England Staffordshire Bushbury
20 Addison Joseph England Kent Shorncliffe
21 Adey Frederic Cecil England Surrey Brookwood
22 Adkin John Douglas England Leicestershire Burbage
23 Adrain James Murray Scotland Ayrshire Kilwinning
24 Agar Hector Walker England Yorkshire Acomb
25 Ahelo Dominique England Sussex Seaford
26 Aho John England Essex Thurrock
27 Aikman John Patterson England Cumberland Brampton
28 Ainslie Charles Ramsey England Surrey Brookwood
29 Airey William James England Lancashire Yealand Conyers
30 Aitchison David Locklyn England Kent Ramsgate
31 Aitchison James Scotland Peebles-shire Innerteithen
32 Albany William Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
33 Albert Gervais England Yorkshire Ripon
34 Aldersley Alfred Charles England London London
35 Alexander Homer John England Sussex Seaford
36 Alexander Zebrian England Kent Orpington
37 Algeo Luther England Sussex Hastings
38 Allan John Henry England Yorkshire Keighley
39 Allan Robert Andrew James England Kent Shorncliffe
40 Allen Alfred Ernest England Kent Sittingbourne
41 Allen Harold England Berkshire Bearwood
42 Allen Henry Harold England Kent Shorncliffe
43 Allen James Aaron England Sussex Chichester
44 Allen Robert Henry England Hampshire Southampton
45 Allison Milton R England Surrey Epsom
46 Allison William Roderick England Derbyshire Buxton
47 Alsop Claud S England Lancashire Manchester
48 Altman Paul England Hampshire Bramshott
49 Alton William Richard England Surrey Brookwood
50 Alvey Owen Birchby England Hampshire Netley
51 Ambler Richard George England Surrey Brookwood
52 Ambrose Alfred Edward England Berkshire Reading
53 Amos George Septimus England Durham Blaydon
54 Anchor Robert Ernest England Kent Dover
55 Andersen Andrew Martin England Hampshire Aldershot
56 Anderson Absalom England Kent Shorncliffe
57 Anderson Alvin Stanley England Kent Dover
58 Anderson George Alexander England Kent Shorncliffe
59 Anderson James Arthur Scotland Kent Orpington
60 Anderson James Farquhar England Kent Ashford
61 Anderson James Roderick England Dumfries-shire Mouswald
62 Anderson John Everett England Kent Orpington
63 Anderson John Foster England Hampshire Southampton
64 Anderson Martin England Sussex Seaford
65 Anderson Mayland England Hampshire Bramshott
66 Anderson Percy Ewing England Hampshire Netley
67 Anderson William England Kent Shorncliffe
68 Anderson William Thomson England Yorkshire Leeds
69 Andre Charles Scotland Morayshire Forres
70 Andrews Arthur England Surrey Brookwood
71 Andrews David England Kent Shorncliffe
72 Andrews Francis William B England Essex Thurrock
73 Andrews Henry Thomas Scotland Perthshire Perth
74 Andrews John James England Surrey Brookwood
75 Andrews Sidney Basil England Hampshire Netley
76 Andrews William England Hampshire Bramshott
77 Andrews William John England Hampshire Bramshott
78 Angers Joseph England Surrey Brookwood
79 Angus Alfred Middleton England Kent Shorncliffe
80 Anthony Addison England Wiltshire Bulford
81 Anthony Herbert James England Sussex Seaford
82 Appleby Hugh Leonard England Lancashire Kirkdale
83 Arbuckle Bert England Kent Shorncliffe
84 Arbuthnot Neil England Devon Plymouth
85 Archer Rupert England Surrey Brookwood
86 Archibald George Drummond England Surrey Brookwood
87 Ardell Edgar Cecil England Yorkshire Leeds
88 Ardis Arthur England Sussex Seaford
89 Armour John Douglas England Surrey Brookwood
90 Armstrong Charles England Hampshire Netley
91 Armstrong David Scotland Dumfries-shire Dornock
92 Armstrong Ethelbert England Surrey Brookwood
93 Armstrong Francis England Kent Orpington
94 Armstrong George England Yorkshire Cayton
95 Armstrong George Bunyan Scotland Ayrshire Kilmarnock
96 Armstrong Robert Wesley Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
97 Armstrong Victor Albert England London London
98 Arnett Peter Allen England Hertfordshire Bishop's Hatfield
99 Arnold Christopher John England Buckinghamshire Wolverton
100 Arnold William Everett England Leicestershire Leicester
101 Arrowsmith William Frederick England Staffordshire Stoke-on-Trent
102 Arsenault Joseph England Surrey Milford
103 Arsenault Joseph J England Kent Deal
104 Arsenault William Joseph England Oxfordshire Oxford
105 Arthur Stanley England Wiltshire Melksham
106 Arthur William England Kent Chatham
107 Ash Clarence England Kent Lenham
108 Ash John Clement England London London
109 Ash Warren Addison England Shropshire Oswestry
110 Ashbaugh Vernon Alexander England Kent Shorncliffe
111 Ashcroft Robert England Surrey Epsom
112 Ashton Frederick England Surrey Brookwood
113 Ashworth Henry England Cheshire Stockport
114 Asselin Albert England Hampshire Grayshott
115 Asselstine Vincent England Kent Orpington
116 Atkinson Charles Harold England Yorkshire Hemingbrough
117 Atkinson Ellison Preston England Kent Shorncliffe
118 Atkinson George Horace W England Lincolnshire Midville
119 Atkinson James England Surrey Brookwood
120 Atkinson William Albert England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
121 Atley Frederick England Sussex Seaford
122 Attenborough John England Lincolnshire Lincoln
123 Audsley William Arthur Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
124 Augustine Vernon Croft England Lincolnshire Lincoln
125 Austfjord Sigurjon England Hampshire Bramshott
126 Austin Fred England Kent Orpington
127 Auty Richard Hatt England Surrey Brookwood
128 Avery Charles Edward Wales Glamorgan Cardiff
129 Ayling Harry Robert England Sussex Seaford
130 Aylward Harry England Gloucestershire Bristol
131 Aylward John Joseph England Kent Shorncliffe
132 Azzalini Aristide England Hampshire Grayshott
133 Badger John Hannibal England Cheshire Stockport
134 Bagg Wilfred Allen England Surrey Brookwood
135 Baglow Alfred Wales Glamorgan Swansea
136 Bagshaw Harry Kendall England Dorset Melcombe Regis
137 Baguley Joseph Plant England Sussex Seaford
138 Bailey Albert Ernest England Hampshire Bramshott
139 Bailey Arthur England Surrey Brookwood
140 Bailey Arthur Henry England Gloucestershire Bristol
141 Bailey Charles Thomas England Kent Southborough
142 Bailey Frederick England Kent Shorncliffe
143 Bailey Herbert England Kent Orpington
144 Bailey Herbert England Yorkshire Leeds
145 Bailey James Emerson England Hampshire Bramshott
146 Baillargeon Joseph Alphonse England Sussex Brighton
147 Bain James Alexander Scotland Aberdeenshire Huntly
148 Baines Herbert England Hampshire Bramshott
149 Baird Alexander Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
150 Baird Hugh Scotland Lanarkshire Lesmahagow
151 Baker Basil Rupert England Kent Ramsgate
152 Baker Charles William England London London
153 Baker Frederick England Kent Shorncliffe
154 Baker George England Sussex Chichester
155 Baker George Wesley England Surrey Witley
156 Baker Godfrey Hugh Massey England Devon Brixham
157 Baker Hilliard Patrick Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
158 Baker James England Kent Rainham
159 Baker Miriam Eastman England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
160 Baker Oswald H England Kent Shorncliffe
161 Baker Raymond Percy England Herefordshire Hereford
162 Bakke August England Hampshire Bramshott
163 Baldue Frank England Devon Dawlish
164 Baldwin George England Lancashire Westhoughton
165 Baldwin Samuel Thomas England Sussex Wadhurst
166 Baldwin Stanley England Hampshire Bramshott
167 Ball Bernard Beresford England Surrey Witley
168 Ball Frank Elma England Cheshire Chester
169 Ball Frank Milton England Surrey Epsom
170 Ball William John England Hampshire Southampton
171 Ballentine Alexander England Surrey Englefield Green
172 Bamfield Percy Eustace England Surrey Brookwood
173 Bamford George Washington England Surrey Brookwood
174 Bamford James England Lancashire Kirkdale
175 Bangs John England Kent Orpington
176 Banks Herman England Sussex Seaford
177 Banks John Charles England Sussex Seaford
178 Bannerman Angus England Kent Shorncliffe
179 Banville Joseph Aurele England Hampshire Aldershot
180 Barber Ernest Clarence England Surrey Brookwood
181 Barbier Francis England Hampshire Bramshott
182 Barcroft Harold England Sussex Seaford
183 Barke Stanley England Lancashire Manchester
184 Barker Harry England Cheshire Brereton cum Smethwick
185 Barkley Charles Frederick England Hampshire Aldershot
186 Barnes William England Cheshire Bosley
187 Barnes William England Surrey Epsom
188 Barnett Charles England Hampshire Bramshott
189 Barnhart Cornelius England Hampshire Bramshott
190 Baron Fred England Lancashire Darwen
191 Barr Fred England Hampshire Grayshott
192 Barraclough Parker England Hampshire Grayshott
193 Barratt William Wales Denbighshire Gresford
194 Barrett James Joseph England Wiltshire Bulford
195 Barrette Phileas England Surrey Epsom
196 Barrier Joseph England Warwickshire Birmingham
197 Barron James Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
198 Barron William A Scotland Morayshire Elgin
199 Barruzini Giovanni England Kent Shorncliffe
200 Barry Charles Lucien Maurice Canada Quebec Quebec City
201 Barry David England Yorkshire Sheffield
202 Barry John Joseph England Hampshire Grayshott
203 Barss Charles Abner England Lancashire Kirkdale
204 Bartlett Bertha England London London
205 Bartlett Leonard Richard England Cornwall North Hill
206 Bartlett William Blyth England Essex Colchester
207 Barton Percy Arnold England Sussex Seaford
208 Barugh Wilfred Broadley England Lancashire Warrington
209 Bassett Lorne Bertram England Kent Shorncliffe
210 Bastow Frederick Donald England London London
211 Bate Walter Hart England Shropshire Acton Burnell
212 Bateman George Simpson England Hampshire Gosport
213 Bates Archibald Beecham England Lancashire Kirkdale
214 Bates Eric Nye England Hertfordshire St Albans
215 Bates George England Kent Shorncliffe
216 Bateson George Marmaduke England Lincolnshire Tydd St Mary
217 Batt Hiram Henry England Hampshire Aldershot
218 Batzer Sidney England Surrey Sutton
219 Baverstock Claude Raymond Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
220 Bawtree Edgar Leonard England Surrey Brookwood
221 Baxter Archibald England Kent Shorncliffe
222 Bay William Bradley England Surrey Brookwood
223 Bayers Ralph Edgar England Kent Ramsgate
224 Bayes Ernest William England Kent Shorncliffe
225 Bayley William Carl England Surrey Brookwood
226 Bazley Thomas Peter England Kent Shorncliffe
227 Beach Ernest James William England Kent Orpington
228 Bealer Harold Van Allen England Surrey Brookwood
229 Beals George Cockerton England Sussex Seaford
230 Beaton Angus Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
231 Beaton John McLeod Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
232 Beats Thomas Scotland Angus Barnhill
233 Beattie James Scotland Aberdeenshire Insch
234 Beattie John England Kent Lenham
235 Beattie Samuel England Surrey Epsom
236 Beauchemin Napoleon England Surrey Brookwood
237 Beauchene John England Kent Orpington
238 Beaudette Michel England Northumberland Ashburton
239 Beaulieu Leo England Warwickshire Birmingham
240 Beckett James Thomas England Essex Leytonstone
241 Beckley William Frank England Essex Thurrock
242 Bedard Joseph Lucien Antoine England Hampshire Grayshott
243 Bee George Ewart England Staffordshire Smethwick
244 Beer Albert England Hampshire Bramshott
245 Beer Frederick William England Hampshire Bramshott
246 Beer Percy Joseph England Middlesex Middlesex
247 Beesley Harold England Hertfordshire St Albans
248 Begg James Crawford Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
249 Beland Alfred England Lancashire Manchester
250 Belanger Toussant Albert England Sussex Seaford
251 Belcher Kenneth England Surrey Brookwood
252 Beliveau Herve Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
253 Bell Alexander Watson R Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
254 Bell David Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
255 Bell David England Sussex Newhaven
256 Bell Donald Scotland Lanarkshire Cadder
257 Bell Duncan Jay England Surrey Brookwood
258 Bell George England Wiltshire Bulford
259 Bell John Johnson Stewart England Surrey Brookwood
260 Bell Malcolm Scotland Ayrshire Beith
261 Bell Ralph William Wales Glamorgan Swansea
262 Bell Roy Munroe England Hampshire Bramshott
263 Bell Thomas John England Hampshire Bramshott
264 Bell William David England Sussex Seaford
265 Belton Alexander KIrkwood England Surrey Brookwood
266 Benham Douglas Fitzpatrick England Wiltshire Orcheston St Mary
267 Bennett Carl Norwood England Surrey Brookwood
268 Bennett George Ewart Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
269 Bennett Vincent G England Derbyshire Buxton
270 Benoit Joseph H England Kent Ramsgate
271 Benoit Peter England Kent Gillingham
272 Benoit Victor Joseph England Kent Deal
273 Benson Charles England Derbyshire Buxton
274 Benson John England Cumberland Lorton
275 Benson Percy England Sussex Brighton
276 Benson Tom Austin England Hampshire Bramshott
277 Bentley Arthur England Leicestershire Leicester
278 Bentley David Benjamin England Kent Ramsgate
279 Benton Frank England Hampshire Bournemouth
280 Berard Delphi England Wiltshire Tidworth
281 Bercier James England Middlesex Middlesex
282 Bergeron Joseph England London London
283 Berkeley Maurice Kenneth F England London London
284 Bernard George Odilon England Hampshire Grayshott
285 Berry Jack England Sussex Seaford
286 Berry Robert T Scotland Aberdeenshire Insch
287 Berry Talbot England Hampshire Bramshott
288 Berryman Lawrence England Hampshire Grayshott
289 Berthaiume Hormisdas England Surrey Brookwood
290 Berthiaume Joseph Henri Scotland Morayshire Rothes
291 Berthiaume Omer England Kent Shorncliffe
292 Bertram Aimers Stirling England Surrey Brookwood
293 Bertram Rolf Guillaume England London London
294 Bertrand Samuel England Surrey Brookwood
295 Berube Oscar England Kent Orpington
296 Bessig George Washington England Berkshire Wokingham
297 Bester Robert England Devon Plymouth
298 Betraun Albert Thomas England Kent Shorncliffe
299 Betts Thomas Henry England Kent Shorncliffe
300 Bickerstaff William Ireland Co Antrim Carnmoney
301 Bicknell Arthur John England Kent Shorncliffe
302 Billington William George England Northumberland Newcastle-upon-Tyne
303 Bilton Norman Creighton Canada Ontario Toronto
304 Bingham Charles Geoffrey Slade England Devon Plymouth
305 Birch Arthur Rice England Shropshire Shrewsbury
306 Bird George England Sussex Seaford
307 Birley Cecil George England Hampshire Bramshott
308 Birrell Alexander Albert England Berkshire Windsor
309 Birrell William Renton Scotland Fifeshire Leuchars
310 Bishara Gabriel England London London
311 Bishop Sydney England Sussex Hastings
312 Bissonnette Albert England London London
313 Bissonnette Sigismond England Surrey Brookwood
314 Black Edward Stanley England Hampshire Bramshott
315 Black James England Surrey Englefield Green
316 Black John Irving England Cumberland Whitehaven
317 Black Robert England Hampshire Southampton
318 Blackburn Walter Fredman England Hampshire Bramshott
319 Blackman Bertram England Sussex Brighton
320 Blackstock Joseph Handsford England Sussex Hastings
321 Blain John England Cheshire Sale
322 Blair William Parker England Hampshire Grayshott
323 Blais Eusebe England Hampshire Grayshott
324 Blake Charles Percy England Hampshire Aldershot
325 Blake William Robert England London London
326 Blake Zachariah England Hampshire Winchester
327 Blamey William England Hampshire Aldershot
328 Bloomer John England Hampshire Bramshott
329 Bloomfield John Burgess England Hampshire Southampton
330 Blue Lorne Alexander Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
331 Blythe James M England Surrey Epsom
332 Boettcher Hugh Lewis England Kent Shorncliffe
333 Boeyckens Charles England Kent Shorncliffe
334 Bogle William Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
335 Boland Patrick J Scotland Buteshire Isle of Arran
336 Bolduc Ernest England Surrey Epsom
337 Bole Clarence Howard England Devon Plymouth
338 Bolton James Roy England Sussex Seaford
339 Bond Albert Henry England Surrey Brookwood
340 Bond George John England Gloucestershire Bristol
341 Bond Percival England Lancashire Accrington
342 Bonewell George Keith England Warwickshire Birmingham
343 Bonfonti Andrew England Kent Lenham
344 Bonnell Laird England Surrey Epsom
345 Boorman James Richard England Surrey Brookwood
346 Booth Gordon Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
347 Booth Ralph Hall England Sussex Seaford
348 Booth Samuel Walter England Kent Shorncliffe
349 Booth Thomas England Staffordshire Leek
350 Borchard Henry England Essex East Ham
351 Borgerson Bernard Constantin England Hampshire Bramshott
352 Borthwick Pringle Scotland Roxburghshire Hawick
353 Bottomley Samuel England Kent Shorncliffe
354 Bouchard Alfred England Hampshire Southampton
355 Boucher John England Middlesex Middlesex
356 Bouchie Frank England Lancashire Kirkdale
357 Bouchir Moses Joseph England Devon Plymouth
358 Boudreau William England Devon Plymouth
359 Boulay Emile England Warwickshire Birmingham
360 Boulger George John C Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
361 Bourden Harry Hooper England Devon Plymouth
362 Bourget Amedee England Surrey Epsom
363 Bournes William Henry England Kent Chatham
364 Bowey Thomas England Northumberland Felton
365 Bowlby George Herbert Canada Ontario Kitchener
366 Bowman Frank England Lancashire Kirkdale
367 Bowton John Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
368 Box Clarence Roe England Warwickshire Birmingham
369 Box Frank Cecil England Surrey Brookwood
370 Boyce Christopher Jacob England Lancashire Manchester
371 Boyce Denis Christopher England Dorset Melcombe Regis
372 Boyce Edward Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
373 Boyd Alexander England Kent Shorncliffe
374 Boyd James Tennant Whitworth England Sussex Brighton
375 Boyd John Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
376 Boyer Hormidas England Hampshire Grayshott
377 Boyes William Reginald England Norfolk Norwich
378 Brace William James England Kent Ramsgate
379 Braddock Sylvester England Hampshire Basingstoke
380 Brady Thomas Edward Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
381 Braik John England London London
382 Braithwaite Walter England London London
383 Brand Charles Haynes England Surrey Witley
384 Bravo Ivan Craig England Hampshire Aldershot
385 Brazil Edwin England Buckinghamshire High Wycombe
386 Breed George Alfred England Cambridgeshire Papworth Everard
387 Breen Norman McDonald Scotland Dumbartonshire Kilbowie
388 Bremner Thomas Scotland Stirlingshire Stirling
389 Breslin Peter England Surrey Brookwood
390 Brett Philip England Lancashire Manchester
391 Bretten Charles Henry England Sussex Seaford
392 Brewer Harry England Sussex Seaford
393 Brewster Cyril James England Sussex Seaford
394 Brewster Robert Alfred England Surrey Brookwood
395 Briere Paul England London London
396 Brierley Henry England Lancashire Abram
397 Briggs Thomas Lewis England Lincolnshire Lincoln
398 Bright Sidney England Kent Shorncliffe
399 Briscoe Ross Dickinson England Wiltshire Bulford
400 Bristlon Franklin Thomas England Cambridgeshire Cambridge
401 Broadhead Kenneth Cooke England Lancashire Kirkdale
402 Brock Frederick William England Yorkshire Bradford
403 Brock William John England Hampshire Aldershot
404 Brocklebank Thomas Marshall England Lancashire Kirkdale
405 Broderick Roy Herbert England Middlesex Middlesex
406 Brodie Thomas Gregor England London London
407 Brooke-Smith Edward Charles England Devon Paignton
408 Brooker Charles England Sussex Seaford
409 Brooker Edward William England Hampshire Bramshott
410 Brookman Albert Edwin England Cambridgeshire Cambridge
411 Brooks Charles Albert England Surrey Englefield Green
412 Brooks Robert Elesmere Scotland Ayrshire Ayr
413 Brooks Victor Frederick England Kent Orpington
414 Broome George Albert Charles England Kent Orpington
415 Brophy Edward Henry England Hampshire Netley
416 Brown Alexander Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
417 Brown Allan England Hampshire Netley
418 Brown Andrew Dalgleish Scotland Lanarkshire New Monkland
419 Brown Andrew McNaughton Scotland Ayrshire Kilmarnock
420 Brown Arthur England Staffordshire Burton upon Trent
421 Brown Benjamin Harold England Bedfordshire Bedford
422 Brown David England Kent Dover
423 Brown George Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
424 Brown George England Kent Orpington
425 Brown George England Yorkshire Keighley
453 Brown George England Yorkshire Keighley
426 Brown George Deane England Lancashire Kirkdale
427 Brown Godfrey England Essex Great Warley
428 Brown Gordon Simon England Essex Ilford
429 Brown Harold Victor England Lancashire Kirkdale
430 Brown Harry A England Derbyshire Darley Abbey
431 Brown Henry Orble England Hampshire Bramshott
432 Brown Henry Richard England Sussex Hastings
433 Brown Herbert Edward England Lancashire Manchester
434 Brown Hugh Herbert Wiggins England Sussex Hastings
435 Brown Jack England Devon Plymouth
436 Brown James Ireland Co. Donegal Raphoe
437 Brown James England Kent Shorncliffe
438 Brown James G England Surrey Brookwood
439 Brown John England Kent Shorncliffe
440 Brown John Garnet England Surrey Brookwood
441 Brown John William Harry England Durham Hartlepool
442 Brown Kenneth England Hampshire Bramshott
443 Brown Oliver England Kent Shorncliffe
444 Brown Patrick Joseph England London London
445 Brown Percy Vickers England Derbyshire Buxton
446 Brown Randall England Hampshire Basingstoke
447 Brown Raymond James England Lancashire Southport
449 Brown Robert Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
448 Brown Robert Clyde England Sussex Hastings
450 Brown Samuel Venard England Surrey Brookwood
452 Brown Thomas England Hampshire Portsmouth
451 Brown Thomas William England Surrey Brookwood
454 Brown William England Essex Manor Park
455 Brown William England Kent Shorncliffe
456 Brown William Albert England Hampshire Bramshott
457 Brownlee Roy England Oxfordshire Oxford
458 Bruce Harry England Lancashire Blackburn
459 Bruce Harry Arthur England Lincolnshire Grimsby
460 Bruce James Alexander England Kent Shorncliffe
461 Bruce John Scotland Angus Dundee
462 Bruce William England Sussex Hastings
463 Bruin Leonard England London London
464 Bruneau Joseph England Hampshire Grayshott
465 Brunick Bernhard England Surrey Englefield Green
466 Bruns Fredrick Burton England Surrey Epsom
467 Brunt Robert England Middlesex Middlesex
468 Bryenton Albert Earle England Kent Shorncliffe
469 Buchanan Arthur Gordon England London London
470 Buchanan John Alex England Sussex Bexhill
471 Buchanan Oscar Leslie England Surrey Epsom
472 Buchanan William Cassells England Buckinghamshire Taplow
473 Buck John Baptist England Kent Lenham
474 Buckingham Wilmer Roy England Hampshire Bramshott
475 Buckle George Augustus England Lancashire Kirkdale
476 Buckley Hugh Donald England Hampshire Southampton
477 Bugeia Frank England Hampshire Grayshott
478 Buller Hamilton Thomas England Cornwall Stoke Climsland
479 Bulmer Francis Douglas England Hampshire Bramshott
480 Bunce John England Hampshire Aldershot
481 Bunnage Albert Edward England Hampshire Shorncliffe
482 Bunse Frederick William England Cornwall Bramshott
483 Burberry Alfred England Nottinghamshire Nottingham
484 Burbidge Arthur England Kent Shorncliffe
485 Burchell George England Buckinghamshire Iver Heath
486 Burdock Theophilus Walter England Somerset Batheaston
487 Burgess Ernest Theodore England Surrey Brookwood
488 Burgess John Thomas England Essex Chingford Mount
489 Burgess Robert England Middlesex Middlesex
490 Burke Edmond Patrick England Kent Shorncliffe
491 Burn Thomas William England Northumberland Hexham
492 Burnell George Frederick Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
493 Burnett George England Wiltshire Durrington
494 Burnett Henry Stanley England Hampshire Aldershot
495 Burnett James Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
496 Burns Arthur England Hampshire Bramshott
497 Burns James George England Sussex Brighton
498 Burns Richard England Kent Shorncliffe
499 Burns Samuel Lloyd England Sussex Seaford
500 Burr Guy Stanley England Hampshire Bramshott
501 Burr John Trowsdale England Yorkshire Hunmanby
502 Burr William Risk England Yorkshire Wadsley
503 Burrows Harry Freeman England Berkshire Wokingham
504 Burrows William England Kent Dover
505 Bursey Alfred Charles England Hampshire Bramshott
506 Burton George Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
507 Burty Ernest John England Devon St Budeaux
508 Bussey Jacob England Yorkshire Middlesbrough
509 Butler David England Devon Plymouth
510 Butler James Vernon England Essex Wanstead
511 Butler John England Devon Plymouth
512 Butner Lou England Hampshire Bramshott
513 Butt Frederick James England Kent Dover
514 Butterworth Frank England Leicestershire Leicester
515 Buttivant Joseph Edwin England Hampshire Netley
516 Byron John Joseph England Kent Shorncliffe
517 Byrt Arthur William England Gloucestershire Bristol
518 Cadieux Joseph Arthur England Hampshire Grayshott
519 Cadman Thomas England Lancashire Great Harwood
520 Cafferata Clement Chamberlain England Nottinghamshire Newark-upon-Trent
521 Cahill Philip England Gloucestershire Bristol
522 Caie Alex England London London
523 Cail Angus England Kent Dover
524 Cairncross James Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
525 Cairnes Trueman England Devon Plymouth
526 Calder William England Northamptonshire Northampton
527 Caldwell John England Surrey Epsom
528 Callaghan John Joseph England Lancashire Kirkdale
529 Calver Alexander Dick England Derbyshire Buxton
530 Cameron Colin Lauchlin England Kent Lenham
531 Cameron Eli England Essex Clacton
532 Cameron George Edwin England Sussex Seaford
533 Cameron Hugh Alexander England Surrey Epsom
534 Cameron Jack Alexander England Kent Orpington
535 Cameron John Scott England Sussex Seaford
536 Campbell Albert England Lancashire Manchester
537 Campbell Alexander Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
538 Campbell Alexander Scotland Stirlingshire Denny
539 Campbell Charles Duthoit Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
540 Campbell Charles James England Lancashire Warrington
541 Campbell Duncan Alexander England Hampshire Bramshott
542 Campbell George Lang Reid England Hampshire Bramshott
543 Campbell Hugh Daniel England Hampshire Haslar
544 Campbell James Arthur Colin England Hampshire Bramshott
545 Campbell James Wilfred England Surrey Brookwood
546 Campbell John James England Surrey Brookwood
547 Campbell Sidney England Lincolnshire West Halton
548 Campbell William Constantine England Wiltshire Salisbury
549 Campbell William James England Berkshire Bearwood
550 Cann John Joseph England Kent Dover
551 Cantrill Herbert Victor England Warwickshire Coventry
552 Card Cyril Ross Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
553 Cardwell Edgar Caffyn England Gloucestershire Bristol
554 Carey Charles England Hampshire Bramshott
555 Carle David England Sussex Seaford
556 Carnochan William England Hampshire Basingstoke
557 Carr Jack England Sussex Seaford
558 Carr Stephen England Kent Shorncliffe
559 Carr William Simpson England Durham South Shields
560 Carrick Ernest Nelson England London London
561 Carrick William Henry England Sussex Seaford
562 Carriere Emilien England Sussex Seaford
563 Carrington William Alexander England Devon Plymouth
564 Carroll Michael Joseph England Lancashire St Helens
565 Carson Charles Joseph England Hampshire Bramshott
566 Carson Thomas King England Hampshire Grayshott
567 Carson William Murray Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
568 Carss William England Northumberland Embleton
569 Carston Lawrence England Hampshire Bramshott
570 Carter Albert Edward Wales Pembrokeshire Johnston
571 Carter Albert John England Kent Shorncliffe
572 Carter Benjamin England Hampshire Bramshott
573 Carter John England Hampshire Grayshott
574 Carter Norton England Hampshire Bordon
575 Carter Robert G England Wiltshire Stratford-sub-Castle
576 Carter Thomas England London London
577 Carter Walter Earl England Wiltshire Yatesbury
578 Cartwright Edward England Cambridgeshire Wimpole
579 Cartwright Hamilton Hilliard England Surrey Brookwood
580 Carty David England Hampshire Grayshott
581 Casemore William Roy England Nottinghamshire Nottingham
582 Casey David England London London
583 Casey James Burton England Lancashire Kirkdale
584 Casey Joseph England Surrey Brookwood
585 Caskey Thomas Edward England Sussex Seaford
586 Caswell Harry England Hampshire Southampton
587 Cathie John Alexander England Sussex Seaford
588 Caudle Melville Henry Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
589 Caufield Thomas England Kent Lenham
590 Cavanagh Harry England London London
591 Caverley Claude England Kent Dover
592 Caverly John Ellis England Surrey Brookwood
593 Cayer Odilon England Gloucestershire Cheltenham
594 Chabuck Karny England Dorset Melcombe Regis
595 Chainey Charles Edward England Worcestershire Blockley
596 Chakasuam Nona Scotland Stirlingshire Stirling
597 Chalk James Edward England Wiltshire Mere
598 Challinor John Justice H England Surrey Brookwood
599 Chambers Arthur Edward England Wiltshire Salisbury
600 Chambers Thomas England Cumberland Kirkoswald
601 Chambers William Henry England Kent Shorncliffe
602 Champion John Pring England Leicestershire Leicester
603 Champion Thomas George Bruce England Essex Manor Park
604 Chandler John Kellman England Wiltshire Bulford
605 Chant Arthur Thomas England London London
606 Chantler Herbert Lyman England Kent Shorncliffe
607 Chaplin John Fielding Scotland Inverness-shire Ardesier
608 Chapman Arthur George England Gloucestershire Horfield
609 Chapman Hugh England Hampshire Bramshott
610 Chapman Mosley Somerville England Sussex Brighton
611 Charbonneau Armand England Lancashire Warrington
612 Charest Armand England Devon Plymouth
613 Charron Oliver England Hampshire Grayshott
614 Chase George William England Lincolnshire Grimsby
615 Chase Howard Douglas England Surrey Brookwood
616 Chase James Richmond England Hampshire Aldershot
617 Chase Silas Hartley England Wiltshire Bulford
618 Chatfield Reuben England Kent Shorncliffe
619 Chaulk Ronald England Kent Dover
620 Chayer Joseph England Surrey Brookwood
621 Cheatley Joseph England Isle of Man Isle of Man
622 Cheese William John England Kent Shorncliffe
623 Chesley Roger Bert England Hampshire Christchurch
624 Chesnut Arthur Willoughby England Kent Shorncliffe
625 Chesters Thomas England Hampshire Basingstoke
626 Cheverie Alexander Temple England Kent Shorncliffe
627 Chew William England Lancashire Mellor
628 Chisholm David Scotland Inverness-shire Inverness
629 Chittleburgh George England Wiltshire Netheravon
630 Choate Frederick Henry England Wiltshire Upavon
631 Choce John England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
632 Chorley Samuel England Hampshire Aldershot
633 Chouinard Victor England Hampshire Grayshott
634 Christie George England London London
635 Chubb Oliver Job England Somerset Bridgwater
636 Church Amos Charles Lefebvre Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
637 Church Bryan England Hampshire Bramshott
638 Chute Frederick Russell England Surrey Witley
639 Chute Harold R England Surrey Brookwood
640 Cimon Joseph Arthur England Hampshire Grayshott
641 Clancy Frederick Joseph England Surrey Brookwood
642 Clark Albert Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
643 Clark Alexander Ogilvie Scotland Banffshire Keith
644 Clark George Melvin England Kent Orpington
645 Clark George William England Kent Shorncliffe
646 Clark Joseph Herbert England Essex Chingford Mount
647 Clark Joseph Palles England London London
648 Clark Robert England Surrey Brookwood
649 Clark Roy William England Hampshire Bramshott
650 Clark Rufus Otto England London London
651 Clark William James Samuel England Sussex Seaford
652 Clarke Benjamin England London London
653 Clarke Eugene England Surrey Brookwood
654 Clarke Francis Henry England Hampshire Grayshott
655 Clarke Horace James England Bedfordshire Lidlington
656 Clarke James England Kent Dover
657 Clarke Stanley James England Hampshire Bordon
658 Clarke William Ringrose England Kent Shorncliffe
659 Clarkson Walter Joseph England Sussex Seaford
660 Clay Edward England Essex Southend-on-Sea
661 Clayton Robert England Sussex Seaford
662 Cleaver Austin William England Kent Shorncliffe
663 Clegg William John England Hampshire Bramshott
664 Cleghorn Allen MacKenzie England Hampshire Bordon
665 Clements William Brackan England Hampshire Bramshott
666 Clermont Joseph England Oxfordshire Oxford
667 Cleverdon Ernest Norton Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
668 Clibbery Bertram Evelyn England Warwickshire Birmingham
669 Cliffgard Clarence England Hampshire Bramshott
670 Climo Gilbert Robertson England Yorkshire Huddersfield
671 Clinton John England Lancashire Whalley
672 Cloutte Alfred Harry England London London
673 Cloutte Jack Russell England Hertfordshire St Albans
674 Cluett Albert England Kent Gillingham
675 Coady Patrick Augustine England Hampshire Grayshott
676 Coan Frank C England Sussex Seaford
677 Coates Alfred England Devon Plymouth
678 Coates John Clarence England Lancashire Kirkdale
679 Cochet Marin England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
680 Cock Gordon Blair England Sussex Brighton
681 Cocklin Daniel England Surrey Brookwood
682 Cocks Albert England London London
683 Cocksedge Joseph Gerald England London London
684 Cole Lewis England Surrey Brookwood
685 Cole Percy Ellwood England Lancashire Kirkdale
686 Coleman John England Hampshire Southampton
687 Coleman Thomas James England Surrey Brookwood
688 Coles Charles Edward England Wiltshire North Wraxall
689 Coles Herbert Decimus England Sussex Eastbourne
690 Collard Gerald England Warwickshire Claverdon
691 Colleaux Joseph Fernand England Kent Shorncliffe
692 Collett Frank England Surrey Croydon
693 Collins Edward Charles England Kent Sittingbourne
694 Collins James England Hampshire Bramshott
695 Collins Tom George Edward England Surrey Brookwood
696 Collyer James Powles England Warwickshire Coventry
697 Colocott Arthur Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
698 Colvin David George England Hampshire Bramshott
699 Comber Albert Henry England London London
700 Comeau Joseph Arthur England Hampshire Netley
701 Coming Singer George England Kent Lenham
702 Comor Maurice England Lancashire Blackpool
703 Conder Hubert George England Middlesex Middlesex
704 Conn Robert John England Hampshire Aldershot
705 Connell John Arthur Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
706 Connell William England Surrey Brookwood
707 Connery Christopher England Essex Leytonstone
708 Connolly Peter England Derbyshire Derby
709 Connors James England Surrey Brookwood
710 Conrad Willoughby Seymour England Kent Shorncliffe
711 Conron William James England Berkshire Wokingham
712 Constantine Peter Joseph Scotland Ayrshire Ayr
713 Convery Henry William England Surrey Witley
714 Conway Frederick England Warwickshire Stratford-upon-Avon
715 Conway Jeremiah England Northumberland Tynemouth
716 Cook Frank England Devon Plymouth
717 Cook Harold Edward England Sussex Seaford
718 Cook Phillip Henry England Kent Orpington
719 Cook Samuel Yardley Wales Denbighshire Colwyn Bay
720 Cook William John England Sussex Seaford
721 Cook William Rex England London London
722 Cooke Gerald Charles Northcott England Oxfordshire Oxford
723 Cooke Harry England Surrey Brookwood
724 Cooke Harry Charles England Kent Shorncliffe
725 Cooke Henry England Surrey Richmond
726 Cooke Knight England Kent Gillingham
727 Cookson James Russell England Lancashire Woodplumpton
728 Cooling William Christopher England Hampshire Aldershot
729 Coombes Edward James Wales Glamorgan Pontypridd
730 Coombes John England Devon Exeter
731 Coombs Charles Vesta Victor England Surrey Brookwood
732 Cooper Andrew Scotland Stirlingshire Falkirk
733 Cooper Charles Theodore England Surrey Brookwood
734 Cooper Edward England Sussex Hastings
735 Cooper Percy England Kent Lenham
736 Cooper William England Kent Shorncliffe
737 Coppard Richard England Middlesex Middlesex
738 Coppin Charles Edgar England Hampshire Bramshott
739 Copping Walter England Hampshire Aldershot
740 Corbett Edgar England Surrey Brookwood
741 Corbett Hubert England Lancashire Manchester
742 Cording George England Essex West Ham
743 Corkish William Henry England Kent Orpington
744 Cormack James Scotland Caithness-shire Mid Clyth
745 Cornell Stanley Anderson England Surrey Brookwood
746 Corney Frederick William England Hampshire Bramshott
747 Cornfoot Alexander Nathan England Sussex Seaford
748 Cornish George England Cumberland Carlisle
749 Cornish John Stanley England Hampshire Aldershot
750 Cornish Norman Keith England Hampshire Bramshott
751 Cornwell Arthur Lloyd England Surrey Brookwood
752 Correll Robert Jackson England Warwickshire Birmingham
753 Corrick Alfred James England Sussex Seaford
754 Corrigan Albert England Surrey Epsom
755 Corrigan James England Lancashire Warrington
756 Corsan Stuart Glassford England Hampshire Aldershot
757 Corsar John Alex Scotland Aberdeenshire Forgue
758 Corser Walter Scotland Morayshire Bellie
759 Cory William Roger England Northamptonshire Northampton
760 Cosgrove Ambrose S England Hertfordshire St Albans
761 Cosgrove James Alexander Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
762 Cosh Lewis Dudley England Lancashire Liverpool
763 Cosman Kenneth Ensley Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
764 Cossette Alfred England Sussex Chichester
765 Costello Francis Robert England Kent Chatham
766 Costley Nason Royal England Kent Shorncliffe
767 Cote Joseph Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
768 Cote Nicholas England Kent Orpington
769 Cotey William John England Hampshire Grayshott
770 Cottam James Melville England Middlesex Middlesex
771 Cotter Michael England Warwickshire Birmingham
772 Cotterell John St Clair England Somerset Bath
773 Cottrell William England Somerset Wedmore
774 Coulter Douglas Johnstone England Sussex Hastings
775 Coulter William Henry England Kent Shorncliffe
776 Coursol Eugene England Hampshire Grayshott
777 Court Thomas England Kent Shorncliffe
778 Court William England Kent Shorncliffe
779 Courtney William Ireland Co Down Belfast
780 Cousins Frederick William England Sussex Seaford
781 Cowan John Arpin Allin Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
782 Coward Albert England Lancashire Tyldesley
783 Cowell John Henry England Hampshire Bramshott
784 Cowles Cecil William England Hampshire Bramshott
785 Cowper George Barrett England Yorkshire Middlesbrough
786 Cox Ernest England Sussex Worthing
787 Cox John Herbert England Hampshire Southampton
788 Coxall Arthur England London London
789 Coyle Stephen John England Berkshire Reading
790 Crabb Alfred John England Sussex Seaford
791 Crabtree Edward England Derbyshire Buxton
792 Craig Leo Allan England Hampshire Aldershot
793 Cramp John England Sussex Seaford
794 Crawford Clement Eric England Surrey Brookwood
795 Crawford Frederick William England Lancashire Wigan
796 Crawford John England Surrey Englefield Green
797 Crawford Melville Sealy England Devon Plymouth
798 Crawshaw Joseph England Hampshire Bramshott
799 Creasy Leopold John England Middlesex St Pancras
800 Crepault Ernest England Surrey Witley
801 Crighton David Scotland Angus Dundee
802 Crisp Charles William England Wiltshire Bulford
803 Crocker Francis Thomas England Kent Gillingham
804 Croker William Thomas England Surrey Brookwood
805 Croly George Franklin England Kent Shorncliffe
806 Crombie Charles Stuart Grenville England Surrey Brookwood
807 Crook Arthur Daniel Gordon England Hertfordshire St Albans
808 Cross Walter Frederick England Kent Dover
809 Crowell Thorpe Douglas England Sussex Seaford
810 Croymans Henry Jacob England Sussex Seaford
811 Croysdill Leslie Ernest England Kent Shorncliffe
812 Crump Alfred Walter England Kent Shorncliffe
813 Crysler Orlaf Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
814 Culliford Harry Francis England Sussex Brighton
815 Cullis John Oliver England Hampshire Bramshott
816 Culp Otto Brooker England Hampshire Bramshott
817 Cumming Richard Percy Ireland Co Down Bangor
818 Cummings George Henry England Durham Stockton-on-Tees
819 Cummings Robert James England Cambridgeshire Cambridge
820 Cummings Walter Hadath England Surrey Epsom
821 Cunningham Harry Thomas England Essex Thurrock
822 Cunningham James England Oxfordshire Oxford
823 Cunningham James England Yorkshire Leeds
824 Curley John England Berkshire Wokingham
825 Curran James Patrick England Kent Ramsgate
826 Currie Thomas England Sussex Seaford
827 Currie William Perry England Hampshire Aldershot
828 Curry Lester Emmet England Hampshire Bramshott
829 Curson George England Hampshire Southampton
830 Curtin Edward Daniel England Wiltshire Salisbury
831 Curtis Clarence William England Northamptonshire Northampton
832 Curtis John Henry England Sussex Seaford
833 Curtis Robert Stanley England Surrey Brookwood
834 Curtis William England Surrey West Clandon
835 Curtis William England Sussex Hastings
836 D'Ornellas Frederick Alexander England Gloucestershire Bristol
837 Dack Ernest Willie England Norfolk Terrington St Clement
838 Daem Louis England Surrey Brookwood
839 Dagg Ainslie St Clair England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
840 Dagger Arthur Philip England Kent Shorncliffe
841 Daggett Gordon England Sussex Seaford
842 Dailey Fred Ben England Warwickshire Birmingham
843 Daley Robert Arnold England Hampshire Bramshott
844 Danby William Alfred England Sussex Seaford
845 Daniels Alexander Nicholas England Essex Rawreth
846 Darby Edward Joseph England Surrey Brookwood
847 Darley Frederick Bradshaw England Middlesex Middlesex
848 Davenport James Smith England Hampshire Bramshott
849 Davey Albert Edward England Surrey Brookwood
850 Davey Frank England Hampshire Southampton
851 Davidson James William England Wiltshire Bulford
852 Davidson John England Yorkshire Wadsley
853 Davidson Samuel England Sussex Hastings
854 Davie Frank George England Essex East Ham
855 Davies David John Wales Carmarthenshire Whitland
856 Davies John Rubley England Oxfordshire Oxford
857 Davies Thomas Owen Wales Montgomeryshire Penegoes
858 Davies Trevor Dodd England Essex Manor Park
859 Davies William England Cheshire Goostrey
860 Davies William Edward USA New Jersey Englewood
861 Davis Albert William England Devon Dawlish
862 Davis Ernest James England Essex Chingford Mount
863 Davis George Courtney England Kent Shorncliffe
864 Davis George Henry England Surrey West Clandon
865 Davis Gordon Moncrieff England Surrey Epsom
866 Davis Harold Carleton England Yorkshire Doncaster
867 Davis Harry Alfred England Surrey Epsom
868 Davis Irwin England Essex Dagenham
869 Davis Lena England Hampshire Sherborne St John
870 Davis Lewington George Wales Glamorgan Cardiff
871 Davis Richard Edwin England Hampshire Bramshott
872 Davis William George Foxton Louis England Hampshire Aldershot
873 Davison Thomas England Hampshire Bramshott
874 Dawe William James Stephen England Kent Shorncliffe
875 Dawson Walter Stanhope England Surrey Brookwood
876 Dawson William Scotland Clackmannanshire Alloa
877 Day Harry England Hertfordshire Welwyn
878 Day Jeremiah England Buckinghamshire Aylesbury
879 Day Roland England Yorkshire Ripon
880 De Bury Robert Wilfred Visart England Sussex Seaford
881 De Laney George Gordon England Hampshire Bramshott
882 De Mont Robert Bennett England Berkshire Wokingham
883 De Morest Rinaldo Vernon England Surrey Brookwood
884 De Morney Francis Randolph England Sussex Crowborough
885 De Pelichy Julius England Hampshire Basingstoke
886 Dean George England Wiltshire Tidworth
887 Deane Jeffrey England Lancashire Bury
888 Dearden John James England London London
889 Dechon Frederick England Sussex Seaford
890 Deer Herbert Edward England Hampshire Bramshott
891 Delaire Adelard England Hampshire Grayshott
892 Delaney Daniel Lawrence England Surrey Witley
893 Dempsey James William England Hampshire Basingstoke
894 Demusik Roman England Surrey Brookwood
895 Denman Clarence Benjamin England Yorkshire Upperthong
896 Denne Alfred Allan England Surrey Brookwood
897 Dennee Ernest Arthur England Surrey Brookwood
898 Dennison Sidney Osborne Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
899 Dent Robert England Surrey Brookwood
900 Derbyshire Wilfred England Lancashire St Helens
901 Des Jarlais Gilbert England Sussex Chichester
902 Des Roches Phileas Emanuel England London London
903 Desaleux Jules Benjamin Alfred England Kent Shorncliffe
904 Desmareau Joseph England Lancashire Liverpool
905 Desmond John England Middlesex Middlesex
906 Desperques Edwin England Hampshire Southampton
907 Deyell William John England Surrey Epsom
908 Diamond William Campbell England Hampshire Bramshott
909 Dick George Scotland Ayrshire Largs
910 Dickie James Pirie Scotland Aberdeenshire Fraserburgh
911 Dickinson Norman England Lincolnshire Kirton
912 Dickson James John England Sussex Seaford
913 Dickson Thomas England Kent Shorncliffe
914 Dickson Walter Theodore England Wiltshire Tidworth
915 Diehl Percy Arnold England Hampshire Bramshott
916 Dike Alton Shirley England Surrey Brookwood
917 Dill William Hague England Hampshire Bramshott
918 Dimock Avard England Bedfordshire Ampthill
919 Dionne Gilbert England Hampshire Grayshott
920 Diplock John England Hampshire Basingstoke
921 Diss Ernest England Surrey Brookwood
922 Dixon John Warren England Surrey Brookwood
923 Dixon Miles Wiley England Warwickshire Birmingham
924 Dixon Thomas Wales Monmouthshire Newport
925 Dixon William England Hampshire Aldershot
926 Dobson Lawrence Edwin England Devon Plymouth
927 Dobson William Albert England Surrey Brookwood
928 Dobson William Robert England Kent West Malling
929 Docking William Joseph England Essex West Ham
930 Dodds Gordon England Hampshire Haslar
931 Doel Emory Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
932 Doig Arthur England Kent Shorncliffe
933 Don Ralph England Kent Lenham
934 Donahue Earl Donreith England Surrey Brookwood
935 Donald John Scotland Banffshire Mortlach
936 Donaldson Alexander England Hampshire Bramshott
937 Donaldson William Grant England Sussex Brighton
938 Donegan Bernard England London London
939 Donne Arthur William England Surrey Brookwood
3900 Donoghue Arthur James England Dorset Melcombe Regis
940 Donworth William Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
941 Doody James David Scotland Ayrshire Ayr
942 Dooley William Henry England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
943 Dorman Wesley Hainsworth England Surrey Brookwood
944 Doucet Philip England Hampshire Grayshott
945 Doucette Charles Edward Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
946 Dougherty Joseph Ireland Co Tyrone The Grange
947 Dougherty Nathan Auston England Derbyshire Buxton
948 Doughty John Henry Aiton England Sussex Brighton
949 Douglas Charles Steven England Kent Lenham
950 Douglas Frank Charles England London London
951 Douglas John Sholto England Oxfordshire Bampton
952 Douther Archibald Ireland Co Antrim Ballyclare
953 Dow Harry William England Hampshire Bramshott
954 Dowd John Charles England Berkshire Windsor
955 Dowding Isaac William England Surrey Brookwood
956 Dowler William Herbert England Surrey Haslemere
957 Down Arthur George England Lancashire Warrington
958 Downes John Henry England Essex Colchester
959 Doyle James Galvan England Lancashire Liverpool
960 Doyle Joseph Scotland Inverness-shire Inverness
961 Doyle Walter Wilson England Yorkshire Ripon
962 Drake John Albert England Yorkshire Brighouse
963 Dransfield Ernest England Sussex Seaford
964 Draper Richard Beattie England Surrey Brookwood
965 Drew Charles England Berkshire Reading
966 Drigas Thomas England Kent Orpington
967 Drinan Roderick William England Devon Plymouth
968 Drips Victor Prine Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
969 Drolet Joseph Edouard Narcisse England Kent Shorncliffe
970 Drury Norman Coulter England Hampshire Bramshott
971 Drybrough William Charteris England Derbyshire Buxton
972 Du Mont Joseph England Lancashire Kirkdale
973 Dube Johnny England Hampshire Netley
974 Duceppe Eugene England Surrey Englefield Green
975 Ducharme Anthony Alexander England Sussex Seaford
976 Duchesnay Frank Alexander England Surrey Brookwood
977 Dudevoir Alphonse England Surrey Brookwood
978 Duff-Biffle Charles Edwin England Sussex Seaford
979 Duffett Albert George England Surrey Epsom
980 Duffy DeWitt Talmage England Kent Orpington
981 Duguay Wallace England Sussex Brighton
982 Dumais Joseph Jules England Surrey Epsom
983 Duncan George Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
984 Duncan John George England Surrey Brookwood
985 Duncan Walter Clayton England Hampshire Bramshott
986 Dundas Thomas James Ireland Co Fermanagh Druminiskill
987 Dunham Albert Roy England Derbyshire Buxton
988 Dunhill Ernest England Yorkshire Leeds
989 Dunlop Daniel Lachlan England Surrey Brookwood
990 Dunlop Eric Arthur England Essex Hornchurch
991 Dunlop James Scotland Lanarkshire New Monkland
992 Dunn George England Surrey Brookwood
993 Dunn John England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
994 Dunne Willoughby A Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
995 Dunnicliffe Reginald England Hampshire Grayshott
996 Dunphy Earl Howard England Surrey Brookwood
997 Dunster George England Lancashire Kirkdale
998 Duponcel Bruno England Surrey Brookwood
999 Dupont Joseph England Hampshire Grayshott
1000 Dupras Peter A England Gloucestershire Bristol
1001 Dupuis Simeon England Hampshire Southampton
1002 Duquette Albert Noah England Surrey Epsom
1003 Durocher Charles England Sussex Brighton
1004 Dusseault Romeo England Sussex Eastbourne
1005 Duthie Alexander Ferris Scotland Angus Barry
1006 Dutton Leonard Edgar England Lancashire Liverpool
1007 Duval Josias Louis England Hampshire Southampton
1008 Duxbury John Lord England Lancashire Grange-over-Sands
1009 Dwyer Edward Joseph England Hampshire Southampton
1010 Dyer Charles William England Somerset Weston-super-Mare
1011 Dyer Harold John England Lancashire Liverpool
1012 Dykstra Sell England Hampshire Bramshott
1013 Dysart George Herbert England Sussex Seaford
1014 Dyte John England Gloucestershire Bristo

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