In memory of those who died this day during the Great War

  • 1917 754444 Fraser Ingram, Infantry
    Buried at St Mary Churchyard, Bramshott, Hampshire
  • 1917 473022 James Wood Milne, Infantry
    Buried at Ryhope Road Cem, Sunderland, Durham
  • 1917 145169 Albert Fred Redman, Infantry
    Buried at Cemetery, Paddington, Middlesex
  • 1918 552965 Willoughby Seymour Conrad, Medical Corps
    Buried at Military Cemetery, Shorncliffe, Kent
  • 1919 264356 Allan Boyle Brown, Railway Troops
    Buried at Military Cemetery, Netley, Hampshire
  • 1919 225554 Robert Dent, Royal Canadian Dragoons
    Buried at Military Cemetery, Brookwood, Surrey
  • 1919 164513 William Simons, Infantry
    Buried at Heath Lane Cem, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire
  • 1920 453108 William George Plumb, Service Corps
    Buried at Old Cemetery, Camberwell, London

Canadians commemorated (M - Q)

The names of soldiers that will appear on our CD-ROM volumes:

2102 Mabbott Charles William England Hertfordshire St Albans
2103 Macauley George H England Warwickshire Birmingham
2104 MacBeth William MacFarlane England Berkshire Reading
2105 MacCallum Alasdair Smith Scotland Argyllshire Oban
2106 MacDonald Alexander Scotland Sutherland Golspie
2107 MacDonald Angus England Hampshire Bramshott
2108 MacDonald Archibald Ewen Scotland Inverness-shire Dalchriechard
2109 MacDonald Colin England Kent Lenham
3902 MacDonald Daniel Scotland Glasgow Luskentyre
2110 MacDonald David Armit England Warwickshire Birmingham
2111 MacDonald George Oxley England Berkshire Reading
2112 MacDonald Hugh John England Sussex Seaford
2113 MacDonald John Scotland Morayshire Forres
2114 MacDonald John Scotland Perthshire Perth
2115 MacDonald John George England Wiltshire Bulford
2116 MacDonald John Roderick England Kent Shorncliffe
2117 MacDonald Leo Bernard England Kent Lenham
2118 MacDonald Murdo Scotland Sutherland Nedd
2119 MacDonald Robert England Kent Shorncliffe
2120 MacDonald Ronald John England Surrey Brookwood
2121 MacDonald Ronald W England Yorkshire Ripon
2122 MacDonald Stanley Addison Clifford England Surrey Frensham
2123 MacDonald Stuart England London London
2124 MacDonell Winfred Smythe England Surrey Brookwood
2125 MacDougall Daniel Herbert England Lancashire Warrington
2126 MacDougall James Fraser Scotland Argyllshire Oban
2127 MacDougall Russell Hugh England Hampshire Bramshott
2128 MacFarland James England Surrey Englefield Green
2129 MacFarlane John Reginald Norman England Middlesex Middlesex
2130 MacGillivary John Angus England Kent Orpington
2131 MacGray Benjamin Horton England Hampshire Aldershot
2132 MacIntosh David Barclay Scotland Ross & Cromarty Dingwall
2133 MacIntosh Lewis Scotland Ross & Cromarty Avoch
2134 MacIntosh Rebecca Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2135 MacKay Alexander Raymond England Kent Orpington
2136 MacKay Bruce Sutherland England Hampshire Aldershot
2137 MacKay George Leslie England Hampshire Bramshott
2138 MacKay John Alexander Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
2139 Mackay Peter Scotland Inverness-shire Inverness
2140 MacKay Roderick Scotland Ross & Cromarty Lochcarron
2141 MacKay Russell Alexander England Kent Shorncliffe
2142 MacKeigan Neil England Hampshire Bramshott
2143 MacKenzie Charles England Kent Shorncliffe
2144 MacKenzie Charles Roy England Wiltshire Netheravon
2145 MacKenzie John England Hampshire Southampton
2146 MacKenzie John Alexander England Lancashire Kirkdale
2147 MacKinnon Angus England Middlesex Middlesex
2148 MacKney John England Wiltshire Bulford
2149 MacLean Andrew Mackie England London London
2150 MacLean James Alfred England Hampshire Netley
2151 MacLean Morris Angus England Lancashire Manchester
2152 Maclean William Norman Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
2153 Maclean William Stuart Scotland Inverness-shire Inverness
2154 MacLeod George Henry Scotland Caithness-shire Reay
2155 MacLeod Harold Artemas England Hampshire Aldershot
2156 MacLucas Malcolm Scotland Lanarkshire Rutherglen
2157 MacMillan John Angus Scotland Ross & Cromarty Crossbost, Lewis
2158 MacMillan John Hector Neil England Yorkshire Harrogate
2159 MacMurchy William Crozier England Surrey Epsom
2160 MacNeil Charles Herman England Norfolk Thetford
2161 MacPhail Chester Blaisdell England Surrey Brookwood
2162 MacPhee Murdock England Hampshire Southampton
2163 MacPherson Christopher Salmon England Cambridgeshire Cambridge
2164 MacPherson William George England Somerset Bath
2165 Macrae Peter Scotland Ross & Cromarty Clachan Duich
2166 MacTavish Donald Elmer England Hampshire Bramshott
2167 Macumber Charles Lesley England Warwickshire Birmingham
2168 Madden Ernest W England Sussex Bexhill
2169 Maddock William Scotland Renfrewshire Cathcart
2170 Maddox John Thomas England Surrey Brookwood
2171 Magnan Allan Finlay England Hampshire Bramshott
2172 Mahoney William Brenton England Kent Chatham
2173 Mainland William Walls England Hampshire Bramshott
2174 Major Henry Lawrence England Gloucestershire Bristol
2175 Major John Thomas England Surrey Brookwood
2176 Major John William England Derbyshire Buxton
2177 Malcolm Alexander England Surrey Brookwood
2178 Malloy Norman Archibald England Surrey Brookwood
2179 Malm Anthon England Hampshire Bramshott
2180 Malone Edward England Surrey Englefield Green
2181 Malpass Edwin England Sussex Seaford
2182 Maltby Arthur England Kent Deal
2183 Mann George Robert England Norfolk Kings Lynn
2184 Manning William George England London London
2185 Manson Fergus England Lancashire Whalley
2186 March Thomas Arthur Wales Caernavonshire Llandudno
2187 Marchand Charles England Lancashire Kirkdale
2188 Marchbank Ogilvie James England Wiltshire Durrington
2189 Marks Chesley England Surrey Brookwood
2190 Marlatt Herbert St Clair England Staffordshire Newcastle-under-Lyme
2191 Marott Joseph England Hampshire Grayshott
2192 Marr Charles Spence England Hampshire Bordon
2193 Marr William Newland Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
2194 Marrotte Simeon England Surrey Brookwood
2195 Marsh Robert England Lancashire Mellor
2196 Marsh Walter Scotland Wigtownshire Kirkmaiden
2197 Marshall Charles England Kent Shorncliffe
2198 Marshall Charles England Lincolnshire Greetwell
2199 Marshall Edgar England Yorkshire Sheffield
2200 Marshall Hugh Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
2201 Marshall Richard John England Cornwall Helland
2202 Martin Abel James Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2203 Martin Alphonsus Joseph England Essex Clacton
2204 Martin Charles England Hampshire Southampton
2205 Martin Frederick England Kent Shorncliffe
2206 Martin Herbert Charles England London London
2207 Martin Hugh Galbraith England Gloucestershire Bristol
2208 Martin Jabez England Cornwall Penzance
2209 Martin James England Kent Shorncliffe
2210 Martin James Reid England Hampshire Bramshott
2211 Martin Joseph England Kent Shorncliffe
2212 Martin Neil England Sussex Seaford
2213 Martin Robert Ray England Kent Shorncliffe
2214 Martin Russell Garfield Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2215 Martin Thomas England Lancashire Preston
2216 Martin William Ireland Co Antrim Belfast
2217 Marwood William Allan England Hampshire Bramshott
2218 Mason John Henry England Kent Shorncliffe
2219 Matchett Cortney Clinton England Sussex Seaford
2220 Mates John England Wiltshire Salisbury
2221 Matheson Alf Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2222 Matheson David John England Surrey Brookwood
2223 Matheson Kenneth Roderick England Cambridgeshire Cambridge
2224 Mathews George England Hampshire Portsdown
2225 Matthews Charles England Wiltshire Tilshead
2226 Matthews Robert England Buckinghamshire Aylesbury
2227 Mattingley Harry England Surrey Witley
2228 Mattson Carl Andrew England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
2229 Maull Alfred England Warwickshire Birmingham
2230 Mauris Henry Louis England Surrey Brookwood
2231 Maus Daniel Showers England Surrey Brookwood
2232 Maxted Stephen Amos England Hampshire Bramshott
2233 Maxwell David Ernest England Buckinghamshire Halton
2234 Maxwell James Scotland Dumfriess-shire Kirkmahoe
2235 May George Henry England Hampshire Southampton
2236 May Jack William England Sussex Chichester
2237 May James England Lancashire Castleton Moor
2238 May James William England Sussex Seaford
2239 Mayers John Henry England Cheshire Prestbury
2240 Maynard James England Hampshire Bramshott
2241 Mazur Frederick Scotland Inverness-shire Inverness
2242 Mazur Zachar Wales Glamorgan Cardiff
2243 McAfee Harold England Essex Southend on Sea
2244 McAllister Charles England Lancashire Kirkdale
2245 McAllister Cyril Augustine England Surrey Brookwood
2246 McAllister Stephen Patrick England Durham Sunderland
2247 McAlpine David Lennox England Kent Shorncliffe
2248 McAlpine Frank England Lancashire Liverpool
2249 McArthur James England Kent Shorncliffe
2250 McAuley Charles Henry England Hampshire Basingstoke
2251 McBain John Howard England Kent Shorncliffe
2252 McBean Guy England Kent Shorncliffe
2253 McBurney James T England Surrey Epsom
2254 McBurnie William England Lancashire Kirkdale
2255 McCabe Ross Hunter England Surrey Brookwood
2256 McCall Edward Scotland Morayshire Forres
2257 McCallum Charles Emerson England Sussex Seaford
2258 McCallum Edward Campbell England Hampshire Aldershot
2259 McCallum Frederick William England Surrey Brookwood
2260 McCarten Robert John Ireland Co Armagh Keady
2261 McCarthy William England Essex Manor Park
2262 McCaskill Michael Patrick Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2263 McCaskill William Fraser Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2264 McCaul David Henry England Surrey Witley
2265 McClare Ernest Ethelbert England Surrey Brookwood
2266 McClure James Hannay Stewart England Wiltshire Salisbury
2267 McClure Samuel McBride Scotland Lanarkshire New Monkland
2268 McCluskey John England Hampshire Grayshott
2269 McCluskie James Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2270 McCombs William Richard England Hampshire Aldershot
2271 McConachie George England Surrey Brookwood
2272 McConachie William England Lancashire Barrow-in-Furness
2273 McConaghy Charles England Surrey Englefield Green
2274 McConnell Henry Attridge Ireland Co Fermanagh Colebrook
2275 McCormack Leslie Peter England Kent Shorncliffe
2276 McCorry Thomas Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
2277 McCoubrey Theophilus Alexander England Sussex Brighton
2278 McCracken Walter Wilbur England Hampshire Bramshott
2279 McCrae Robert Henry England Sussex Seaford
2280 McCreedy Bernard Henry England Wiltshire Netheravon
2281 McCuaig Hugh Alexander England Surrey Brookwood
2282 McCue John Scotland Clackmannanshire Alva
2283 McCulloch Charles Edgar England Hampshire Aldershot
2284 McCulloch Harold Gotabed Graham England Hampshire Bramshott
2285 McCulloch William Scotland Renfrewshire Cathcart
2286 McCullough Charles Joseph England Sussex Seaford
2287 McCullough James Edmund England Lancashire West Derby
2288 McCullough John Archibald Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
2289 McCullough Thomas Ireland Co Armagh Mount Norris
2290 McCutcheon Charles Ludlow England Surrey Brookwood
2291 McCutcheon George Frederick Wilson England Gloucestershire Cheltenham
2292 McDaid David England Yorkshire Sheffield
2293 McDaniel Percy England Lancashire Kirkdale
2294 McDermott Thomas England Sussex Hastings
2295 McDiarmid James England Lancashire Kirkdale
2296 McDonald Allan Roderick England Surrey Englefield Green
2297 McDonald Angus England Surrey Brookwood
2298 McDonald Archie R England Hampshire Southampton
2299 McDonald Bryce England Kent Orpington
2300 McDonald Daniel B England Kent Lenham
2301 McDonald Ewen England Sussex Hastings
2302 McDonald Frederick Malcolm England Kent Shorncliffe
2303 McDonald Jack England Lancashire Kirkdale
2304 McDonald John William England Lancashire Kirkdale
2305 McDonald Joseph Angus England Derbyshire Buxton
2306 McDonald Joseph Edward England Hampshire Grayshott
2307 McDonald Lauchlan England Hampshire Grayshott
2308 McDonald Michael Canada British Columbia Vancouver
2309 McDonald Peter Scotland Morayshire Rothes
2310 McDonald Robert Edward England Hampshire Bramshott
2311 McDonald Roderick England Surrey Brookwood
2312 McDonald Thomas William England Surrey Brookwood
2313 McDonald William John England Sussex Seaford
2314 McDougald Roderick James England Sussex Chichester
2315 McDougall Archie England Sussex Seaford
2316 McDougall Frederick England Kent Shorncliffe
2317 McDougall Reginald Wilfred England Hampshire Aldershot
2318 McDowall David Brown Scotland Renfrewshire Paisley
2319 McDowall Douglas England Kent Chatham
2320 McDowell Hugh Ireland Co Antrim Carrickfergus
2321 McDowell John Lemuel Waddell England Sussex Seaford
2322 McEachern Archibald Ernest England Hampshire Southampton
2323 McEachern John Angus England Devon Plymouth
2324 McEachern John Joseph England Surrey Witley
2325 McEachern Laughlin David England Hampshire Bramshott
2326 McEldon Alfred John England Hampshire Bramshott
2327 McElhiney Joseph S England Kent Shorncliffe
2328 McEwan Frank England Lincolnshire Lincoln
2329 McEwan William Scotland Angus Dundee
2330 McEwen Duncan Chester England Hampshire Bramshott
2331 McGarry James England Hampshire Bramshott
2332 McGee Arthur England Hampshire Bramshott
2333 McGee John Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
2334 McGill James Lawrence England Sussex Brighton
2335 McGill William Stanley England Lancashire Manchester
2336 McGovern James Patrick England Hampshire Aldershot
2337 McGowan William John England Hampshire Bramshott
2338 McGrath Edward England Hampshire Southampton
2339 McGraw Edward George England Cumberland Carlisle
2340 McGreer Maurice England Hampshire Basingstoke
2341 McGregor Charles Joseph England Surrey Brookwood
2342 McGregor James Angus England Yorkshire Leeds
2343 McGuffin William John England Yorkshire Sheffield
2344 McGuigan Samuel Ireland Co Antrim Ballyclare
2345 McGuiness Frederick Williamson England Wiltshire Netheravon
2346 McGuire Elmer England Hampshire Bramshott
2347 McGurk James Isaac England Warwickshire Birmingham
2348 McInnes Frederick Leonard Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2349 McInnis John James England Hampshire Grayshott
2350 McIntosh Alexander Duncan England Hampshire Bramshott
2351 McIntosh Henry Carter England Lancashire Kirkdale
2352 McIntosh John Clark England Hampshire Bramshott
2353 McIntyre Peter Scotland Angus Dundee
2354 McIntyre Peter Scotland Argyllshire Campbeltown
2355 McIntyre Stormont England Kent Shorncliffe
2356 McIver James Neil England Hampshire Aldershot
2357 McIvor Donald Alexander England Surrey Brookwood
2358 McIvor William Scotland Morayshire Enzie
2359 McKay Colin Inkster England Hertfordshire St Albans
2360 McKay George England Cheshire Frodsham
2361 McKay George Cecil England Surrey Epsom
2362 McKay John Alex England Surrey Brookwood
2363 McKay Patrick John England Yorkshire Hull
2364 McKay Samuel England Kent Shorncliffe
2365 McKay William England Kent Orpington
2366 McKay William Kemp England Shropshire Clive
2367 McKee Andrew Goff England Surrey Brookwood
2368 McKeen Lewis Stanley England Surrey Witley
2369 McKeil Charles Grant England Hampshire Aldershot
2370 McKenna Charles England Yorkshire Halifax
2371 McKenna Harold Charles Henry England Cambridgeshire Cambridge
2372 McKenzie Alexander England Hampshire Bramshott
2373 McKenzie Charles Henry England Kent Tunbridge Wells
2374 McKenzie Finley England Hampshire Bramshott
2375 McKenzie Neil Charles England Kent Shorncliffe
2376 McKenzie Theodore Cuyler England Surrey Brookwood
2377 McKenzie Walter Wake England Kent Shorncliffe
2378 McKeown Charles Neuth England Sussex Chichester
2379 McKeown William John England Hampshire Bramshott
2380 McKibbon Joseph England Hampshire Bramshott
2381 McKinnon Archibald England Hampshire Aldershot
2382 McKinnon James England Hampshire Grayshott
2383 McKinnon Neil John England Surrey Witley
2384 McKinnon Roderick Gibbs England London London
2385 McKinnon William Burnett England Kent Shorncliffe
2386 McKnight John Charles England Sussex Seaford
2387 McKnight Murray William England Gloucestershire Gloucester
2388 McLachlan John Lachlan England Hampshire Bramshott
2389 McLachlin Ewen England Kent Shorncliffe
2390 McLatchie Mervin Henry England Sussex Seaford
2391 McLaughlin Alfred Jackson England Lancashire Colne
2392 McLaughlin Daniel Scotland Roxburghshire Jedburgh
2393 McLean Arthur Norman England Lancashire Liverpool
2394 McLean Claude Middleton Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2395 McLean Duncan Joseph England Kent Shorncliffe
2396 McLean Harry England Surrey Brookwood
2397 McLean Herman England Surrey Brookwood
2398 McLean John Wilfred England Hampshire Bramshott
2399 McLean Joseph England Hampshire Bordon
2400 McLean William Alfred Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2401 McLellan James Freeman England Oxfordshire Oxford
2402 McLellan John Augustin England Hertfordshire St Albans
2403 McLennan Roderick England Surrey Brookwood
2404 McLeod Donald Scotland Inverness-shire Nunton, Benbecula
2405 McLeod Duncan James England Sussex Seaford
2406 McLeod Frederick Lorne Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
2407 McLeod Jack England Hampshire Netley
2408 McLeod John George England Sussex Seaford
2409 McLeod Leslie William England Surrey Witley
2410 McLeod Malcolm Scotland Ross & Cromarty Dail Mor, Lewis
2411 McLeod Murdoch M England Warwickshire Birmingham
2412 McLeod Roderick Campbell England Hampshire Grayshott
2413 McLeod William England Surrey Brookwood
2414 McLeod William Scotland Sutherland Nedd
2415 McMahon Edward Gordon Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2416 McMahon John D'Arcy England Surrey Brookwood
2417 McMaster Dalton C England Middlesex Middlesex
2418 McMaster Daniel Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
2419 McMillan Robert England Kent Orpington
2420 McMullan James Ireland Co Antrim Belfast
2421 McMullen Thomas Scotland Inverness-shire Inverness
2422 McMullen William Albert England Berkshire Reading
2423 McMullin David Ray England Dorset Melcombe Regis
2424 McMurtrie William Robert Ferguson Scotland Ayrshire Dundonald
2425 McNab James England Warwickshire Birmingham
2426 McNab Michael John England Surrey Godalming
2427 McNair Arthur Franklin England Surrey Brookwood
2428 McNair Hugh England Kent Shorncliffe
2429 McNaughton Donald England London London
2430 McNeal Joseph England Kent Shorncliffe
2431 McNeice Samuel Ireland Research On going
2432 McNeil James Joseph England Devon Plymouth
2433 McNicol Alexander Caddle England London London
2434 McNulty James Desmond England Kent Shorncliffe
2435 McNutt Elmer Willis England Hampshire Aldershot
2436 McParland Louis Bernard England Surrey Brookwood
2437 McPherson Angus England Surrey Brookwood
2438 McPherson Donald Duncan England Berkshire Wokingham
2439 McPherson Fred Everon England Surrey Epsom
2440 McPherson Henry James England Sussex Seaford
2441 McPherson John England Hampshire Grayshott
2442 McPherson John England Worcestershire Stourbridge
2443 McPherson John Angus England Surrey Witley
2444 McQuarrie Nelson Alexander England Hampshire Aldershot
2445 McRae Alexander Scotland Sutherland Clyne
2446 McRae Philip Duncan England Hampshire Bramshott
2447 McTavish Douglas Ashbourne England Surrey Brookwood
2448 McTavish William J Scotland Morayshire Elgin
2449 McWalter Matthew Miller Scotland Renfrewshire Cathcart
2450 McWatch Jacob England Hampshire Southampton
2451 McWilliam John Thyme England Sussex Seaford
2452 Meade George England Yorkshire Bradford
2453 Meads George England Wiltshire Bulford
2454 Meehan William England Kent Shorncliffe
2455 Meggitt Charles Robert England Hampshire Bramshott
2456 Mein Ernest England Northamptonshire Northampton
2457 Melanson Joseph England Hampshire Netley
2458 Meldrum Walter England London London
2459 Meleshko Stephen England Hampshire Bramshott
2460 Mellin James Vellely England Surrey Brookwood
2461 Melsheimer Frank Benjamin England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
2462 Menmuir David Gibson Scotland Angus Dundee
2463 Mennie John Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
2464 Menzies James Arthur England Lincolnshire Gainsborough
2465 Mercer Chesley England London London
2466 Mercer John B Scotland Argyllshire Kilchattan, Colonsay
2467 Merchant Albert William England Kent Shorncliffe
2468 Meredith Edward Stanley England Kent Shorncliffe
2469 Meroult Charles England Lancashire Kirkdale
2470 Merrell George Clark England Lancashire Kirkdale
2471 Merriam Carman England Sussex Eastbourne
2472 Merry Esli Gordon England Berkshire Reading
2473 Metcalf Charles Liscumb England Hampshire Bramshott
2474 Methven Joseph Paton Scotland Fifeshire Dunfermline
2475 Meunier Jean England Kent Shorncliffe
2476 Meyers Frank Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2477 Michaelson Richard Gibson England Lancashire Grange-over-Sands
2478 Michaud Urgel England Sussex Hastings
2479 Michener Leo St Orban England Suffolk Euston
2480 Michie George Tomasson England Hampshire Aldershot
2481 Middleton Herbert Henry England Hampshire Bramshott
2482 Middleton John Ronald England London London
2483 Miles Augustus England Hampshire Winchester
2484 Miles Charles England Derbyshire Chesterfield
2485 Miles Edward England Surrey Brookwood
2486 Miles Heber John England London London
2487 Millar Charles Bryce England Kent Whitstable
2488 Millar Henry Scotland Kinross-shire Orwell
2489 Millen Charles Arthur England Kent Orpington
2490 Miller Andrew Haldane England London London
2491 Miller Crawford England Hertfordshire St Albans
2492 Miller Fred England Lincolnshire Immingham
2493 Miller Frederic England Hampshire Bournemouth
2494 Miller Hilton England Surrey Epsom
2495 Miller Hugh England Sussex Seaford
2496 Miller James England Hampshire Bramshott
2497 Miller James Stewart England Kent Shorncliffe
2498 Miller Kenneth McCelland England Hampshire Aldershot
2499 Miller Lawrence John Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2500 Miller Robert England Surrey Brookwood
2501 Miller William Scotland Caithness-shire Thrumster
2502 Miller William England Yorkshire Ripon
2503 Millican Frederick Arnold England Cumberland Alston
2504 Milligan Clinton Silas England Warwickshire Birmingham
2505 Milligan Samuel England Hampshire Bramshott
2506 Milliken William Bennett Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2507 Mills Robert Sydney England Kent Shorncliffe
2508 Milne Andrew England Hampshire Southampton
2509 Milne James Wood England Durham Sunderland
2510 Milne William England Derbyshire Buxton
2511 Milton Arthur England Hampshire Southampton
2512 Minshull Edward Thomas England Kent Shorncliffe
2513 Miron Henry Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
2514 Mitchell Arthur Walter England Lancashire Oldham
2515 Mitchell Aubrey England Sussex Seaford
2516 Mitchell Frederick England Kent Ashford
2517 Mitchell George England Lancashire Manchester
2518 Mitchell Henry Gerard England Surrey Witley
2519 Mitchell Herbert England Lancashire Kirkdale
2520 Mitchell James Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
2521 Mitchell John England Hampshire Bramshott
2522 Mitchell John Farrell England Surrey Witley
2523 Mitchell Philip Leonard England Warwickshire Birmingham
2524 Mitchell Thomas England Sussex Seaford
2525 Mitchell William England Oxfordshire Oxford
2526 Mitchell William Newton England Hampshire Bramshott
2527 Mitts John England Kent Orpington
2528 Mochrie John Sharpe England Kent Folkestone
2529 Mockler Edward Cecil William Ireland Co Antrim Ballinderry
2530 Moeran Robert Warner England Sussex Eastbourne
2531 Moffat James England Hampshire Bramshott
2532 Moisan Ephraim Waterford England Hampshire Aldershot
2533 Molloy Michael Egan England London London
2534 Monckton-Case John England Kent St Margaret's-at- Cliffe
2535 Monson Theodore England Hampshire Netley
2536 Montgomery Gordon Hall England Sussex Brighton
2537 Montgomery James William England Lancashire Manchester
2538 Montgomery Robert Clinton England Sussex Seaford
2539 Moody Sidney Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2540 Moon Daniel Charles England Hampshire Grayshott
2541 Mooney William England Hampshire Southampton
2542 Moore Charles Henry England Devon Bideford
2543 Moore Jesse England Middlesex Middlesex
2544 Moore Joseph Ewart England Isle of Wight Isle of Wight
2545 Moore Robert James Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
2546 Moorhouse Ernest Norman England Lancashire Kirkdale
2547 Moran William England Lancashire Warrington
2548 Morgan Arthur John England Yorkshire Leeds
2549 Morgan James Charles England Hampshire Fleet
2550 Morgan John Herbert England Kent Dover
2551 Morin Alphonse England Hampshire Grayshott
2552 Morisette Eugene England Sussex Seaford
2553 Morphy John Montague England Surrey Brookwood
2554 Morrell Erlen England Hampshire Bramshott
2555 Morrell James England Buckinghamshire Wooburn
2556 Morris Andrew Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
2557 Morris Anthony England Surrey Brookwood
2558 Morris Earl Brandon England Kent Shorncliffe
2559 Morris Enoch Howard England London London
2560 Morris Harold England Hampshire Winchester
2561 Morris Henry England Wiltshire Bulford
2562 Morris Hugh England Kent Shorncliffe
2563 Morris Leonard V England Kent Shorncliffe
2564 Morris Norman Rogers England Sussex Seaford
2565 Morris Stewart Ramsey Brough England Sussex Seaford
2566 Morris-White Thomas Charles England Sussex Brighton
2567 Morrison Alexander Scotland Aberdeenshire Monquhitter
2568 Morrison Alexander England Hampshire Portsdown
2569 Morrison John Scotland Caithness-shire Thurso
2570 Morrison John Angus England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
2571 Morrison John Howard England Lancashire Kirkdale
2572 Morrison Neil Scotland Roxburghshire Jedburgh
2573 Morrison William England Lancashire Manchester
2574 Morrison William Scotland Ross & Cromarty Sandwick, Lewis
2575 Morrow Charles Ernest Scotland Inverness-shire Rothiemurchus
2576 Morse Earnie England Sussex Brighton
2577 Morton Grant Melvin England Surrey Brookwood
2578 Morton Robert England Surrey East Sheen
2579 Moseley Alfred England Derbyshire Buxton
2580 Moss Edwin England Lancashire Burnley
2581 Mote George Arthur England London London
2582 Mouder Robert John England Lancashire Kirkdale
2583 Moulton Morris England Hampshire Netley
2584 Moyes Andrew Millar England Lancashire Kirkdale
2585 Mudge William England Surrey Brookwood
2586 Mugford George Scotland Renfrewshire Paisley
2587 Mugford John Sydney England Cornwall Illogan
2588 Mugford Jonathan Martin Lorne England Hampshire Bramshott
2589 Muir George Robert England Kent Whitstable
2590 Muir Thomas Scotland Lanarkshire Lesmahagow
2591 Muir William George England Kent Shorncliffe
2592 Muirhead William Stewart Scotland Dumfriess-shire Dornock
2593 Mulholland Andrew England Cumberland Carlisle
2594 Mullins Lilford England Hampshire Bramshott
2595 Mulroney William Denis England London London
2596 Munday John England Surrey Virginia Water
2597 Munden James Edward England London London
2598 Mundy Clarence Reginald Scotland Fifeshire Crail
2599 Munro Edward Clinton England Derbyshire Buxton
2600 Munro John Douglas England Hampshire Aldershot
2601 Munro William Kirkland Scotland Renfrewshire Cathcart
2602 Munroe Arthur John England Surrey Brookwood
2603 Munroe Ernest England Hampshire Aldershot
2604 Munroe Neil Winston England Surrey Witley
2605 Munshaw James Randall England Kent Shorncliffe
2606 Murdoch Alexander Scotland Ayrshire Dalmellington
2607 Murdoch Arthur Raymond England Lancashire Kirkdale
2608 Murison William Scotland Aberdeenshire New Pitsligo
2609 Murphy John England Hampshire Grayshott
2610 Murphy John Joseph England Hampshire Aldershot
2611 Murphy Thomas Ross England Hampshire Grayshott
2612 Murphy Vincent Patrick England Surrey Brookwood
2613 Murray Alexander England Surrey Brookwood
2614 Murray Amede England Hampshire Grayshott
2615 Murray Byron England Hampshire Bramshott
2616 Murray Francis Joseph England Surrey Epsom
2617 Murray Frank England Yorkshire Leeds
2618 Murray Frederick England Kent Shorncliffe
2619 Murray George Scotland Sutherland Loth
2620 Murray George Newsome England Kent Dover
2621 Murray John England Surrey Brookwood
2622 Murray Malcolm England Devon Plymouth
2623 Murray Malcolm England Kent Shorncliffe
2624 Murray Victor Allan England Essex Thurrock
2625 Murray Walter James Scotland Selkirk-shire Galashiels
2626 Murray William England Surrey Englefield Green
2627 Murree Edward Edmunds England London London
2628 Muske Loftus George England Norfolk Norwich
2629 Myers Philip England Kent Dover
2630 Mytton Wallace England Essex Colchester
2631 Nancarrow Frederick John England Kent Shorncliffe
2632 Nastich George England Kent Shorncliffe
2633 Naubert Rene England Yorkshire Ripon
2634 Neads William John England Somerset Clevedon
2635 Nearing John Joseph England Middlesex Middlesex
2636 Nellis John Jacob England Surrey Brookwood
2637 Nelson Alfred England Hampshire Aldershot
2638 Nelson Charlie England Yorkshire Bradford
2639 Nelson Frederick Vincent England Warwickshire Birmingham
2640 Nelson Herbert Frederick England Hampshire Bramshott
2641 Nelson Mark Brown England Hampshire Bramshott
2642 Nelson William Frederick England Hampshire Aldershot
2643 Nepin Michel England Kent Orpington
2644 Nesbitt Kenneth England Sussex Seaford
2645 Neville Andrew Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2646 New Stanley England Hampshire Bournemouth
2647 Newell Victor Perrin Scotland Ayrshire Ayr
2648 Newman George England Gloucestershire Bristol
2649 Newman Herbert Frank England Middlesex Middlesex
2650 Newsham Paul England Hampshire Southampton
2651 Newton Frederick Austin England Staffordshire Stoke-on-Trent
2652 Newton George Arthur England Leicestershire Barkby
2653 Newton Harry Emerson England Surrey Brookwood
2654 Nichols Alfred Thomas England Kent Shorncliffe
2655 Nichols Lilian Beatrice England Surrey Brookwood
2656 Nicholson Frederick Samuel England Durham Gateshead
2657 Nicholson Henry James England Hampshire Southampton
2658 Nicholson Herbert Talbot England Yorkshire Loftus
2659 Nickel Gavin England Hampshire Bramshott
2660 Niddery Edward John England Hampshire Netley
2661 Nielsen Paul Emil England Hampshire Bramshott
2662 Nielsen Thore Bjerke England Lancashire Kirkdale
2663 Nilsson Adolph England Devon Plymouth
2664 Nisbet Hugh England Lancashire Kirkdale
2654 Nishimura Sannasuke England Yorkshire Ripon
2666 Niven Thomas Munro Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
2667 Nixon Percy Howard England Lancashire Whalley
2668 Nixon Richard England Cambridgeshire Cambridge
2669 Nixon Robert England Kent Ramsgate
2670 Noble David England Surrey Brookwood
2671 Noble Donald England Cornwall Troon
2672 Noel Frank England Hampshire Grayshott
2673 Norby Richard England Hampshire Bramshott
2674 Norelius Clarence England Hampshire Grayshott
2675 Norfield George England Essex Newport
2676 Norman Richard Keith England Hampshire Aldershot
2677 Norris Alfred England Surrey Brookwood
2678 Norris Charles Adelbert England Hampshire Bramshott
2679 North George Albert England Kent Darenth
2680 North John Henry England Kent Shorncliffe
2681 North William Hubert England Essex Colchester
2682 Norton Charles Alfred England Devon Plymouth
2683 Norval William Wales Glamorgan Cardiff
2684 Notman William England Surrey Brookwood
2685 Nottingham Arthur England London London
2686 Noyes Albert Oscar England Hampshire Bramshott
2687 Numbers George Roscoe England Hampshire Portsmouth
2688 O'Brien James Scotland Ayrshire Ayr
2689 O'Brien John Archibald England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
2690 O'Connell Chester Arthur England Kent Shorncliffe
2691 O'Connor William England Essex Colchester
2692 O'Grady Lionel Bedford England Surrey Brookwood
2693 O'Hara Earl England Kent Lenham
2694 O'Hara Joseph England Kent Faversham
2695 O'Hare James England Lancashire Liverpool
2696 O'Keefe John Charles England Kent Shorncliffe
2697 O'Lary Benjamin England Essex Thurrock
2698 O'Neil Russell England Hampshire Southampton
2699 O'Neill Christopher John England Sussex Seaford
2700 O'Neill Edward England Surrey Witley
2701 O'Neill James England Lancashire Barrow-in-Furness
2702 O'Neill Lawrence Justin Francis England Lancashire Kirkdale
2703 O'Reilly Andrew England Kent Lenham
2704 O'Rourke David England Hampshire Portsmouth
2705 Oag John England Devon Okehampton
2706 Obre George Wellington England Hampshire Bramshott
2707 Oddy George England Hampshire Bordon
2708 Odling Alexander England Hampshire Bramshott
2709 Offfenburger Henry England Hampshire Aldershot
2710 Ogden John Joseph England Hampshire Haslar
2711 Ogden William England Wiltshire Orcheston St Mary
2712 Ogilivie Alexander Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
2713 Ogilvie Walter George England Hampshire Bramshott
2714 Ogilvy Alfred William England Hampshire Bramshott
2715 Old Harvey George England Oxfordshire Kidmore End
2716 Oldfield Franklin Jesse England Hampshire Netley
2717 Oliphant George Scott England Devon Plymouth
2718 Oliver Archie Abraham England Northumberland Newcastle-upon-Tyne
2719 Oliver Frank Stanley England Kent Lenham
2720 Olsen Earl August England Surrey Brookwood
2721 Oram Samuel Walter England Suffolk Ipswich
2722 Orr Fred Herbert England Durham Chester-le-Street
2723 Orr Robert Lloyd England Kent Shorncliffe
2724 Osborne Herbert Arthur Charles England Lancashire Kirkdale
2725 Osborne Herbert Arthur Lyall England Hampshire Bramshott
2726 Osborne John William England Hampshire Grayshott
2727 Osbourne William Thomas Canada Ontario Grand Valley
2728 Ostlund Jons Jonsson England Kent Shorncliffe
2729 Ostrander George England Lancashire Kirkdale
2730 Outhwaite Herbert Frederick Basil England Kent Shorncliffe
2731 Owen James Alfred England Somerset Castle Cary
2732 Owen-Taylor Herbert Henry England Nottinghamshire Nottingham
2733 Owens John Wales Flintshire Bodfari
2734 Ozanne Henry Marquise England Surrey Guildford
2735 Packham Arthur Cecil England Kent Tunbridge Wells
2736 Padgett John England Yorkshire Bradford
2737 Padley Frank England Kent Shorncliffe
2738 Page Thomas England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
2739 Page Walter England Warwickshire Birmingham
2740 Paisley Herbert Dunton England Kent Orpington
2741 Palmer Charles Francis England Middlesex Middlesex
2742 Palmer James Henry England Surrey Epsom
2743 Palmer John England Essex Clacton
2744 Palmer Joseph Henry England Cumberland Maryport
2745 Palmer Percy George England Wiltshire Bulford
2746 Palmer William England Surrey Witley
2747 Palmer William Robert England Hampshire Southampton
2748 Palston Albert Cornelius England Sussex Seaford
2749 Pamplin Orme Reginald England Devon Plymouth
2750 Pannell Chester England Lancashire Kirkdale
2751 Pape Percival John England Hampshire Grayshott
2752 Paquette Oscar England Sussex Seaford
2753 Parbery Sydney John England Middlesex Middlesex
2754 Parent Ovila England Sussex Seaford
2755 Paris Louis England Gloucestershire Bristol
2756 Park Thomas Alexander Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2757 Parke Frederick George England Kent Shorncliffe
2758 Parken Arthur Miles England Surrey Brookwood
2759 Parker Isaac James England Sussex Eastbourne
2760 Parker Lorne Albert England Warwickshire Birmingham
2761 Parker William Henry England Sussex Seaford
2762 Parkes Malcolm Henry England Derbyshire Buxton
2763 Parkes Norman England Worcestershire Stourbridge
2764 Parkin John Willie England Yorkshire Rotherham
2765 Parks Alexander England Lancashire Kirkdale
2766 Parkyn Lindon Wales Monmouthshire Trelleck
2767 Parliament Howard Earl England Surrey Witley
2768 Parr Albert England Devon Parkham
2769 Parrell John Richard England Lancashire Kirkdale
2770 Parry Henry Richard Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
2771 Parry John Wales Anglesey Llanwenllwyfo
2772 Parsons Ernest Graham Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2773 Parsons Harry H England Devon Plymouth
2774 Parsons Richard Carey England Surrey Brookwood
2775 Pasmore John Harold England Hampshire Basingstoke
2776 Patch Gilbert John England Somerset Winford
2777 Paterson George England Hampshire Aldershot
2778 Paterson John Senwright Scotland Angus Montrose
2779 Paterson Murray Hulme England Surrey Brookwood
2780 Paton Lawrence Finlay England Hampshire Bramshott
2781 Paton Thomas England Hampshire Bordon
2782 Patriquin Willard England Hampshire Bramshott
2783 Patterson Allen Steele England Sussex Seaford
2784 Patterson James Hugo England Kent Chatham
2785 Patterson Robert George England Sussex Seaford
2786 Patterson William Roger England Northumberland Newcastle-upon-Tyne
2787 Patton Edward England Surrey Brookwood
2788 Paul Howard Lansing England Cambridgeshire Cambridge
2789 Paul John England Kent Ramsgate
2790 Paul John McNeil England Cheshire Stockport
2791 Paul Noel England Kent Orpington
2792 Paul Stephen J Scotland Ayrshire Ayr
2793 Paulson Joseph England Hampshire Bramshott
2794 Paulson Sigurjon Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2795 Pavier Arthur England Surrey Brookwood
2796 Payer Joseph England Hampshire Grayshott
2797 Payne William Henry George England Surrey Brookwood
2798 Paynter Christopher England Hampshire Bordon
2799 Payton James Edward Scotland Angus Forfar
2800 Peach Josiah Wesley England Hampshire Haslar
2801 Peach Percy Walter England Buckinghamshire Chesham Bois
2802 Peacock William Francis England London London
2803 Pear Walter Ernest England Kent Shorncliffe
2804 Pearce Norman Frederick England London London
2805 Pearcey Jacob England Devon Plymouth
2806 Pearen George Burton England Lancashire Kirkdale
2807 Pearen Wilfred Ferguson England Surrey Brookwood
2808 Pears William England Surrey Epsom
2809 Pearse Alfred Ernest England Kent Ramsgate
2810 Pearson Alfred Nathaniel England Hampshire Bramshott
2811 Pearson Frank England Sussex Chichester
2812 Pearson Harold Gordon England London London
2813 Pearson William Alexander England Surrey Brookwood
2814 Peasley Frederick England Lancashire Pemberton
2815 Peckford Edward England London London
2816 Peden Hugh Alexander England Wiltshire Bulford
2817 Pedley George England Derbyshire Derby
2818 Peebles James England Cumberland Arthuret
2819 Peever Leonard England Sussex Seaford
2820 Pelluet Ralph England Kent Shorncliffe
2821 Pemberton Warren Colclough England Hampshire Gosport
2822 Pembroke John England Lancashire Warrington
2823 Pender John James England London London
2824 Pendleton Walter England Wiltshire Tilshead
2825 Penfold John William England Kent Westerham
2826 Penn Edward Hugh Mowbray England Wiltshire Bulford
2827 Penn Frank M England Warwickshire Birmingham
2828 Pennicott Lyle Rowland England Kent Shorncliffe
2829 Pennylegion William Edward England Hampshire Grayshott
2830 Perraton Frederick Arnott England Devon Tavistock
2831 Perren Lawrence England Kent Orpington
2832 Perry George Montague England Hampshire Southampton
2833 Person Oscar England Hampshire Bramshott
2834 Peterkin Charles Gordon England Kent Shorncliffe
2835 Peters Archibald Nellis England Kent Orpington
2836 Peters Frank England Norfolk Norwich
2837 Peters Willis West England Surrey Brookwood
2838 Peterson Carl Melvin England Kent Shorncliffe
2839 Peterson Edward Barnhard England Hampshire Aldershot
2840 Peterson Henry Arnold England Surrey Bramshott
2841 Peterson James England Kent Shorncliffe
2842 Peterson James England Sussex Seaford
2843 Peterson Theodore England Surrey Englefield Green
2844 Petley John David England Surrey Brookwood
2845 Peto Oswald Koelle England Lancashire Kirkdale
2846 Petterson Georg Wilhelm England Essex Colchester
2847 Pettersson Charles Magnus England Sussex Hastings
2848 Pettigrew Thomas Wilfred England London London
2849 Phelps James Spencer Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2850 Phillip James Scotland Ayrshire Ayr
2851 Phillips Alexander England Lancashire Kirkdale
2852 Phillips Arthur Reginald England Hampshire Aldershot
2853 Phillips David John England Kent Shorncliffe
2854 Phillips George Edgar England Kent Shorncliffe
2855 Phillips Harry England Kent Shorncliffe
2856 Phillips John Doherty England Yorkshire Hull
2857 Phillips Roscoe Leonard England Wiltshire Netheravon
2858 Phillips William Henry England Wiltshire Netheravon
2859 Phyllis George William England Surrey Brookwood
2860 Picco Francis England Devon Plymouth
2861 Pichette Stanislas England London London
2862 Pichette Wilfrid England Berkshire Reading
2863 Pickett Albert Edward England Buckinghamshire Taplow
2864 Pickles William England Yorkshire Baildon
2865 Pierce George Albert England London London
2866 Pike Rendle Anthony England Kent Gillingham
2867 Pike Stanley Gordon England London London
2868 Pilfold Henry England Suffolk Newmarket
2869 Pilling Charles E England Yorkshire Skipton
2870 Pillsbury Frederick Henry England Hampshire Aldershot
2871 Pinch Arthur Wiley England Leicestershire Leicester
2872 Pinkett Stephen James England Yorkshire Sheffield
2873 Pinkney Robert Charles England Kent Shorncliffe
2874 Piper Victor Workman England Surrey Brookwood
2875 Pirie Goldwin McCausland England Hampshire Netley
2876 Pitcher Archibald J England Cornwall Truro
2877 Pitman Henry Joseph England Kent Shorncliffe
2878 Pitre William England Kent Orpington
2879 Pittman Arthur Henry England Hampshire Basingstoke
2880 Pitts Fredrick Stephen England Kent Shorncliffe
2881 Pitzer Lawrence England Hampshire Bramshott
2882 Platt Arthur Wallingcourt England Hampshire Bordon
2883 Platt Ernest England Staffordshire Croxton
2884 Platt Vincent Vernon England Lancashire Kirkdale
2885 Plemennik Ivan England Hampshire Bordon
2886 Plews Richard England Surrey Englefield Green
2887 Ploethner William Carl England Cumberland Penrith
2888 Plumb Herbert England Cambridgeshire Whittlesey
2889 Plumb William George England London London
2890 Plumridge Thomas England Kent Shorncliffe
2891 Podevin Charles England Kent Dover
2892 Poile George England London London
2893 Poirrier Dennis Henry England Hampshire Bramshott
2894 Poisson Louis England Yorkshire Ripon
2895 Pollard James Edward England Hertfordshire St Albans
2896 Pollard Robert England Somerset Bath
2897 Pollock George England Lancashire Kirkdale
2898 Pollock Roderick England Surrey Brookwood
2899 Polson Archibald John England Kent Ramsgate
2900 Pond Colin John England Hampshire Bramshott
2901 Ponsford Thomas Edward England Kent Shorncliffe
2902 Ponton Maitland Archibald England Hampshire Southampton
2903 Pool David Scotland Dumfriess-shire Annan
2904 Poole Harry England Hampshire Bramshott
2905 Poole William England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
2906 Popoff Nicholas Ilitch England Hampshire Bramshott
2907 Porter Colborne England Hampshire Bramshott
2908 Porter John Charles Bucklitch England Northumberland Gosforth
2909 Post Bert Nelson England Kent Shorncliffe
2910 Potter Alfred England Hampshire Southampton
2911 Potter Alvin Russell England Kent Shorncliffe
2912 Potter James Joseph Livingstone England Hampshire Bramshott
2913 Potter Joseph Gabriel Wales Glamorgan Cardiff
2914 Potter Walter England Devon Kentisbeare
2915 Potterton Ted England Surrey Epsom
2916 Powell Edwin England Cambridgeshire Chatteris
2917 Powell Roy Victor England Kent Lenham
2918 Powell Vernon Harcourt De Butts England Cambridgeshire Little Shelford
2919 Powers Herbert England Yorkshire Bradford
2920 Powlesland Thomas England Kent Shorncliffe
2921 Pownell Thomas Henry England Yorkshire Huddersfield
2922 Pratt Frederick William David England Hampshire Bramshott
2923 Pratt John England Sussex Seaford
2924 Pratt John Charles England Surrey Brookwood
2925 Pratt John Watson England Durham South Shields
2926 Preston Lewis England Lancashire Salford
2927 Pretty Albert Edward England Devon Plymouth
2928 Prevost James Edward England Hampshire Aldershot
2929 Price Arthur England London London
2930 Price Aubrey Leon England Hampshire Bramshott
2931 Price Charles England Kent Shorncliffe
2932 Price Frederick Sydney England Norfolk Norwich
2933 Price James Edward England Kent Tonbridge
2934 Price John England Staffordshire Stoke-on-Trent
2935 Priddle Robert England Somerset Curry Mallet
2936 Priestley Trueman England Hampshire Southampton
2937 Prime Ernest Valentine England Hampshire Bramshott
2938 Pringle Anson England Lancashire Kirkdale
2939 Prior Gerald Oswald Herbert England Surrey Brookwood
2940 Prior Henry John Chauvell England Kent Shorncliffe
2941 Pritchard Charles Henry England Hampshire Bramshott
2942 Pritchard Thomas Hill England Hampshire Bramshott
2943 Proctor Harmon Kesser England Sussex Brighton
2944 Prosser Wilfred Henry England Lincolnshire Lincoln
2945 Proulx Alfred Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
2946 Proulx Joseph Philias England Hampshire Grayshott
2947 Prout Ernest England Gloucestershire Bristol
2948 Proven William England Northumberland Newcastle-upon-Tyne
2949 Prowse Verne Turrill England Surrey Brookwood
2950 Puddington Frederick Bryans England Wiltshire Bulford
2951 Pugh Walter Edward England Surrey Brookwood
2952 Pulham Edwin Bryan England Kent Orpington
2953 Pullen James Robert England Berkshire Reading
2954 Purvis James Scotland Renfrewshire Paisley
2955 Puterbaugh Alfred Frederick England Kent Orpington
2956 Puttick George William England Kent Herne Bay
2957 Pyatt James Douglas England Somerset Bath
2958 Pyper David England Hampshire Southampton
2959 Quachigan Daniel England Lancashire Rochdale
2960 Quanbury John Henry England London London
2961 Quayle William England Isle of Man Isle of Man
2962 Quick Harold Ewart England Gloucestershire Bristol
2963 Quigley Charles Valentine England Surrey Brookwood
2964 Quinan Barrington Chadwick Scotland Renfrewshire Cathcart
2965 Quinn Michael J England London London
2966 Quinton Augustus England London London
2967 Quirk Patrick Joseph England Kent Orpington

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