In memory of those who died this day during the Great War

  • 1915 1234/X Peter Benoit, Newfoundland Royal Naval Res
    Buried at Woodlands Cem, Gillingham, Kent
  • 1915 16213 Henry Morris, Infantry
    Buried at Church Cemetery, Bulford, Wiltshire
  • 1917 443340 William Wills, Pioneers
    Buried at Churchyard, Bleasdale, Lancashire
  • 1918 1084249 Clarence Walter Rothwell, Infantry
    Buried at Military Cemetery, Shorncliffe, Kent
  • 1918 69937 Frederick Jacob Snelgrove, Infantry
    Buried at Cemetery, Seaford, Sussex
  • 1919 1105264 Charles Benson, Infantry
    Buried at Cemetery, Buxton, Derbyshire
  • 1919 2500826 Robert Lawrence King, Railway Troops
    Buried at Cemetery, Lenham, Kent
  • 1921 257962 Harold Wrench, Forestry Corps
    Buried at St Lawrence Chyd, Frodsham, Cheshire

Canadians commemorated (E - L)

The names of soldiers that will appear on our CD-ROM volumes:

1015 Eadie John England Cambridgeshire Cambridge
1016 Eady Calvin England Kent Dover
1017 Eaglestone Edgar England Northamptonshire West Haddon
1018 Eamer Stewart England Buckinghamshire Aylesbury
1019 Eaton Archibald Fenton England Hampshire Aldershot
1020 Eaton Wilfred Roy England Kent Shorncliffe
1021 Eby Garfield Scotland Morayshire Rothes
1022 Edens Ralph England Hertfordshire Watford
1023 Edge Joseph England Lancashire Kirkdale
1024 Edgecombe Silas England London London
1025 Edgson Arnold Goodliffe England Northamptonshire Kings Cliffe
1026 Edwards Albert Wales Glamorgan Caerphilly
1027 Edwards Albert England Lancashire Bootle
1028 Edwards Arthur Edgar England Sussex Crowborough
1029 Edwards Frederick Walter England Norfolk Norwich
1030 Edwards John England Essex Manor Park
1031 Edwards John England Hampshire Netley
1032 Edwards John Charles England London London
1033 Edwards Roger Howell Wales Glamorgan Pontardwe
1034 Edwards William James England Kent Orpington
1035 Eedy Albert Lindsay England London London
1036 Egan Thomas Martin England Kent Orpington
1037 Elder James Alexander Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
1038 Elderkin St Clair England Surrey Brookwood
1039 Elford Robert Ernest England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
1040 Elgood Guy Menstone England Devon Plymouth
1041 Ellerbeck Edward England Hertfordshire St Albans
1042 Elliott Albert Edward England Surrey Brookwood
1043 Elliott Edward England Lancashire Preston
1044 Elliott James Arthur England Sussex Seaford
1045 Elliott Lorne Burton England Surrey Brookwood
1046 Ellis Alfred England Cheshire Runcorn
1047 Ellis James Patterson Scotland Fifeshire Kirkcaldy
1048 Ellis Malcolm Edward England Northamptonshire Helmdon
1049 Elrick Henry David England Kent Beckenham
1050 Elson Ernest Leonard England Sussex Seaford
1051 Elvidge Charles Wilford England Hampshire Bramshott
1052 Emblem Reginald Edgar England Sussex Seaford
1053 Emmerson George Ernest England Surrey Brookwood
1054 Emond Wilfred England Kent Lenham
1055 England Henry E England Somerset Minehead
1056 England Shem England Warwickshire Ratley
1057 Englehart Wilfred Harold England Sussex Brighton
1058 Englehutt Arthur Alfred England Hampshire Bramshott
1059 Ennis Cleveland Grover England Kent Orpington
1060 Ennis Patrick James England Kent Shorncliffe
1061 Entwistle William England Cheshire Wallasey
1062 Ericksson Gustaf Eric Fritjof England Hampshire Bramshott
1063 Ervine Arthur Wisdon England Lancashire Manchester
1064 Estaffe William England Middlesex Middlesex
1065 Estles Harry England Kent Shorncliffe
1066 Etchells Joseph England Yorkshire Ripon
1067 Etheridge David England Surrey Epsom
1068 Ethington Fred George England Sussex Seaford
1069 Eustace Robert James England Buckinghamshire Dorney
1070 Evans Albert England Staffordshire Stoke-on-Trent
1071 Evans Alfred La Combre Hastings England Yorkshire Bradford
1072 Evans Charles Herbert Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
1073 Evans Francis Aspinall England Hampshire Aldershot
1074 Evans Kingsley England Sussex Hastings
1075 Evans Richard Wales Glamorgan Sketty
1076 Evans Robert Pilgrim England Essex West Ham
1077 Evans Tom Emlyn Wales Glamorgan Pontnewnydd
1078 Evans William David Wales Caernavonshire Llangybi
1079 Evenden Charles Arthur England London London
1080 Everett William England Kent Shorncliffe
1081 Eversfield Thomas Henry England Sussex Hastings
1082 Ewens George Basil England Wiltshire Bulford
1083 Fagg Harry England Surrey Brookwood
1084 Fair Fred England Lancashire Wigan
1085 Fair Frederick Alexander England Hampshire Bramshott
1086 Fairley James Alexander England Yorkshire Harrogate
1087 Fairley John England Middlesex Middlesex
1088 Falch Frederick Ernest England Surrey Brookwood
1089 Falconer James Dow Scotland Lanarkshire Motherwell
1090 Fallow William England Surrey Epsom
1091 Falls Elwood William England Dorset Dorchester
1092 Farmer Abraham England Staffordshire Tutbury
1093 Farmer Albert England Hampshire Basingstoke
1094 Farquharson John England Hampshire Bordon
1095 Farr Victor Robert England London London
1096 Farrar Harold John Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
1097 Farrell John England Surrey Brookwood
1098 Farrell Patrick Joseph England Surrey Brookwood
1099 Farrer Joshua England Devon Plymouth
1100 Fatt William Maberley England Surrey Croydon
1101 Faulkner William Albert England Hampshire Aldershot
1102 Faulkner William Edward Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
1103 Fearon Joseph England Cumberland Moresby
1104 Feindell Stanley Noble England Hampshire Bramshott
1105 Feirn Tom Spink England Kent Shorncliffe
1106 Fenn Albert Smith England Yorkshire Ripon
1107 Fenner Lawrence Henry England Hampshire Bramshott
1108 Fensom Ernest England Sussex Seaford
1109 Fenwick Robert Wise England Kent Shorncliffe
1110 Fergus William England Surrey Brookwood
1111 Ferguson Alexander James England Gloucestershire Bristol
1112 Ferguson Aubrey Lee England Hampshire Bramshott
1113 Ferguson Cecil England Hampshire Bramshott
1114 Ferguson Douglas Scotland Lanarkshire Cambuslang
1115 Ferguson George England Sussex Seaford
1116 Ferguson Peter Scotland Renfrewshire Paisley
1117 Ferguson William Bruce England Essex Hornchurch
1118 Ferland Alphonse England Hampshire Grayshott
1119 Ferrey Lawrence Carr Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
1120 Ferris Thomas Earl England Hampshire Bramshott
1121 Fetterly William Marcus Grant England Hampshire Bramshott
1122 Fick Walter England Surrey Epsom
1123 Fidler William Henry Wales Monmouthshire Newport
1124 Figuers Henry James England London London
1125 Findlater James Ronald England Hampshire Bramshott
1126 Findlay Edward England Hampshire Bordon
1127 Findlay George Wales Denbighshire Wrexham
1128 Finnie George Walter England Surrey Witley
1129 Fishenden Arthur William England Derbyshire Buxton
1130 Fisher Andrew England Surrey Englefield Green
1131 Fisher David England Surrey Brookwood
1132 Fisher George Ireland Co Down Belfast
1133 Fisher George England Hampshire Grayshott
1134 Fisher George England London London
1135 Fisher John Bruce England Hampshire Bramshott
1136 Fisher Kenneth Solomon England Hampshire Bramshott
1137 Fitch Alfred England Yorkshire Howden
1138 Fitch Charles William England Kent Shorncliffe
1139 Fitton Edmund Wales Breconshire Bwlch
1140 Fitz Charles England Surrey Englefield Green
1141 Fitzgerald John James England Hampshire Grayshott
1142 Fitzpatrick Alphonsus Scotland Ayrshire Ayr
1143 Fitzsimmons John Henry England Norfolk Norwich
1144 Flanagan Ambrose England Lincolnshire Boston
1145 Flanagan George Edward England Hampshire Grayshott
1146 Flatt Willis England Cumberland Carlisle
1147 Flegg Thomas Reynolds England Hampshire Bramshott
1148 Fleming Alan Seed England Surrey Englefield Green
1149 Flemming Thomas William England Kent Shorncliffe
1150 Flett George England Suffolk Mendham
1151 Flett James England Devon Plymouth
1152 Flintoff Glenn Eden England Gloucestershire Gloucester
1153 Flook Frederick George England Gloucestershire Bristol
1154 Flook Sidney Leonard England Gloucestershire Bristol
1155 Flueling Manley Benson England Devon Plymouth
1156 Folster William Alexander Robert England Hampshire Bramshott
1157 Fontaine Emus England Lancashire Kirkdale
1158 Fontaine Ralph England Hampshire Grayshott
1159 Forbes Charles Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
1160 Forbes Frederick Anthony Gordon England Hampshire Bramshott
1161 Forbes Thomas Scotland Kent Chatham
1162 Forbes Thomas Benzie England Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
1163 Ford Angus McDonald England Hampshire Southampton
1164 Ford Archibald Edward England Hampshire Bramshott
1165 Ford Egan Charles England Devon Plymouth
1166 Ford Francis Walter England Hampshire Aldershot
1167 Ford James Scotland Renfrewshire Paisley
1168 Ford John Mitchell England Hampshire Southampton
1169 Ford Walter England Oxfordshire Oxford
1170 Fordham Sidney England Surrey Croydon
1171 Forget Ivano Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
1172 Forneri Agnes Florien England Hampshire Bramshott
1173 Forrest Thomas England Surrey Epsom
1174 Forssell August England Warwickshire Birmingham
1175 Forsyth James Cobban Wales Pembrokeshire Milford Haven
1176 Fortnum Joseph England Kent Shorncliffe
1177 Foster Harry England Yorkshire Leeds
1178 Foster John Laurel England Hampshire Bramshott
1179 Foster Sydney England Yorkshire Laithkirk
1180 Foster William H England Kent Shorncliffe
1181 Foulis George Irvine England Yorkshire Ripon
1182 Fournier Thomas England Hampshire Grayshott
1183 Fowler Robert George England Surrey Brookwood
1184 Fowler William Robert England Surrey Brookwood
1185 Fowlow Zebulum England Yorkshire Hull
1186 Fox Cecil England Hampshire Bramshott
1187 Fox Melfort Francis John England Berkshire Bearwood
1188 Foxlee Cecil Harry England Surrey Brookwood
1189 Frame James Haddow England Surrey Witley
1190 Frame William Layton England Surrey Brookwood
1191 Francis Frederick John England Somerset Curry Rivel
1192 Francklyn George Edward England Kent Shorncliffe
1193 Franks William Theophilus England Hampshire Bramshott
1194 Fraser Alfred Stephen West England Lancashire Kirkdale
1195 Fraser David Clayton England Surrey Brookwood
1196 Fraser Ernest England Lancashire Warrington
1197 Fraser James Scotland Kincardineshire Dunnottar
1198 Fraser Peter Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
1199 Fraser William Alfred England London London
1200 Frazer William T England Surrey Brookwood
1201 Frederick Harry England Hampshire Aldershot
1202 Fredette Joseph England Sussex Bexhill
1203 Freeman Elijah England Bedfordshire Keysoe
1204 Freeman Fred McKinly England Hampshire Bramshott
1205 French Herbert England Wiltshire Bulford
1206 French Richard Charles Arscott England Devon Postbridge
1207 Frenette Adelard England Yorkshire Sheffield
1208 Frenette Leon D England Somerset Bath
1209 Fretz Daniel Russell England Hampshire Bramshott
1210 Frost Edward Leslie England Surrey Brookwood
1211 Frost Thomas Albert England Kent Shorncliffe
1212 Fry William Gordon England Kent Shorncliffe
1213 Fulthorpe Herbert England Northumberland Whitley Bay
1214 Funnell Frank England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
1215 Furnival Thomas England Kent Shorncliffe
1216 Gaba Joel England Lancashire Kirkdale
1217 Gaffray Joseph Arthur England Lancashire Moston
1218 Gaffray Severe England Kent Chatham
1219 Gage Wilfred Elvin England Devon Ilfracombe
1220 Gagnon Charles Joseph England Hampshire Grayshott
1221 Gagnon Joseph England London London
1222 Gahn Oscar Nelson England Essex Colchester
1223 Gale Charles Douglas William England Wiltshire Bulford
1224 Gallacher Stuart England Surrey Thames Ditton
1225 Gallagher John Edward England Hampshire Bordon
1226 Gallagher John Henry England Kent Orpington
1227 Gallagher Oscar Edgar England Hampshire Aldershot
1228 Gallant Frederick England Essex Colchester
1229 Gallant James Reginald England Kent Shorncliffe
1230 Gallant Sylvine Joseph Arthur England Surrey Brookwood
1231 Galley James Francis England Kent Shorncliffe
1232 Gallichan Alfred England Hampshire Bramshott
1233 Gallichan William James England Sussex Seaford
1234 Galliford James Arthur England Yorkshire Baildon
1235 Gallinger Simeon Carman England Hampshire Bramshott
1236 Gallivan Daniel F England Hampshire Aldershot
1237 Galt James Henry England Surrey Godalming
1238 Gamble David Russell England Kent Gravesend
1239 Gambler John England Lancashire Kirkdale
1240 Gantford Victor William England Yorkshire Leeds
1241 Garbutt Sarah Ellen England Surrey Brookwood
1242 Garbutt William John England Hampshire Portsmouth
1243 Gard James England Devon Rose Ash
1244 Gardiner James England Sussex Brighton
1245 Gardiner Leo England Hampshire Aldershot
1246 Gardner Arthur England Essex Thurrock
1247 Gardner Henry England Hampshire Bramshott
1248 Gardner William Henry England Essex Walthamstow
1249 Gareau Wilfred Lorrain England Kent Shorncliffe
1250 Garland Leonard Herbert England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
1251 Garlow Marshall James England Sussex Seaford
1252 Garneau Clifford England Hampshire Grayshott
1253 Garnett Kenneth P England Yorkshire Ripon
1254 Garrett George Frederic Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
1255 Garrett John England Hampshire Southampton
1256 Garrett Thomas James England Hampshire Bramshott
1257 Garrison Laurence Bordon England Hampshire Aldershot
1258 Garwood Alfred England Lincolnshire Grimsby
1259 Gasik Paul England Hampshire Grayshott
1260 Gasler Charles Phillip England Hampshire Grayshott
1261 Gatchell George Alfred Scotland Perthshire Perth
1262 Gatward Roland England Kent Brenchley
1263 Gaudet Jerome Scotland Morayshire Nairn
1264 Gaunt John Alfred England Devon Uplyme
1265 Gauthier Charles England Hampshire Aldershot
1266 Gauthier Louis Romeo England Surrey Brookwood
1267 Gazzana Ronald Charles Hirst England Berkshire Reading
1268 Geddes George Scotland Morayshire Enzie
1269 Geddes Percy Mannering England Hampshire Southampton
1270 Geddes Thomas Henderson England Kent Shorncliffe
1271 Gee William England Derbyshire Buxton
1272 Genest Albert England Hampshire Southampton
1273 George Ivan England Sussex Seaford
1274 Gerard Elie Morris England Lancashire Kirkdale
1275 Germain Oliva England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
1276 Gerrand Thomas England Wiltshire Bulford
1277 Gerrard Edward England Staffordshire Normacot
1278 Gerrie Hugh Scotland Aberdeenshire Savoch
1279 Gibbs Sidney M England Northamptonshire Wellingborough
1280 Gibson George England Kent Orpington
1281 Gibson John Thomas England Kent Shorncliffe
1282 Gibson Lawrence England Kent Shorncliffe
1283 Gibson Peter Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
1284 Gibson Richard Henry England Hampshire Bramshott
1285 Gibson William Coulter Scotland Ayrshire Kirkoswald
1286 Gifford Allan Scott England Gloucestershire Bristol
1287 Gilbert Charles Morris England Derbyshire Buxton
1288 Gilbert Claude England Lancashire Peel Green
1289 Gilbert Gordon Stephen England Derbyshire Buxton
1290 Gilchrist Alexander Buchanan England Hampshire Bramshott
1291 Giles Alfred Thomas England Yorkshire Burstwick
1292 Giles George Michael James England Devon Hooe
1293 Giles Henry George England Devon Plymouth
1294 Gill Ernest England Hampshire Winchester
1295 Gillam Charles L England Surrey Brookwood
1296 Gillan David Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
1297 Gillan Thomas England Berkshire Wokingham
1298 Gillen Frederick Charles England Surrey Epsom
1299 Gillespie Jonathan England Hampshire Southampton
1300 Gillett Philip England London London
1301 Gillies John England Sussex Seaford
1302 Gillis Thomas Freeman Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
1303 Gilmour Robert Noble England Surrey Brookwood
1304 Gimblett Thomas Fairbairn England Oxfordshire Mapledurham
1305 Gingell Lawson Thomas England Kent Shorncliffe
1306 Ginn Thomas Albert England Kent Gillingham
1307 Ginn William England Devon Plymouth
1308 Girard Armand Scotland Inverness-shire Inverness
1309 Girouard Joseph Osias England Surrey Brookwood
1310 Gisborne Frederick James Newton Henry Ohm England Surrey Witley
1311 Given James Allen England Hampshire Bramshott
1312 Gladman Charles Martin England Warwickshire Birmingham
1313 Gladman Ottowa Thomas England Kent Shorncliffe
1314 Glazier Henry England Sussex Seaford
1315 Glencross Frederick Alexander England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
1316 Glenn David England Hampshire Bramshott
1317 Glennie John Edgar Rodger England Hampshire Bramshott
1318 Glidden Herbert Bodwell England Kent Shorncliffe
1319 Glossop Walter Herbert Newland England Surrey Brookwood
1320 Glover Frank Wesley England Surrey Brookwood
1321 Godard Arthur Edward Gelling England Surrey Brookwood
1322 Godbout Ernest Rene England Kent Shorncliffe
1323 Godfreid Warren Lester England Lancashire Kirkdale
1324 Godfrey Herbert William England Nottinghamshire Beeston
1325 Godin Antime England Kent Shorncliffe
1326 Goff John England Surrey Brookwood
1327 Gokich Vuko England Hampshire Netley
1328 Golden John England Hampshire Aldershot
1329 Golder Harry England Lancashire Kirkdale
1330 Goldie Thomas Leon England Lancashire Manchester
1331 Golding George England Wiltshire Tidworth
1332 Goliat Emile England Kent Orpington
1333 Gooby Nathaniel England Kent Gillingham
1334 Good Robert Joseph England London London
1335 Good Ronald Joseph England Yorkshire Bradford
1336 Goode James Percival England Surrey Witley
1337 Goodman Thomas Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
1338 Goodwin Walter England Kent Shorncliffe
1339 Goodyear William England Wiltshire Bulford
1340 Gordon Albert England Hampshire Grayshott
1341 Gordon Harry Staunton England Sussex Seaford
1342 Gordon John James England Sussex Seaford
1343 Gordon Leslie Farries England Hampshire Netley
1344 Gordon Percy Edward England Yorkshire Keighley
1345 Gordon Wallace Smith England Hampshire Netley
1346 Gordon William A England Kent Shorncliffe
1347 Goring George M England Surrey Brookwood
1348 Gorman Joseph Julian Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
1349 Gorman Peter Joseph England Kent Shorncliffe
1350 Gossel Edwin England London London
1351 Gosson Patrick England Kent Orpington
1352 Goucher Pearley Parker England Lancashire Kirkdale
1353 Goudreault Leon Alberide England Hampshire Aldershot
1354 Gough Arthur Gordon England Kent Shorncliffe
1355 Gough George Henry England Essex Widford
1356 Gough Percy James England Surrey Epsom
1357 Govan Solomon England Hampshire Bramshott
1358 Govier George England Sussex Hastings
1359 Goyins Nicholas Erwin England Hampshire Haslar
136 Gracie Robert Love England Norfolk Norwich
1361 Graham Fisher England Cumberland Whitehaven
1362 Graham George Foster England Kent Shorncliffe
1363 Graham James Booth England Sussex Seaford
1364 Graham James Edgar England Sussex Seaford
1365 Graham John England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
1366 Graham John Hamilton England Hampshire Aldershot
1367 Graham Johnstone Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
1368 Graham Joseph Delbert England Surrey Brookwood
1369 Graham Joshua England Northumberland Choppington
1370 Graham Marshall England Kent Shorncliffe
1371 Graham Otto Franklin Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
1372 Graham Robert Selby England Surrey Epsom
1373 Graham Thomas Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
1374 Graham Thomas Francis England Kent Shorncliffe
1375 Graham Thomas Robert England Surrey Brookwood
1376 Grant Alexander England Yorkshire Ripon
1377 Grant Arthur Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
1378 Grant Charles Robert England Gloucestershire Bristol
1379 Grant Ernest Albert England Surrey Brookwood
1380 Grant John Nicholas England Lancashire Kirkdale
1381 Grant Murdoch Robert England Kent Kemsing
1382 Grant William England Middlesex Middlesex
1383 Grantham William England Lancashire Ormskirk
1384 Graves Charles Everett England Hampshire Bramshott
1385 Gray Daniel Wilfred England Surrey Brookwood
1386 Gray David England Kent Shorncliffe
1387 Gray Harold Ferguson England Kent Orpington
1388 Gray John England Northumberland North Gosford
1389 Gray John Welford England Kent Shorncliffe
1390 Green Frank William England London London
1391 Green Ivan Tremayne England Dorset Wool
1392 Green Joseph Amos England Sussex Seaford
1393 Green Joseph Henry England Warwickshire Coventry
1394 Greene Henry James De Puisage England Surrey Brookwood
1395 Greenfield William England London London
1396 Greeno William Henry England Hampshire Aldershot
1397 Gregoire Joseph Simeon England Kent Shorncliffe
1398 Greig Ernest Walter England Sussex Seaford
1399 Grenier Amedee England Hampshire Grayshott
1400 Grey John England Northumberland Felton
1401 Grey William England Kent Lenham
1402 Gribble Henry Bennett England Devon South Brent
1403 Grieves George England Northumberland Rothbury
1404 Grieves James Nicholas England Surrey Englefield Green
1405 Griffin Arthur Lionel England Hampshire Bordon
1406 Griffin Charles Francis England Kent Shorncliffe
1407 Griffiths Wellington England Kent Orpington
1408 Grigg Edward Jonathan England Gloucestershire Bristol
1409 Griggs Nelson Jared Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
1410 Grimes Robert Stanley England Wiltshire Purton
1411 Grimshaw Hubert England Berkshire Eastbury
1412 Grimshaw Samuel England Surrey Epsom
1413 Groat Peter England Hampshire Bramshott
1414 Groat Stewart Scotland Orkney Eday
1415 Grosz Herman Samuel England Middlesex Middlesex
1416 Gruchy Arthur Gordon England Middlesex Middlesex
1417 Guay Albert England Hampshire Grayshott
1418 Gubbey Richard England Hampshire Portsmouth
1419 Guerin James W England Hampshire Winchester
1420 Guildford Samuel England Sussex Hastings
1421 Guilfoyle Thomas Reginald England Hampshire Bramshott
1422 Gunn Angus Scotland Sutherland Melness
1423 Gunn David Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
1424 Gunn William Scotland Caithness-shire Latheron
1425 Gunn William Alexander England Lancashire Kirkdale
1426 Gutteridge Henry James England Cheshire Hoylake
1427 Guyer David England Nottinghamshire Nottingham
1428 Gwillim Frank Llewelyn England Herefordshire Mansell Gamage
1429 Gyatt Charles James England Kent Shorncliffe
1430 Hache Xavier England Lancashire Kirkdale
1431 Hackett Charles James England Kent Whitstable
1432 Haddlesey Lewis England Yorkshire Leeds
1433 Hadfield Bertie England Lancashire Bury
1434 Hagarty Thomas David England Sussex Seaford
1435 Hagen Olaf Marius England Hampshire Aldershot
1436 Hair William Scotland Renfrewshire Port Glasgow
1437 Hale John England Lancashire Southport
1438 Hales Charles England Hampshire Bramshott
1439 Halkow Theo Scotland Inverness-shire Inverness
1440 Hall Archie Ovide England Hampshire Grayshott
1441 Hall Charles Sidney England Hampshire Bramshott
1442 Hall Edgar Montague England Sussex Seaford
1443 Hall Fay England Hampshire Bramshott
1444 Hall Frank Dudley England Surrey Brookwood
1445 Hall James England Staffordshire Stoke-on-Trent
1446 Hall John Joseph England Sussex Seaford
1447 Hall William England Surrey Brookwood
1448 Hallding Harry England Cheshire Runcorn
1449 Hallett Arden Roy England Hampshire Southampton
1450 Halliday Arthur England Yorkshire Harrogate
1451 Halliday Matthew J Scotland Dumfries-shire Lockerbie
1452 Halstead Benjamin England Kent Orpington
1453 Ham Edwin England Devon Escot
1454 Hamber Harold Ballamy England Surrey Brookwood
1455 Hamel Alphonse England Yorkshire Leeds
1456 Hamelin Michel England Hampshire Grayshott
1457 Hamilton James England Kent Shorncliffe
1458 Hamilton John Leonard England Devon Plymouth
1459 Hamilton William Fortye England Surrey Brookwood
1460 Hamilton William Stuart England Sussex Seaford
1461 Hamlin Fredrick Charles England Hampshire Bramshott
1462 Hampson Charles Norman England Cheshire Ashton-under-Lyne
1463 Hancock Armour Ellington England Kent Ashford
1464 Hand Charles Henry England Staffordshire Newcastle-under-Lyme
1465 Hand John Basil England Herefordshire Hereford
1466 Handspiker Edison Torrey England Hampshire Netley
1467 Haney William Lyle Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
1468 Hann George England Surrey Brookwood
1469 Hannan Sylvester Francis England Warwickshire Birmingham
1470 Hannis Alfred William England Channel Islands Guernsey
1471 Hansford Albert Vernon England Surrey Epsom
1472 Hansford Frederick Augustus England Sussex Seaford
1473 Hanson Charles Johan England Kent Shorncliffe
1474 Hanson William England Kent Shorncliffe
1475 Harada Kazuo England Hampshire Netley
1476 Harden Robert James England Hampshire Bramshott
1477 Hardie John England Hampshire Bramshott
1478 Harding Albert Jack England Durham Sunderland
1479 Harding Fred England Middlesex Middlesex
1480 Hardinge Ernest Edward Leigh England Sussex Seaford
1481 Hare Arthur Joseph England Hampshire Grayshott
1482 Hare Harvey Scotland Ayrshire Ayr
1483 Harford Sylvio Marcel England Sussex Seaford
1484 Hargrove Michael Edward England Surrey Brookwood
1485 Harper Edgar England Kent Orpington
1486 Harris John Lindsay England Kent Shorncliffe
1487 Harris Reginald Vasey England Lancashire Manchester
1488 Harris Robert Edmund England Norfolk West Tofts
1489 Harris Webster Henry Fanning England Surrey Brookwood
1490 Harris Wilfred George England Kent Shorncliffe
1491 Harrison Arthur Herbert England Devon Exeter
1492 Harrison Cecil Dyne England Buckinghamshire Denham
1493 Harrison Edward England Essex Colchester
1494 Harrison George Stanley England Northamptonshire Northampton
1495 Harrison Robert Blackitt England Staffordshire Tettenhall Regis
1496 Harrison Stephen England Kent Shorncliffe
1497 Harrison Thomas England Lancashire Cockerham
1498 Harrison Wilfred England Hampshire Netley
1499 Hart William England Cornwall St Ives
1500 Hartley Robert Henry England Hampshire Bramshott
1501 Hartley William Herbert Vaughan England Wiltshire Maddington
1502 Hartridge Francis William England Kent Shorncliffe
1503 Hartt Owen Albert England Kent Orpington
1504 Harvey Arthur Allan England Gloucestershire Bristol
1505 Harvey James Hickson England Sussex Rotherfield
1506 Harvey John Clunie England Hampshire Bramshott
1507 Harvey John Colin Scotland West Lothian Linlithgow
1508 Harvey Joseph Victor England Kent Shorncliffe
1509 Harwood Louis England London London
1510 Hastings Hugh England Sussex Seaford
1511 Hatch Charles Edward England Kent Dover
1512 Hatch Clarence Spencer England Sussex Seaford
1513 Hately William Henry England Hampshire Bramshott
1514 Hathaway Frederick England Hampshire Aldershot
1515 Hatherley Ernest Miller England Hampshire Aldershot
1516 Hatt William George England Kent Chatham
1517 Hatter Claude England Sussex Seaford
1518 Hatton Arthur England Hertfordshire New Southgate
1519 Haug James Wesley England Hampshire Bramshott
1520 Hauser Carl Arnold England Hampshire Bramshott
1521 Haverstock Walter James England Hampshire Aldershot
1522 Hawkes Howard Alfred England Warwickshire Birmingham
1523 Hawkins Allen William England Kent Shorncliffe
1524 Hawkins Augustus Richard England Surrey Brookwood
1525 Hawley William England Kent Deal
1526 Hay Robert A V England London London
1527 Hayes Andrew Archibald England Sussex Seaford
1528 Hayes Morris Deacon England Lancashire Warrington
1529 Hayne Arthur Adrian Nevill England Hampshire Netley
1530 Haynes Henry James England Gloucestershire Bristol
1531 Hays William Philip England Kent Shorncliffe
1532 Hayward John Edward England Herefordshire Holme Lacey
1533 Hazlehurst George England Hampshire Bramshott
1534 Heal Frederick George England Wiltshire Bulford
1535 Heald Walter England Sussex Eastbourne
1536 Healey Almer England Surrey Witley
1537 Healey David England Essex Thurrock
1538 Heap James England Hampshire Bramshott
1539 Heath Adolphus Garrett England London London
1540 Heathers Charles Homer England Kent Tunbridge Wells
1541 Heaven Alfred Gyde England Shropshire Shrewsbury
1542 Hebert Antonio Scotland Morayshire Forres
1543 Heddick Claude England Devon Plymouth
1544 Hefty Henry Casper England Surrey Brookwood
1545 Heighington Geoffrey England Devon Torquay
1546 Hellgren John Severns England Sussex Seaford
1547 Heming Alfred Townley England Hampshire Petersfield
1548 Hempstead Harry Thomas England London London
1549 Henderson Archibald Scotland Lanarkshire Cadder
1550 Henderson Arthur Mearns England London London
1551 Henderson Joseph Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
1552 Henderson Lionel Gladstone England Kent Lenham
1553 Henderson Noble England Lancashire Kirkdale
1554 Hennan Victoria Belle England Kent Shorncliffe
1555 Henry John England Yorkshire Bradford
1556 Henzell Charles William England Northumberland Newcastle-upon-Tyne
1557 Hepburn Eric England Surrey Brookwood
1558 Hepworth Sydney Craddock England London London
1559 Heresey John Adolphos England Channel Islands Jersey
1560 Herlehy David England Devon Plymouth
1561 Herman Arthur England Durham Stanley
1562 Heron Joseph Scotland Perthshire Perth
1563 Herrick Jack England Staffordshire Stoke-on-Trent
1564 Herron William Arthur Ireland Co Down Banbridge
1565 Hession William Joseph England Yorkshire Ripon
1566 Hesson Samuel England Lancashire Kirkdale
1567 Hetherington James Ireland Co Antrim Belfast
1568 Hewes John England Nottinghamshire Nottingham
1569 Hewetson Samuel Williamson Scotland Wigtownshire Clachan of Penninghame
1570 Hewson Albert Arthur England Kent Shorncliffe
1571 Hibaliuk Ouilian England Hampshire Grayshott
1572 Hibben Robert Edward England Kent Dartford
1573 Hibbs John England Devon Plymouth
1574 Hickey William Louis England Lancashire Moston
1575 Hicks Charles Hamilton England Essex Manor Park
1576 Hicks Joseph Ernest England Kent Shorncliffe
1577 Hicks Samuel England Lancashire Manchester
1578 Hicks Stanley F England Suffolk East Burgholt
1579 Higgins Joseph Patrick England Hampshire Grayshott
1580 Higgins Michael Joseph England Kent Dover
1581 Higgins Richard Taylor England Lancashire Kirkdale
1582 High Robert England Gloucestershire Bristol
1583 Higinbotham George M M England Kent Newington next Hythe
1584 Hill Ernest George England Surrey Brookwood
1585 Hill Frederick John England Sussex Hastings
1586 Hill George Horace England Lancashire Manchester
1587 Hill Roy England Hampshire Aldershot
1588 Hiller Fred England Derbyshire Buxton
1589 Hills Alfred Thomas England Essex Hornchurch
1590 Hills William England Surrey Brookwood
1591 Hillyard Joseph England Surrey Englefield Green
1592 Hinnells William England Norfolk Salthouse
1593 Hinton Albert England Cambridgeshire Cambridge
1594 Hiron William Charles England Gloucestershire Bristol
1595 Hirssig Earl Edward England Hampshire Bramshott
1596 Hiscock Edward England Kent Shorncliffe
1597 Hoare Patrick Joseph England Hampshire Grayshott
1598 Hobbs Albert England Sussex Seaford
3901 Hobbs Henry Thomas England Surrey North Sheen
1599 Hobbs John England Hampshire Winchester
1600 Hobbs Morley William George England Hampshire Aldershot
1601 Hock Frank William England Derbyshire Buxton
1602 Hockenhull Harold England Cheshire Cheadle
1603 Hoddell William England Middlesex Middlesex
1604 Hodges Edward England Kent Snodland
1605 Hodges Joseph England Warwickshire Harborne
1606 Hodgson John Eastwood England Surrey Brookwood
1607 Hoehne Elmer Emile England Hampshire Bramshott
1608 Hoey Bertram Hazzard England Norfolk Norwich
1609 Hoffman Charles Franklin England Kent Shorncliffe
1610 Hogan Frank Wales Caernavonshire Llandudno
1611 Hogan Gerald Lawler Scotland Perthshire Kenmore
1612 Hogue David Edward England Kent Shorncliffe
1613 Holdenby George Christopher Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
1614 Holland Bertram Ireland Co Armagh Knocknamuckley
1615 Holley Frank England Hampshire Bramshott
1616 Holloway Albert E England Surrey Brookwood
1617 Holloway Herbert William England Kent Orpington
1618 Holloway Victor Daniel England Hampshire Stratfield Saye
1619 Holmes Arthur William England Hampshire Netley
1620 Holmes Henry England Wiltshire Netheravon
1621 Holmes Marcus England Yorkshire Keighley
1622 Holtum Walter Clifton England Sussex Bexhill
1623 Hood William Charles England Hampshire Bramshott
1624 Hooey Wellington Sidney Edward England Hampshire Bramshott
1625 Hooker Albert Edward England Hampshire Bordon
1626 Hooper Lewis England Cumberland Carlisle
1627 Hooper Percy John England Leicestershire Thurnby
1628 Hoopfer Leon Edwin England Northamptonshire Church Brampton
1629 Hope Donald McKenzie Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
1630 Hope Patrick Douglas England Surrey Englefield Green
1631 Hopewell Arthur Wellesley England Kent Orpington
1632 Hopgood Edward William Frank England Kent Throwley
1633 Hopkinson Richard Arthur England Lancashire Bury
1634 Horn Henry Adrian England Kent Shorncliffe
1635 Hornblower Edward Siburn England Sussex Seaford
1636 Horne James England Lancashire Whalley
1637 Hoskins Edgar England Lancashire Liverpool
1638 Hoskins William Cowan England Kent Shorncliffe
1639 Hough Michael England Lancashire Kirkdale
1640 Hough Richard Radcliffe England Lancashire Kirkdale
1641 Houle Henri England Surrey Englefield Green
1642 House George England Surrey Brookwood
1643 House James Albert England Lancashire Warrington
1644 Houston Edward England Suffolk Ipswich
1645 Houston James Isaac England Kent Orpington
1646 Howard Frank John England Hampshire Bramshott
1647 Howard James England Lancashire Manchester
1648 Howard Joseph England Kent Shorncliffe
1649 Howard Walter Thompson England Sussex Seaford
1650 Howard William England Hampshire Southampton
1651 Howarth Richard Edward England Surrey Brookwood
1652 Howatt John Goodwill England Surrey Brookwood
1653 Howe Robert Scott England Sussex Hastings
1654 Howell Gladstone England Hampshire Bramshott
1655 Howie Alexander Gorman England Berkshire Reading
1656 Howsam Robert Franklin England Surrey Epsom
1657 Huber Henry Oscar England Hampshire Aldershot
1658 Hubley Ross Jacob England Sussex Seaford
1659 Hucklesbee Leonard England Middlesex Middlesex
1660 Huddlestone Percy John England Hampshire Bournemouth
1661 Hudson Albert England Yorkshire Leeds
1662 Hudson John Gibson England Surrey Brookwood
1663 Huggard Kenneth Harold England Surrey Brookwood
1664 Huggett Alfred Percy England Yorkshire Ripon
1665 Huggett James George England Sussex East Grinstead
1666 Huggins James England Kent Erith
1667 Hughes Frank England Oxfordshire Oxford
1668 Hughes Leo Joseph England Surrey Brookwood
1669 Hughes Norman Vincent England Devon Exeter
1670 Hughes Percy England London London
1671 Hughes Reginald Arthur Wales Flintshire Bistre
1672 Hugo Cyril Julius England London London
1673 Hulan Howard Scotland Ayrshire Ayr
1674 Hull Joseph England Hampshire Bramshott
1675 Hume-Storer John Cameron England Hampshire Southampton
1676 Humphrey James Harding England Hampshire Bramshott
1677 Hungerford Howard England Hampshire Aldershot
1678 Hunsberger Fred Andrew England Hampshire Grayshott
1679 Hunt Bernard Leigh England Sussex Brighton
1680 Hunt Cecil J Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
1681 Hunt James England Hampshire Haslar
1682 Hunt Walter Michael Carew England Oxfordshire Albury
1683 Hunt Wilson Edwin England Middlesex Middlesex
1684 Hunter Archibald Chalmers England Surrey Epsom
1685 Hunter George Rupert England Wiltshire Netheravon
1686 Hunter James England Surrey Brookwood
1687 Hunter Samuel Anderson England Surrey Englefield Green
1688 Huntting Delbert Marvin England Hampshire Bramshott
1689 Hurley John England Hampshire Grayshott
1690 Hurley Robert Joseph England Surrey Brookwood
1691 Hurshman John Joseph England Kent Orpington
1692 Husband David Bonthrone Scotland Angus Dundee
1693 Hushen Andrew England Devon Plymouth
1694 Husser James Carman England Sussex Seaford
1695 Hutcheon John Scotland Aberdeenshire Barthol Chapel
1696 Hutcherson Edwin Earle England Sussex Seaford
1697 Hutchings Simeon Russell England Sussex Seaford
1698 Hutchings Walter England Hampshire Redhill
1699 Hutchinson John Thomas Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
1700 Hutchinson Percival England Nottinghamshire Nottingham
1701 Hutchison David Carman England Surrey Brookwood
1702 Hutty William John England Lancashire Oldham
1703 Hyslop Orville Newton England Sussex Seaford
1704 Iliff William Rees Matheson England Kent Shorncliffe
1705 Iliffe Harry Hardy England Staffordshire Castle Church
1706 Ilse Theodore Henry England Sussex Hastings
1707 Imlay Oliver Gilbert England Surrey Brookwood
1708 Imray John McLeod Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
1709 Inderwick Basil Lees England Sussex Winchelsea
1710 Ingalls Ernest T England Kent Shorncliffe
1711 Ingham John William England Lancashire Manchester
1712 Ingles George Leycester England Wiltshire Bulford
1713 Inglis Andrew England Surrey Brookwood
1714 Ingram Arthur George England Kent Bredgar
1715 Ingram Fraser England Hampshire Bramshott
1716 Iodence Arthur Bryan England Sussex Seaford
1717 Ion Clifford England Yorkshire Ripon
1718 Ironside John Scotland Aberdeenshire Kirton of Skene
1719 Irwin Donald Joseph England Hampshire Bramshott
1720 Irwin James Carter England London London
1721 Irwin Norman Scotland Sutherland Dornoch
1722 Isaac John Harold England Hampshire Basingstoke
1723 Ivers John England London London
1724 Ives Algernon William England Hampshire Bramshott
1725 Ivory Denis England Hampshire Bramshott
1726 Ivy William James England Lancashire Kirkdale
1727 Izzard Thomas England Sussex Seaford
1728 Jackman Henry England Middlesex Middlesex
1729 Jackson Charles England Surrey Brookwood
1730 Jackson Charles Rowland England Lancashire Manchester
1731 Jackson Ernest England Middlesex Middlesex
1732 Jackson Frederick Stubbs England Hampshire Bramshott
1733 Jackson Harry Edgar Randolph England Wiltshire Salisbury
1734 Jackson Harry Reginald England Yorkshire Leeds
1735 Jackson Richard England Hampshire Grayshott
1736 Jackson Wilbert England Hampshire Bramshott
1737 Jacobs Walter England Hampshire Winchester
1738 Jacques Archibald Lymath England Surrey Banstead
1739 Jacques Thomas Henry England Hampshire Bramshott
1740 Jakazom Peter Scotland Stirlingshire Stirling
1741 Jakomolin John England Surrey Englefield Green
1742 James George Henry England Lancashire Liverpool
1743 James Percy Norman England Northamptonshire Peterbrough
1744 James Rollo Howard England Lancashire Kirkdale
1745 James Stanley Prewett England London London
1746 Jamieson Walter Hyatt England Surrey Brookwood
1747 Janin George Alex Francis Romain England Hampshire Southampton
1748 Janssen Fredrik England Kent Orpington
1749 Jarman Albert Wellington England Leicestershire Leicester
1750 Jarrett Frank England Oxfordshire Cowley
1751 Jarvis William L England Sussex Hastings
1752 Jauncey Frederick Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
1753 Jeffery Douglas England Hampshire Bordon
1754 Jefford Sidney David England Devon Torquay
1755 Jenkins David Smith Wales Glamorgan Llansamlet
1756 Jenkins Howard Newton England Sussex Seaford
1757 Jenkins James England Devon Hartland
1758 Jenkins Walker Allen England Hampshire Bramshott
1959 Jenkins William Herman England Isle of Wight Isle of Wight
1760 Jenner Edward Henry England Lancashire Manchester
1761 Jenner Lenna May England Surrey Brookwood
1762 Jenner Oron Alfred England Kent Shorncliffe
1763 Jennings Arthur England Surrey Brookwood
1764 Jennings Frank Percival England Gloucestershire Horfield
1765 Jennings James England Essex Plaistow
1766 Jessoe James England London London
1767 Jewers Ira Wallace England Norfolk Norwich
1768 Jex Percy Stephen England Kent Dover
1769 Jobling Richard Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
1770 Johnson Albert England Hampshire Bramshott
1771 Johnson Alfred England Staffordshire Stafford
1772 Johnson Anton England Devon Plymouth
1773 Johnson Ernest Frank England Hampshire Aldershot
1774 Johnson Francis Godschall England Kent Orpington
1775 Johnson Harry England Kent Lenham
1776 Johnson Joe Roy Walford England Hampshire Bramshott
1777 Johnson Joseph England Staffordshire Wolverhampton
1778 Johnson Leslie Morton England Kent Shorncliffe
1779 Johnson Robert Harold England Norfolk Ditchingham
1780 Johnson Stanley Fred England Nottinghamshire Nottingham
1781 Johnson Walter England Yorkshire Harrogate
1782 Johnson William Charles England Sussex Hastings
1783 Johnson William Wilbur England Somerset Bath
1784 Johnston Ardell Alfred McGill Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
1785 Johnston Douglas Routledge England Kent Shorncliffe
1786 Johnston Edward John England Hampshire Aldershot
1787 Johnston Fred Louis England Hampshire Grayshott
1788 Johnston Harry England Berkshire Wokingham
1789 Johnston Homer Abbott England Hampshire Bramshott
1790 Johnston Jonathan Locke England Surrey Epsom
1791 Johnston Thomas William Scotland Aberdeenshire Peterhead
1792 Johnston William Joseph England Hampshire Winchester
1793 Johnston William McKelvy England Hampshire Netley
1794 Johnstone Anthony Valentine England Surrey Witley
1795 Johnstone George Leopold England Hampshire Bramshott
1796 Johnstone Gordon Simpson England Derbyshire Buxton
1797 Johnstone Lawrence England Derbyshire Edensor
1798 Jolicoeur Henry England Hampshire Bordon
1799 Joly Leonidas England Hampshire Southampton
1800 Jones Alfred Selwyn Basil Wales Denbighshire Llanfair Dyffryn
1801 Jones Arthur Edward England Kent Shorncliffe
1802 Jones Arthur Wynne Wales Caernavonshire Llanfair-is-Gaer
1803 Jones Charles Edward Wales Denbighshire Wrexham
1804 Jones Claude Samuel England Cornwall Launceston
1805 Jones Dalton England Hampshire Bramshott
1806 Jones Edmund Tudor England Sussex Seaford
1807 Jones Frederick Grainger Terrington England Surrey Brookwood
1808 Jones George Robert England Surrey Brookwood
1809 Jones Harvey James England Kent Canterbury
1810 Jones Henry Charles England Wiltshire Bradford-on-Avon
1811 Jones James Arthur England Cheshire Hoylake
1812 Jones John Humphries Wales Caernavonshire Bangor
1813 Jones Lawrence Charles England Norfolk Great Yarmouth
1814 Jones Robert Wales Flintshire Mold
1815 Jones William England Berkshire Reading
1816 Jones William Thomas England Lancashire Kirkdale
1817 Jordan Bernard Henry England Sussex Seaford
1818 Joy Edward England Devon Plymouth
1819 Joy Gordon England London London
1820 Joyce James Isidore Edward England Devon Plymouth
1821 Joyce John Thomas England Hampshire Grayshott
1822 Joyce Walter England Hampshire Chilbolton
1823 Joyner Frederick Charles Gosden England Kent Shorncliffe
1824 Kaine James Albert England Hampshire Bramshott
1825 Kane Johnson England Hampshire Bramshott
1826 Kane Patrick Joseph England Hampshire Grayshott
1827 Karonovich Louis England Kent Shorncliffe
1828 Karr Henry England Lancashire Warrington
1829 Kaster Elmer England Devon Plymouth
1830 Kay Norman Frederick England Hampshire Bramshott
1831 Kayss John Harvey Bainbridge England Cumberland Wigton
1832 Kealy Ida Lilian England Hampshire Bramshott
1833 Kean Gordon Jackson Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
1834 Kean Joseph Frederick England Lancashire Kirkdale
1835 Kearney John England Kent Orpington
1836 Keating Percy Firmin England Surrey Woking
1837 Keating Richard Harry England Hampshire Grayshott
1838 Kedey William Moses England Derbyshire Derby
1839 Keeask James Scotland Stirlingshire Stirling
1480 Keeler Albert H England Lancashire Warrington
1841 Keeler Samuel Wesley England Lancashire Kirkdale
1842 Keenan William Thomas England Cornwall Falmouth
1843 Keeping Lancelot England Surrey Brookwood
1844 Keillor John Charles England Surrey Brookwood
1845 Keith William Howard England Dorset Melcombe Regis
1846 Kellett William James England Yorkshire Calverley
1847 Kelley Joseph Jacques Nazaire England Hampshire Grayshott
1848 Kelliher William Joseph England Sussex Seaford
1849 Kelly Alfred Louis England Kent Shorncliffe
1850 Kelly Ernest Arthur England Gloucestershire Bristol
1851 Kelly James Patrick England Kent Orpington
1852 Kelly John Vincent England Cambridgeshire Cambridge
1853 Kelly John William England Devon Plymouth
1854 Kelly Lewis Walker England Surrey Brookwood
1855 Kemp Alexander Goodwin England Kent Maidstone
1856 Kempster Arthur England Buckinghamshire Wingrave
1857 Kendall William Otis England Hampshire Bramshott
1858 Kennedy Archie J England Kent Shorncliffe
1860 Kennedy John England Surrey Brookwood
1859 Kennedy John Frederick Ireland Co Tyrone Urney
1861 Kennedy Richard England Kent Shorncliffe
1862 Kennedy William England Hampshire Bordon
1863 Kennedy William Houston Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
1864 Kenny William Aimer Scotland Angus Dundee
1865 Kent James Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
1866 Kent Sydney Archibald England Hampshire Bramshott
1867 Kenty Edward Harold England Hampshire Aldershot
1868 Keon Andrew Joseph England Lancashire Kirkdale
1869 Kerns William Kenneth Atkinson Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
1870 Kerr George Scotland Lanarkshire Biggar
1871 Kerr Hugh Wilfred England Surrey Epsom
1872 Kiburz Leo Albert England Buckinghamshire Iver Heath
1873 Kidd Clarence Errol Canada Ontario Kincardine
1874 Kidd John Albert Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
1875 Kiff Thomas John England Sussex Hastings
1876 Killeen Austin England Berkshire Wokingham
1877 Kimmett Gordon England Hampshire Bramshott
1878 King Charles Gabriel England Kent High Halstead
1879 King Everett Joseph England Hampshire Aldershot
1880 King Frank England Gloucestershire Mangotsfield
1881 King Fred England Hampshire Basingstoke
1882 King George England London London
1883 King James Edward England Kent Orpington
1884 King James Morris England Kent Chatham
1885 King John Joshua Wallace England Kent Shorncliffe
1886 King Leonard Gravson England Hampshire Bramshott
1887 King Robert Lawrence England Kent Lenham
1888 King Ronald Moncrieffe England Hampshire Bramshott
1889 King Thomas Richard England Berkshire Bearwood
1890 King Walter England Kent Shorncliffe
1891 King Walter Eustace Cameron Yeend England Kent Shorncliffe
1892 Kingsbury Jesse Humphrey England Kent Folkestone
1893 Kingston Robert England Surrey Brookwood
1894 Kinloch Alexander England Surrey Brookwood
1895 Kinloch William England Kent Orpington
1896 Kinnie Ernest Floyd England Surrey Brookwood
1897 Kirby Austin England Hampshire Bramshott
1898 Kirk Arthur England Surrey Epsom
1899 Kirkpatrick Everett England Surrey Brookwood
1900 Kirktown Lloyd Russell England Kent Shorncliffe
1901 Knaus William Edward England Hampshire Grayshott
1902 Kneen Alfred England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
1903 Kneller Robert Frank England Wiltshire Tidworth
1904 Knight Charles Henry England Kent Ramsgate
1905 Knight George Ebenezer England Hampshire Southampton
1906 Knight Norman Godwin England London London
1907 Knowle Allan England Hampshire Aldershot
1908 Knowlman Charles England Kent Shorncliffe
1909 Knutson Harry Hoye England Norfolk Norwich
1910 Koerner William Bernard England Hampshire Portsmouth
1911 Kreiger Henry Charles England Hampshire Bramshott
1912 Kynoch Peter Scotland Angus Brechin
1913 La Duke Harold Edgar England Hampshire Bramshott
1914 La Fortune Lorenzo England Surrey Brookwood
1915 La France James England Hampshire Grayshott
1916 Laberee Carl Gordon England Surrey Brookwood
1917 Laberge Joseph England Kent Shorncliffe
1918 Labrecque Joseph Edouard England Hampshire Grayshott
1919 Lacaille Joseph England Berkshire Ufton Nervet
1920 Lacerte Wilbray England Hampshire Basingstoke
1921 Lacey John Charles England Kent Orpington
1922 Lacroix Amie England Surrey Epsom
1923 Lacroix Joseph Emile England Hampshire Aldershot
1924 Ladd Wilbur Hiram England Sussex Eastbourne
1925 Laing Arthur England Hampshire Aldershot
1926 Laing Wesley Thomas Scotland Inverness-shire Inverness
1927 Laird John England Northumberland Blyth
1928 Laity Leonard Henry England Cornwall Germoe
1929 Lalande Ruric Harold England Hampshire Southampton
1930 Lalonde Christopher England Hampshire Aldershot
1931 Lalonde Leo James England Lancashire Kirkdale
1932 Lamb Robert Sidey England Wiltshire Netheravon
1933 Lambert Henry Ernest England Surrey Witley
1934 Lambert John Scotland Ayrshire Ayr
1935 Lambley Leonard Herbert England Gloucestershire Tetbury
1936 Lamka Charles Edward England Hampshire Bramshott
1937 Lamothe Louis England Kent Shorncliffe
1938 Lane Ernest Alfred England Kent Orpington
1939 Lane Frederick Percy England Sussex Seaford
1940 Lane Sydney George England Kent Shorncliffe
1941 Lane William Thomas England Kent Dover
1942 Lang William Arthur England Surrey Englefield Green
1943 Langdon Herbert James England Essex High Beech
1944 Langford Elmer George England Sussex Hastings
1945 Langridge Alfred John C England Kent Shorncliffe
1946 Lanham Albert Herbert Joseph England Surrey Witley
1947 Lapier Harry Lee England Hampshire Bramshott
1948 Lapine Joseph Alfred Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
1949 Laporte Joseph Alcide Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
1950 Larbalestier Bernard England Channel Islands Jersey
1951 Large Thomas Henry England Hampshire Bramshott
1952 Larime Emery England Kent Shorncliffe
1953 Lariviere Francis England Surrey Brookwood
1954 Larocque Moise England Kent Shorncliffe
1955 Laroe John Joseph England Wiltshire Bulford
1956 Larsen Chris England Sussex Seaford
1957 Larson Carl Algot England Hampshire Bramshott
1958 Latham Harold Henry England Worcestershire Worcester
1959 Latimer David England Middlesex Middlesex
1960 Lattion Charles William Henry England Devon Plymouth
1961 Lau Frank Otto England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
1962 Lauder James England Surrey Brookwood
1963 Lavallee Louis David Wilfred England Sussex Seaford
1964 Laviolette Mike England Northumberland Alnwick
1965 Laviolette Napoleon England Kent Walmer
1966 Lavis Garnet Emmerson England Surrey Brookwood
1967 Law Francis Andrew England Surrey Brookwood
1968 Law Robert Hodgson England Warwickshire Binley
1969 Lawlor William James England Sussex Seaford
1970 Lawrence Albert E England Devon Plymouth
1971 Lawrence Henry England Hampshire Southampton
1972 Lawrence James England Hampshire Bramshott
1973 Lawrence William England Surrey Brookwood
1974 Lawrenson Samuel England London London
1975 Lawry William Henry England Hampshire Brockenhurst
1976 Laws Alan England Surrey Brookwood
1977 Laws Harold Augustus England Norfolk Narborough
1978 Lawson Herbert England Hertfordshire Graveley
1979 Lawson James England Lancashire Kirkdale
1980 Lawson John Herbert England Surrey Witley
1981 Lawson Thomas England Yorkshire Huddersfield
1982 Laycock Frank England Warwickshire Birmingham
1983 Le Blanc Edmond Henry England Surrey Epsom
1984 Le Blanc Felicien England Hampshire Grayshott
1985 Le Blanc Joseph Arthur Scotland Inverness-shire Inverness
1986 Le Blanc Wallace England Kent Orpington
1987 Le Buff Robert England London London
1988 Le Cornu Philip Francis England Channel Islands Jersey
1989 Le Gallais Stanley Charles England Sussex Brighton
1990 Le Marchant de Trigon Georges Emile England Hampshire Bordon
1991 Leach John England Kent Shorncliffe
1992 Leacy James Emmett England Sussex Seaford
1993 Leake William Gerard England Warwickshire Birmingham
1994 Leal Archibald England Sussex Worthing
1995 Leander Robert Lennox Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
1996 Learoyd Edward Clifton England Surrey Brookwood
1997 Leary Patrick England Hampshire Grayshott
1998 Leblanc Emile England Sussex Chichester
1999 Ledbetter Ernest Frederick England Worcestershire Blockley
2000 Leduc Georges Arge Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
2001 Lee John Franklin England Leicestershire Leicester
2002 Leech Wilfred Laurier England Cheshire Alvanley
2003 Leeman William W England Sussex Seaford
2004 Lefebvre Victor Frank England Kent Chatham
2005 Leger Aime Antoine England Sussex Old Shoreham
2006 Leger Paul England Lancashire Kirkdale
2007 Legge Marcus England Hampshire Winchester
2008 Legge William Norman England Kent Shorncliffe
2009 Leggett John Rupert England Hampshire Southampton
2010 Leitheiser Joseph Henry Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
2011 Lelacheur Ernest Harry England Lancashire Kirkdale
2012 Lemnoux John England Surrey Brookwood
2013 Lemoine Frank Tomas C England Kent Orpington
2014 Lenner George Peter England Hampshire Grayshott
2015 Lennox Victor John England Kent Orpington
2016 Leonard John Gordon England Sussex Seaford
2017 Leppard Frederick Henry England Surrey Epsom
2018 Leruez Joseph Charles England Surrey Brookwood
2019 Leslie Ernest Hodgson England Cheshire Stockton Heath
2020 Leslie Gordon Rhind Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
2021 Lett Heber Percival Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2022 Leveille Napoleon England Northumberland Newcastle-upon-Tyne
2023 Lewin David Joseph England Isle of Man Isle of Man
2024 Lewin William Francis England Kent Orpington
2025 Lewis Edward Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2026 Lewis James Frederick England Northumberland Newcastle-upon-Tyne
2027 Lewis Joseph England London London
2028 Lewis William England Lancashire Breighmet
2029 Lewis William Henry England Northumberland Whittingham
2030 Lewtas Frank Gordon England Lancashire Wigan
2031 Liddell John England Lancashire Warrington
2032 Liddell Thomas Scotland Clackmannanshire Alva
2033 Liddle George Washington England Hampshire Bramshott
2034 Lidster William Henry England Yorkshire Rawmarsh
2035 Lightbody Hugh England Surrey Brookwood
2036 Lilia Victor England Kent Orpington
2037 Lillecrapp Jack Dunn England Devon Werrington
2038 Lima Sir Bertram Lewis England London London
2039 Lindsay George William England Sussex East Hoathly
2040 Linfoot John Alexander England Hampshire Aldershot
2041 Ling George Meriam England Surrey Brookwood
2042 Linteau Joseph Desire Arthur England Hampshire Grayshott
2043 Lister Guy Carleton England Surrey Witley
2044 Little Redvers England Hampshire Winchester
2045 Littlejohn Robert Oliver England Hampshire Aldershot
2046 Littlewood George England Kent Shorncliffe
2047 Livesey Robert England Kent Shorncliffe
2048 Livingston George Scotland Lanarkshire Dalziel
2049 Livingstone Andrew Forsyth England Kent Shorncliffe
2050 Lloyd Ellwood Gardiner England Gloucestershire Bristol
2051 Lloyd Lionel Bertie Eld England Dorset Wool
2052 Lloyd-Jones Albert England Lancashire Kirkdale
2053 Lock Ernest John England Gloucestershire Bristol
2054 Locker Clarke Burns England Hampshire Netley
2055 Lockery John Daniel England Surrey Brookwood
2056 Lockhart Percy MacDonald England Kent Shorncliffe
2057 Lofthouse Harold England Kent Shorncliffe
2058 Logan Harold Alexander England Hampshire Southampton
2059 Logan William England Kent Shorncliffe
2060 Lomax George England Lancashire Preston
2061 Long Arthur England Kent Shorncliffe
2062 Long William Arthur England Hampshire Southampton
2063 Long William George England Essex Colchester
2064 Longden John Thomas England Derbyshire Glossop
2065 Longstaff George Henry England Lancashire Prestwich
2066 Looker Thomas Alfred Reginald England Oxfordshire Oxford
2067 Loomis Sampson Alexander England Hampshire Aldershot
2068 Loranger Vincent England London London
2069 Lorenson Nels Peter Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
2070 Lorimer Samuel Wilson England Hampshire Bramshott
2071 Lorrain Louis England Hampshire Grayshott
2072 Loshaw Robert James Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2073 Loucks Stanley England London London
2074 Lougheed Bert England Hampshire Bramshott
2075 Loughi Carsten Wandage England Sussex Seaford
2076 Love Charles Goode Landels Scotland Fifeshire Kirkcaldy
2077 Love Earl Hume England Kent Orpington
2078 Love William Rogerson England Hampshire Bramshott
2079 Loveland Thomas John England Lancashire Manchester
2080 Lowe James England Surrey Brookwood
2081 Lowe Thomas England Lancashire Pemberton
2082 Lown William John England Surrey Witley
2083 Loynes Joseph Walter England Lancashire Kirkdale
2084 Lucas Douglas England Dorset Sixpenny Handley
2085 Lucas George Robert England Hampshire Bordon
2086 Lucas Reginald Guy England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
2087 Lucas Walter James England Yorkshire Bradford
2088 Ludeman Frederick Thomas England London London
2089 Luke Lawrence Edward England Sussex Seaford
2090 Lumley Bartley Gibson England Surrey Brookwood
2091 Lunan Wilbert Gordon England Hampshire Aldershot
2092 Luney Thomas William England Kent Orpington
2093 Luton William Franklin England Gloucestershire Bristol
2094 Luttrell Lorne England Berkshire Reading
2095 Lydamore James Saunders England Berkshire Bearwood
2096 Lyle Wilbert Merle England Gloucestershire Bristol
2097 Lynch John Russell England Surrey Brookwood
2098 Lynch Thomas England Yorkshire Ripon
2099 Lynch Walter England Kent Shorncliffe
2100 Lynn Percy Elsworth Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2101 Lyseng Ole Knutson England Hampshire Bramshott

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