In memory of those who died this day during the Great War

  • 1915 1234/X Peter Benoit, Newfoundland Royal Naval Res
    Buried at Woodlands Cem, Gillingham, Kent
  • 1915 16213 Henry Morris, Infantry
    Buried at Church Cemetery, Bulford, Wiltshire
  • 1917 443340 William Wills, Pioneers
    Buried at Churchyard, Bleasdale, Lancashire
  • 1918 1084249 Clarence Walter Rothwell, Infantry
    Buried at Military Cemetery, Shorncliffe, Kent
  • 1918 69937 Frederick Jacob Snelgrove, Infantry
    Buried at Cemetery, Seaford, Sussex
  • 1919 1105264 Charles Benson, Infantry
    Buried at Cemetery, Buxton, Derbyshire
  • 1919 2500826 Robert Lawrence King, Railway Troops
    Buried at Cemetery, Lenham, Kent
  • 1921 257962 Harold Wrench, Forestry Corps
    Buried at St Lawrence Chyd, Frodsham, Cheshire

Canadians commemorated (R - Z)

The names of soldiers that will appear on our CD-ROM volumes:

2968 Racher Neil England Lancashire Kirkdale
2969 Raddish Frederick William Wales Flintshire Brynford
2970 Rae Henry England Hampshire Southampton
2971 Ralph George England Lancashire Warrington
2972 Ramsdell John Lucious England Kent Shorncliffe
2973 Rance Harry England Hertfordshire Tring
2974 Randall Arthur Sydney England Wiltshire Bulford
2975 Randell James England Kent Lenham
2976 Ranger Ralph Eugene England Hampshire Bordon
2977 Ranney Charles Norman England Sussex Brighton
2978 Rantin William Ireland Co Armagh Kingsmills
2979 Rasmussen Robert John England Essex Colchester
2980 Rauffenbart Walter Ervin England Sussex Seaford
2981 Raven James England Durham Durham
2982 Rawlings Harry George England Kent Shorncliffe
2983 Rawlings Thomas William England Durham Willington
2984 Raymond Frederick Courtney England Surrey Brookwood
2985 Raynor William Lucas England Yorkshire Huddersfield
2986 Read George England Wiltshire Bulford
2987 Read Harris Grace England Kent Shorncliffe
2988 Read Robert James England Sussex Brighton
2989 Reader John England Cornwall Penzance
2990 Redbreast Jacob England Kent Lenham
2991 Reddekopp Isaac England Hampshire Aldershot
2992 Redman Albert Fred England Middlesex Middlesex
2993 Reece Elder Thomas England Hampshire Aldershot
2994 Reed Roy Albert England Surrey Brookwood
2995 Rees Eldred England Surrey Brookwood
2996 Rees Hugh Arthur England Berkshire Reading
2997 Reeves George Edwin England Hampshire Portsmouth
2998 Reid Alexander Perry Ireland Co Down Bangor
2999 Reid Alfred England London London
3000 Reid Alonzo England Hampshire Bramshott
3001 Reid Augustus Parker England Surrey Brookwood
3002 Reid Earle Arnold England Hampshire Bramshott
3003 Reid John Gray Scotland Perthshire Alyth
3004 Reid Peter Scotland Kirkcudbrightshire Kirkbean
3005 Reid Richard England Middlesex Middlesex
3006 Reid Stanley England Sussex Seaford
3007 Renwick Thomas England Hampshire Basingstoke
3008 Rettie David Scotland Aberdeenshire Cruden
3009 Reynolds Alfred James England Sussex Bexhill
3010 Reynolds Edgar Kinsey England Norfolk Hillington
3011 Reynolds Frederick Gordon England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
3012 Reynolds James Arthur England Lancashire Manchester
3013 Reynolds Vernon England Surrey Witley
3014 Rhawn Charles Huhn England Surrey Epsom
3015 Rheaume Donald England Kent Shorncliffe
3016 Rhind James Scotland Perthshire Port of Menteith
3017 Rhoads George Arthur England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
3018 Rhodes Fred England Yorkshire Eccleshill
3019 Rhodes Frederick England Devon Great Torrington
3020 Richards Alfred Edward England Surrey Brookwood
3021 Richards Edward Cyrus England Hampshire Bramshott
3022 Richards Harry England London London
3023 Richards Joseph Wilfred England Oxfordshire Watlington
3024 Richardson Albert Thomas England Sussex Seaford
3025 Richardson Eric Melville England Hampshire Bramshott
3026 Richardson Joseph England Hampshire Southampton
3027 Ricketts Frank England Kent Shorncliffe
3028 Riddell Charles Leslie England Lancashire Kirkdale
3029 Rideout Pierce Scotland Ayrshire Ayr
3030 Ridley Walter England Kent Shorncliffe
3031 Ridley William Frederick England Kent Gillingham
3032 Ridley-Thompson Aubrey England Devon Plymouth
3033 Ridout Walter Albert England London London
3034 Rieger Edward England Warwickshire Birmingham
3035 Riendeau Edward England Hampshire Bramshott
3036 Riley Thomas England Sussex Old Shoreham
3037 Riley William Martin England Surrey Brookwood
3038 Ringrose Thomas England Essex Manor Park
3039 Rinne Pauli England London London
3040 Rintoul John England Hampshire Aldershot
3041 Rioux Francois Xavier England Sussex Hastings
3042 Ripley Stanley Newman England Surrey Esher
3043 Riseley Martin England Cambridgeshire Eltisley
3044 Rivers Lawrence Louis England Kent Orpington
3045 Rixon Harry James England Berkshire Easthampstead
3046 Robbie Lyman Elroy England Derbyshire Buxton
3047 Roberts Albert Scotland Ayrshire Ayr
3048 Roberts Alexander England Sussex Brighton
3049 Roberts Arthur England Devon Plymouth
3050 Roberts Henry Garth Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3051 Roberts Hugh Wales Caernavonshire Penmaenmawr
3052 Roberts James Alan England London London
3053 Roberts Louis Davies Wales Caernavonshire Portmadoc
3054 Roberts Norman David Wales Denbighshire Llangollen
3055 Roberts Ray Maxwell England London London
3056 Roberts Robert England Somerset Bridgwater
3057 Robertshaw Earl Frederick England Surrey Brookwood
3058 Robertson Ernest Hamilton England Sussex Hastings
3059 Robertson George England Norfolk Eaton
3060 Robertson James England Hampshire Basingstoke
3061 Robertson John Scotland Ayrshire Kilwinning
3062 Robertson John Shirley England Lincolnshire Lincoln
3063 Robertson John William Russell England Hampshire Bramshott
3064 Robertson Lennox Fraser Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
3065 Robinson Albert England Kent Lenham
3066 Robinson Fred England Surrey Epsom
3067 Robinson George England Kent Wye
3068 Robinson George England London London
3069 Robinson George Lancaster England Shropshire Tilstock
3070 Robinson James England Oxfordshire Oxford
3071 Robinson Tom England Yorkshire Hull
3072 Robinson Wilfred Sidney England Sussex Seaford
3073 Robinson William England Surrey Epsom
3074 Robotham Samuel England Yorkshire Ripon
3075 Rockwell Ernest John England Berkshire Wokingham
3076 Rodgers Percy Wright England Somerset Pilton
3077 Rogers Charles Ellsworth England Hampshire Aldershot
3078 Rogers George Edward England Hampshire Bramshott
3079 Rogers Gerald Arthur England Kent Whitstable
3080 Rogers John Henry England Sussex Seaford
3081 Rogers William Pierce England Sussex Brighton
3082 Roland George Leslie England Surrey Brookwood
3083 Rolfe Rupert England Kent Shorncliffe
3084 Romans Frank England Cumberland Carlisle
3085 Ronaldson John Scotland Fifeshire Kirkcaldy
3086 Rondeau Eugene England Kent Orpington
3087 Roney James Franklin England Hampshire Bramshott
3088 Rooney Leo Joseph England Surrey Witley
3089 Rose George England Hampshire Portsmouth
3090 Rose George William England Worcestershire Castlemorton
3091 Rose Howard Frederick England Kent Shorncliffe
3092 Rose Thomas David England Wiltshire Netheravon
3093 Rosendale Arthur England Hampshire Bramshott
3094 Roski Fred England Cumberland Carlisle
3095 Ross Ada Janet England Derbyshire Buxton
3096 Ross Albert Charles England Kent Shorncliffe
3097 Ross Andrew England Hampshire Basingstoke
3098 Ross Francis John Legg Scotland Aberdeenshire Kemnay
3099 Ross Henry Deary England Kent Orpington
3100 Ross John England London London
3101 Ross John Munro England Hampshire Netley
3102 Ross Samuels S England Hampshire Bramshott
3103 Ross Warren Percy Scotland Hampshire Bramshott
3104 Ross William England Inverness-shire Inverness
3105 Ross William England Sussex Seaford
3106 Ross William Alexander England Kent Dover
3107 Rothwell Clarence Walter England Kent Shorncliffe
3108 Rounding Lewis Arthur England Kent Shorncliffe
3109 Rowbottom Charles Frederick England Surrey Brookwood
3110 Rowe Bernard Alan England Hampshire Hawley
3111 Rowe Harry Thomas John England Kent Shorncliffe
3112 Rowe James England Hampshire Grayshott
3113 Rowe Richard Andrew England Lancashire Kirkdale
3114 Rowlands John England Surrey Brookwood
3115 Roy Armand England Surrey Englefield Green
3116 Roy Eddie Amedee England Hampshire Grayshott
3117 Roy Joseph England Sussex Seaford
3118 Royall Cyril Wales Glamorgan Rhondda
3119 Rudman William England Surrey Witley
3120 Rudolph John Frederick England Kent Shorncliffe
3121 Rule Hector Hoskin Wales Monmouthshire Newport
3122 Rumble Roy Reginald England Hampshire Bramshott
3123 Russell Alexander England Kent Gravesend
3124 Russell Charles Reuben England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
3125 Russell Nick England Sussex Seaford
3126 Rutherford David John England Hampshire Bramshott
3127 Rutledge Grenville Charles England Kent Shorncliffe
3128 Rutledge Peter England Berkshire Wokingham
3129 Rutledge Stanley Arthur England Lincolnshire Harlaxton
3130 Rutten Theodore J England Yorkshire Ripon
3131 Ryan George Eathen England Hampshire Grayshott
3132 Ryan Henry England Surrey Brookwood
3133 Ryan James England Warwickshire Birmingham
3134 Ryan John England Sussex Eastbourne
3135 Ryan Joseph Patrick England Kent Orpington
3136 Rygh Oscar England Hampshire Bramshott
3137 Sabean Benjamin Murray England Warwickshire Birmingham
3138 Sadowinski Victor England Hampshire Netley
3139 Sadowski Leo Jack England Hampshire Southampton
3140 Sage William Murdoch England Hampshire Aldershot
3141 Sager John Erle England Kent Orpington
3142 Saint William Douglas England Cambridgeshire Cambridge
3143 Sakolove Edward England Yorkshire Leeds
3144 Sams Russell George England Kent Orpington
3145 Samuel Robert Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
3146 Sanctuaire Napoleon England Lancashire Kirkdale
3147 Sandell Thomas Henry England London London
3148 Sanders James Joseph Wales Carmarthenshire Llanelli
3149 Sanders Walter Chisholm Scotland Dumfriess-shire Wauchope
3150 Sands Israel Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3151 Sarel Ian Douglas Wentworth England Gloucestershire Bristol
3152 Saunders Blackden Kennedy England Surrey Englefield Green
3153 Saunders Charles England Devon Plymouth
3154 Saunderson Heber England Bedfordshire Cockayne Hatley
3155 Sauvageau Patrick England Surrey Brookwood
3156 Savage Alexander William England Oxfordshire Oxford
3157 Savage George Edward England Warwickshire Birmingham
3158 Savage William George England Yorkshire Sheffield
3159 Savatard Ernest Charles England Kent Shorncliffe
3160 Savill John Arthur England London London
3161 Savoie Alfred England Hampshire Netley
3162 Sawyer Percy England Wiltshire Tilshead
3163 Sayer Joseph Leslie England Westmoreland Kirkby Stephen
3164 Saywell Samuel England Leicestershire Leicester
3165 Sazma Vincent Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
3166 Scammell Walter England Cambridgeshire Cambridge
3167 Scandridge William John England Surrey Englefield Green
3168 Scanes John England Sussex Eastbourne
3169 Schell Lawrence Robert England Hampshire Aldershot
3170 Schill Lambert England Hampshire Grayshott
3171 Schmidt Henry England Surrey Englefield Green
3172 Schoepp Ludwig T England Surrey Englefield Green
3173 Scholefield Herbert Wales Glamorgan Cardiff
3174 Schultz Talbot John England Surrey Epsom
3175 Schwitzer Rupert William England Warwickshire Birmingham
3176 Scobie Robert Alexander England Hampshire Bramshott
3177 Scott Alexander Scotland Selkirkshire Galashiels
3178 Scott Alexander Wallace Scotland Stirlingshire Stirling
3179 Scott Charles Victor Christian England Lancashire Manchester
3180 Scott Claude Douglas England London London
3181 Scott Herbert Walter England Kent Ramsgate
3182 Scott James England Kent Shorncliffe
3183 Scott James Peter England Surrey Brookwood
3184 Scott John Albert England Kent Orpington
3185 Scott Norman England Lancashire Lancaster
3186 Scott Wilbert Joseph England Yorkshire Bradford
3187 Scovil William Charles England Essex Thurrock
3188 Scrimshaw Fred England Staffordshire Stretton-Cum-Wetmoor
3189 Scripcari Gostachi England Kent Orpington
3190 Scully Charles Frederick England Hampshire Bramshott
3191 Searle Alfred England London London
3192 Searle Frederick Ernest England Hampshire Bramshott
3193 Searle Leonard John England London London
3194 Sears Richard Roy England Kent Swanscombe
3195 Seaton William Fallis England Hampshire Bramshott
3196 Seehaver George Ernest England Hampshire Bramshott
3197 Sellers Sydney George England Kent Orpington
3198 Sentner Joseph England Sussex Seaford
3199 Sephton Daniel England Surrey Brookwood
3200 Sewell Herbert George England Lancashire Flixton
3201 Seymour Charles Edward England Surrey Brookwood
3202 Shanahan John England Surrey Brookwood
3203 Shand Donald Scotland Morayshire Knockando
3204 Shanley Michael England Lancashire Kirkdale
3205 Shannon Lawrence Alphonse England Lancashire Kirkdale
3206 Shannon Michael Francis England Devon Plymouth
3207 Shardlow John Herbert England Derbyshire Clay Cross
3208 Sharpe Ethelbert Revere England Surrey Brookwood
3209 Sharpe Fred England Nottinghamshire North Leverton
3210 Sharpe Herbert Victor England Kent Shorncliffe
3211 Sharpe Percy Stanley England Kent Shorncliffe
3212 Shaw Alfred Frederick England Kent Shorncliffe
3213 Shaw Charles England Sussex Seaford
3214 Shaw Emmett Ferdinand England Surrey Englefield Green
3215 Shaw John England Kent Shorncliffe
3216 Shearman Thomas Stinson A' Beckett England Yorkshire Huddersfield
3217 Sheets Nelson Rupert England Hampshire Bramshott
3218 Sheldrake Walter Vernon England Surrey Brookwood
3219 Shemming Robert Samuel England Hampshire Bramshott
3220 Shepard Arthur Sidney England Hampshire Bramshott
3221 Shepherd George England Worcestershire Martin Hussingtree
3222 Shepherd Percy Leonard England Devon Torquay
3223 Shepherdson William Edward England Hampshire Bramshott
3224 Shepley Joseph Gore England Sussex Seaford
3225 Sheppard John Douglas England Hampshire Bramshott
3226 Sherk Harmon England Kent Lenham
3227 Sherley Frank Eugene England Yorkshire Ripon
3228 Sherwin Thomas Lea England Cheshire Tarvin
3229 Shields William England Hampshire Bramshott
3230 Shilling Lewis James England Kent Bapchild
3231 Shippy Melvin Orle England Hampshire Bramshott
3232 Short Francis Charles England Berkshire Twyford
3233 Short Joshua England Surrey Brookwood
3234 Short Wilfred James England Hertfordshire Great Berkhamstead
3235 Shortall Leo M England Surrey Brookwood
3236 Shoughrow George Franklin England Derbyshire Buxton
3237 Shuley George England Surrey Epsom
3238 Shupe Harry Bennett England Hampshire Bramshott
3239 Shute Arthur Henry England Devon Buckfastleigh
3240 Sickner Ronald Goldie England Warwickshire Birmingham
3241 Silcott Clarence Philip England Sussex Seaford
3242 Silke Joseph Herbert England Warwickshire Birmingham
3243 Sillitoe Frederick Charles England London London
3244 Silversides Gordon Stuart England Lancashire Kirkdale
3245 Silverson Wilbert Wesley Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
3246 Silverstein Harry Meyer England Middlesex Middlesex
3247 Simmonds Charles Ernest England Yorkshire Harrogate
3248 Simmonds Roy Gregor England Hampshire Bramshott
3249 Simmons Charles George England Hampshire Southampton
3250 Simms Burton Allen England Lancashire Kirkdale
3251 Simons William England Hertfordshire Hemel Hempstead
3252 Simpkins William Howard England Hampshire Bramshott
3253 Simpson Alexander England Surrey Brookwood
3254 Simpson Edwin William England Northamptonshire Pytchley
3255 Simpson John George England Lincolnshire Wrangle
3256 Simpson Richard Dyer England Kent Shorncliffe
3257 Simpson Stephen England Essex Thurrock
3258 Simpson William Langlands Scotland Angus Arbroath
3259 Sims John Robert England Lincolnshire Cammeringham
3260 Sims Malick England Hampshire Bramshott
3261 Sims William England Hampshire Southampton
3262 Sinclair Colin Duncan England Lincolnshire Stamford
3263 Singleton Joshua Milner England Lancashire Heysham
3264 Skeen Oswald England Kent Orpington
3265 Skinner Archibald England Hampshire Bramshott
3266 Skinner Elmer Garnet England Hampshire Southampton
3267 Skogen Hilliard Myles England Hampshire Aldershot
3268 Skuce Frank England Dorset Poole
3269 Slater Benjamin England Northamptonshire Northampton
3270 Slater Frederick England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
3271 Slater Isaac England Kent Chatham
3272 Slocum Herbert Spencer England Hampshire Bramshott
3273 Slonimski Solomon England Hampshire Aldershot
3274 Small Robert Ireland Co Antrim Ahoghill
3275 Smallcombe Frederick Israel England Devon Plymouth
3276 Smart Albert England Lancashire Kirkdale
3277 Smart Charles England Surrey Brookwood
3278 Smart David Farquarson Scotland Angus Dunnichen
3279 Smart James George England Devon Plymouth
3280 Smeluk Paul England Kent Lenham
3281 Smiley Robert Lorne England Kent Larkfield
3282 Smith Alexander Scotland Lanarkshire Cambusnethan
3283 Smith Alfred George Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3284 Smith Alfred James England Kent Walmer
3285 Smith Arthur England Huntingdonshire Yaxley
3286 Smith Charles Albert England London London
3287 Smith Charles Henry Vernon England Sussex Seaford
3288 Smith Charles Wallace England Kent Lenham
3289 Smith Charles Wesley England Hampshire Bramshott
3290 Smith Clarence James England Sussex Brighton
3291 Smith David Eaton England Surrey Brookwood
3292 Smith Edgar Wales Glamorgan Swansea
3293 Smith Edward England Gloucestershire Randwick
3294 Smith Edward England Leicestershire Hinckley
3295 Smith Frank England Cheshire Godley
3296 Smith Frank Sydney England Kent Orpington
3297 Smith Fred England Hampshire Gosport
3298 Smith Fredrick George England Kent Beckenham
3299 Smith Harold Archibald England Surrey Brookwood
3300 Smith Harry Webster England Kent Dover
3301 Smith Henry George Leslie England Berkshire Reading
3302 Smith Herbert Douglas England Kent Orpington
3303 Smith Hiram England Lancashire Kirkdale
3304 Smith Howard Scotland Ayrshire Ayr
3305 Smith Jack Montague England Norfolk Bunwell
3306 Smith James Scotland Banffshire Buckie
3307 Smith James England Cambridgeshire Cambridge
3308 Smith James England Kent Shorncliffe
3309 Smith James England Kent Shorncliffe
3310 Smith James Joseph England Hampshire Bordon
3311 Smith John England Research On going
3312 Smith John England Surrey Brookwood
3313 Smith John England Sussex Seaford
3314 Smith John Houghton England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
3315 Smith John Robert England Nottinghamshire East Stoke
3316 Smith Lee England Lancashire Oldham
3317 Smith Leonard Ross England Lancashire Manchester
3318 Smith Leonard Stanley England Lancashire Warrington
3319 Smith Martin England Yorkshire Keighley
3320 Smith Maxwell Kenneth England Wiltshire Netheravon
3321 Smith Peter McDougall Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
3322 Smith Peter McIntyre England Hampshire Aldershot
3323 Smith Reginald Walter England Surrey Brookwood
3324 Smith Reuben Alexander England Lancashire Kirkdale
3325 Smith Richard England Bedfordshire Eaton Socon
3326 Smith Robert Bruin Comings England Hampshire Southampton
3327 Smith Robert James Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
3328 Smith Robert Scott England Surrey Brookwood
3329 Smith Samuel Herbert England Wiltshire Amesbury
3330 Smith Walter James England Wiltshire Tidworth
3331 Smith Walter William England Hampshire Southampton
3332 Smith William Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
3333 Smith William Arthur Ratcliffe England London London
3334 Smith William Edward England Cambridgeshire Cambridge
3335 Smith William Fishburn Donkin England Kent Shorncliffe
3336 Smith William George England Kent Shorncliffe
3337 Smith William Hamilton Ackman England Kent Shorncliffe
3338 Smith William Hammond England Middlesex Middlesex
3339 Smith William James England Warwickshire Birmingham
3340 Smith William W Crosier England Warwickshire Warwickshire
3341 Smollet Charles England Wiltshire Tidworth
3342 Smyth Alexander England Sussex Hastings
3343 Smythe James Alfred England Devon Plymouth
3344 Snelgrove Frederick Jacob England Sussex Seaford
3345 Snelgrove Isaac John England Surrey Brookwood
3346 Snetsinger Joseph England Devon Plymouth
3347 Snider George Manley England Hampshire Southampton
3348 Snowden William Herbert England Kent Orpington
3349 Soall Philip Edgar England Essex Chingford Mount
3350 Soames Reginald England London London
3351 Solkiewiez Franck England Kent Shorncliffe
3352 Solomon Reginald England Kent Folkestone
3353 Somerville William Norman England Kent Orpington
3354 Sommerville Allan Russell Scotland Lanarkshire Lanark
3355 Sorenson Soren Peter Christian England Warwickshire Birmingham
3356 South Herbert England Kent Beckenham
3357 Soutter David England Kent Lenham
3358 Spalding Lewis England Hampshire Bramshott
3359 Sparks Etta England Sussex Brighton
3360 Sparks Ledger England Sussex Seaford
3361 Specht Roger England Hampshire Bramshott
3362 Speed Alexander Scotland Fifeshire Kirkcaldy
3363 Speight Arthur Norman England Lancashire Bolton-le-Sands
3364 Spence George Roy England Essex South Shoebury
3365 Spence John West Scotland Renfrewshire Paisley
3366 Spence William England Hampshire Bordon
3367 Spencer John Edward England Hampshire Aldershot
3368 Spencer Stephen William England Lancashire Preston
3369 Spencer William England Kent Shorncliffe
3370 Spencer-Holcroft Herbert Henry England Sussex Bolney
3371 Spice Albert England Hampshire Netley
3372 Spinks Joseph England Hampshire Southampton
3373 Spracklin Edgar Jonathan Ireland Co Down Ballyherbert
3374 Sproule Stanley Le Roy England Lancashire Kirkdale
3375 St Lo Vere Malet England Middlesex Middlesex
3376 St Onge Archie Ernest England Dorset Lulworth
3377 Staats Frank England Lancashire Kirkdale
3378 Stacey Edward England Norfolk Norwich
3379 Stafford William Patrick England Hampshire Aldershot
3380 Stamm Joseph M England Kent Chatham
3381 Stanley George James England Essex Colchester
3382 Stanley Ray Harry England Sussex Seaford
3383 Stanley William Alfred England Kent Gillingham
3384 Stanworth Tom England Lancashire Burnley
3285 Staples Harry James Herbert England Norfolk Norwich
3386 Starr Gordon England Devon Plymton
3387 Ste Marie Simeon England Hampshire Grayshott
3388 Stear Frederick Samuel England Lancashire Manchester
3389 Steele Hugh Elmer England Hampshire Bramshott
3390 Steele James Henry England Kent Dover
3391 Steers William Alfred England Hampshire Southampton
3392 Stephan Joseph Cyril England Hampshire Southampton
3393 Stephen John Alexander England Suffolk Bury St Edmunds
3394 Stephens Wilfred Charles England Sussex Brighton
3395 Stephenson Albert England Yorkshire Bingley
3396 Steven William England Kent Shorncliffe
3397 Stevens Arthur England Sussex Seaford
3398 Stevens John Bright Scotland Ayrshire Ardrossan
3399 Stevenson Alexander McLaren England Surrey Brookwood
3400 Stevenson James England Lancashire Great Lever
3401 Stevenson Robert Munro England Essex Colchester
3402 Stevenson Walker Harold England Warwickshire Harborne
3403 Steward Nathaniel England Kent Orpington
3404 Stewart Alexander Scotland Renfrewshire Paisley
3405 Stewart Charles McKenzie England Hampshire Netley
3406 Stewart Daniel Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
3407 Stewart David England Kent Shorncliffe
3408 Stewart Donald William Scotland Inverness-shire Inverness
3409 Stewart Edwin Callender England Lancashire St Annes-on-the-Sea
3410 Stewart Elliott Grenville England Kent Orpington
3411 Stewart Farquhar England Sussex Seaford
3412 Stewart Frank C England Surrey Brookwood
3413 Stewart George Alfred Charles England Surrey Brookwood
3414 Stewart John L England Hampshire Netley
3415 Stewart Robert Scotland Perthshire Killin
3416 Stewart Webster England Surrey Epsom
3417 Stewart William England Kent Lenham
3418 Sticker Thomas Orville England Lancashire Kirkdale
3419 Stickney George England Hampshire Bournemouth
3420 Stiff Cecil Garnet England Gloucestershire Frampton-Cotterell
3421 Stigant Ernest England Kent Rochester
3422 Stockdale Frederick Irwin England Hampshire Bordon
3423 Stokes Percy Ethelbert England Surrey Frensham
3424 Stone Henry England Hampshire Aldershot
3425 Story John Dixon England Northumberland Newcastle-upon-Tyne
3426 Stott Herbert England Yorkshire Dewsbury
3427 Stow William Herbert Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3428 Straker Joseph England Gloucestershire Bristol
3429 Strandberg Axel Earnest England Hampshire Bramshott
3430 Strayer Joseph Rex England Hampshire Bramshott
3431 Stride Bransome England Surrey Brookwood
3432 Strong Randolph William England Derbyshire Buxton
3433 Stronge Alfred England Lancashire Bolton
3434 Stroud John England Middlesex Middlesex
3435 Stuart William England Surrey Epsom
3436 Stuckless Silas England Gloucestershire Bristol
3437 Stutchbury Claude John England Lancashire Kirkdale
3438 Sugden Richard England Lancashire Kirkdale
3439 Sullivan James Adam England Kent Orpington
3440 Sullivan William Calvin England Yorkshire Sheffield
3441 Summers Francis Benedict England Northumberland Ashburton
3442 Summerscales Robert Wilfred England Surrey Brookwood
3443 Summersides James William England Kent Shorncliffe
3444 Sumsion Frederick Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3445 Sunderland Luther England Kent Shorncliffe
3446 Sutherland Alexander Robert Scotland Sutherland Navidale
3447 Sutherland George William England Sussex Seaford
3448 Sutherland Harry England Hampshire Southampton
3449 Sutherland Hugh England Kent Lenham
3450 Sutherland James William England Derbyshire Buxton
3451 Sutherland John Alexander England Kent Shorncliffe
3452 Sutherland Soloman Scotland Stirlingshire Stirling
3453 Sutton Harold England London London
3454 Swan Alfred Edward England Surrey Sutton
3455 Swan David William Vance England Hampshire Bramshott
3456 Swankie Peter Scotland Angus Arbroath
3457 Swann Charles John England Essex East Ham
3458 Swick Andrew Jackson England Hampshire Bramshott
3459 Swinstead Harry Duke England Sussex Seaford
3460 Switzer Albert Robert England Hampshire Bramshott
3461 Sykes Allen Frederick England Kent Tunbridge Wells
3462 Symes Samuel Herbert England Kent Shorncliffe
3463 Symington Karl Randolph England Surrey Brookwood
3464 Taggart Llewellyn England Hampshire Aldershot
3465 Taillefer Emile Scotland Inverness-shire Inverness
3466 Taillon Charles Edouard England Hampshire Grayshott
3467 Tait James Cameron Bowie England Kent Shorncliffe
3468 Talbot Henry Francis England Lancashire Liverpool
3469 Tallman Stanley Bliss England Surrey Brookwood
3470 Tamlin Melville Edgar England Sussex Seaford
3471 Tann Walter England Norfolk Norwich
3472 Tanner James Henry England Sussex Seaford
3473 Tarasevich William Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3474 Taylor Duncan McCallum Scotland Perthshire Braco
3475 Taylor Edward Joseph England Lancashire Preston
3476 Taylor Eric Francis Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
3477 Taylor Frank England Kent Shorncliffe
3478 Taylor George England Leicestershire Leicester
3479 Taylor George England Staffordshire Horninglow
3480 Taylor George England Yorkshire Wadsley
3481 Taylor George Melbourne England Hampshire Haslar
3482 Taylor Harry Arthur England London London
3483 Taylor Henry England Lincolnshire Martin
3484 Taylor John Scotland Stirlingshire Larbert
3485 Taylor John George England Hampshire Portsmouth
3486 Taylor Lloyd Robert England Hampshire Bramshott
3487 Taylor Robert Leslie England Yorkshire Halifax
3488 Taylor Selby Scotland Perthshire Little Dunkeld
3489 Taylor Walter Richard England London London
3490 Taylor William Scotland Aberdeenshire Fraserburgh
3491 Taylor William Henry England Hampshire Aldershot
3492 Tedeschi Leo Bernard England Sussex Seaford
3493 Templeton William Wylie Scotland Dumfriess-shire Lockerbie
3494 Teneycke Franklin Leslie England Surrey Epsom
3495 Tenisco Moses England Surrey Brookwood
3496 Tennant Walter Anderson England Lancashire Kirkdale
3497 Tennyson Ernest Francis England Kent Shorncliffe
3498 Terry Albert Edwin England Warwickshire Birmingham
3499 Tett Arthur Hopkins England Somerset Kingstone
3500 Thibault Adelard England Hampshire Grayshott
3501 Thickett Frank Walter England Kent Shorncliffe
3502 Thistle James Douglas England London London
3503 Thom Robert England Staffordshire Penn Fields
3504 Thomas David Randolph England Hampshire Netley
3505 Thomas Frederick England Gloucestershire Bristol
3506 Thomas Morgan England Hampshire Bramshott
3507 Thomas Walter England Warwickshire Birmingham
3508 Thompson Charles Gordon England London London
3509 Thompson Gabe England Hampshire Netley
3510 Thompson Harry Purdy England Kent Lenham
3511 Thompson Hartley Erwin England Sussex Seaford
3512 Thompson James Ireland Co Antrim Belfast
3513 Thompson James Alexander England Hampshire Basingstoke
3514 Thompson James Lancelot England Lancashire Manchester
3515 Thompson James Stanley England Surrey Witley
3516 Thompson Max England Hampshire Winchester
3517 Thompson Robert Dick England Sussex Newhaven
3518 Thompson Wilbert England Surrey Epsom
3519 Thompson William Crang Scotland Angus Montrose
3520 Thompson William Edward England Hampshire Basingstoke
3521 Thomson Alexander Malcolm Scotland Aberdeenshire Longside
3522 Thomson Allan Wates England Sussex Seaford
3523 Thomson George Scotland Morayshire Grantown-on-Spey
3524 Thomson James England Hampshire Aldershot
3525 Thomson Walter England Surrey Brookwood
3526 Thorburn William Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
3527 Thorne James M Scotland Renfrewshire Paisley
3528 Thorne Stephen Osbourne England Kent Shorncliffe
3529 Thornton James Robert England Sussex Seaford
3530 Thornton John Cyril England Kent Shorncliffe
3531 Thorup Martin England Hampshire Bramshott
3532 Throndson Clarence Andrew England Hampshire Bramshott
3533 Tibbert John William England Surrey Brookwood
3534 Tillson George Edwin England Lancashire Southport
3535 Tilson Richard England London London
3536 Tipper George Henry England Sussex Seaford
3537 Titford Melvin Scotland Aberdeenshire Peterhead
3538 Titterson Charles Walter England Kent Shorncliffe
3539 Tobin John Thomas Scotland Ayrshire Ayr
3540 Tobin Patrick Francis Scotland Ayrshire Ayr
3541 Todd Matthew Henry England Hampshire Aldershot
3542 Toghill William Thomas England Middlesex Middlesex
3543 Toher Frank Edward England Surrey Mitcham
3544 Tola Alexander England Essex Thurrock
3545 Tomer Stephen Wales Glamorgan Cardiff
3546 Toon James England Lancashire Kirkdale
3547 Tooze Alfred John England Gloucestershire Stroud
3548 Tope John Alfred England Surrey Epsom
3549 Torkelson Charles England Hampshire Bramshott
3550 Torrance George England London London
3551 Torrance James England Essex Manor Park
3552 Torrington William Frederick Wales Glamorgan Barry
3553 Toshkoff John Wales Monmouthshire Newport
3554 Towle Joseph Frank England Cumberland Penrith
3555 Townsend Raymond Sydney England Surrey Dorking
3556 Towsley John Hilton Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3557 Trainkofski Paul England London London
3558 Trampleasure William England Hampshire Aldershot
3559 Treacy William John England Kent Lenham
3560 Tree Thomas Bertie England Middlesex Middlesex
3561 Tremain Walter Wales Glamorgan Cardiff
3562 Tremblay Albert Jacques England Hampshire Winchester
3563 Tremblay Dell Joseph England Surrey Englefield Green
3564 Tremble Thomas Jones England Hampshire Portsmouth
3565 Trendell Roger Wyatt England Lancashire Manchester
3566 Trent Henry Alonzo England Sussex Seaford
3567 Trepanier Odilon England Hampshire Aldershot
3568 Trevitt Francis William England Warwickshire Birmingham
3569 Tribe Edward John England Kent Shorncliffe
3570 Trotman Leslie Edward England Surrey Brookwood
3571 Trott Albert John England Essex Thurrock
3572 Trotter Claud Handley England Essex Chigwell Row
3573 Trotzky Semyen England Hampshire Aldershot
3574 Troup Alexander England Kent Shorncliffe
3575 Truax Roy Charles England Sussex Seaford
3576 Trueman James Henry England Kent Hythe
3577 Trull Thomas Egbert England Wiltshire Bulford
3578 Truscott Richard Stuart England Kent Shorncliffe
3579 Truscott Thomas Joseph England Lancashire Liverpool
3580 Trute Sydney John England Lancashire Warrington
3581 Tryon Harry England Middlesex Middlesex
3582 Tschritter August England Hampshire Bramshott
3583 Tuck James Bickley England Lancashire Liverpool
3584 Tuck Leslie Knight England Sussex Seaford
3585 Tucker Denis Scotland Angus Dundee
3586 Tucker Ebenezer England Sussex Seaford
3587 Tulloch John Andrew Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
3588 Tulloch Samuel John England Hampshire Netley
3589 Tunnah Ivor Wales Denbighshire Rhosllannerchrugog
3590 Tunstall George Stringer England Lincolnshire Lincoln
3591 Tupper Adruenna Addie Allen England Middlesex Middlesex
3592 Turnbull Thomas England Bedfordshire Woburn
3593 Turnbull William Scotland Ayrshire Kilmarnock
3594 Turner Charles Burton England Essex Thurrock
3595 Turner Charles Edward England Hampshire Netley
3596 Turner Gordon Morrison England Hampshire Bramshott
3597 Turner Thomas England Kent Shorncliffe
3598 Turner Walter Vincent N England Lancashire Warrington
3599 Turrell Russell Brandon England Hampshire Bramshott
3600 Tuttle Ivan Wells England Surrey Guildford
3601 Twamley Charles Joseph England Hampshire Southampton
3602 Tweed John Greville Wilberforce England Devon Honiton
3603 Twist Dorothy Pearson England Hampshire Aldershot
3604 Twyford Henry England Surrey Brookwood
3605 Tyler Theodore England Hampshire Netley
3606 Type Augustus England Gloucestershire Bristol
3607 Tyrell George Motlow England Wiltshire South Newton
3608 Tyrrell William Gordon England Shropshire Shrewsbury
3609 Tyson Matthew England Surrey Witley
3610 Tytheridge Ainslie Burton England Middlesex Middlesex
3611 Underhill Alfred Thomas England Wiltshire Tidworth
3612 Unwin Sidney Joseph England Middlesex Middlesex
3613 Urwin Alexander England Durham Stella
3614 Urwin John Proctor England Durham Sunderland
3615 Valentine Walter England Surrey Brookwood
3616 Valley Thomas England Sussex Seaford
3617 Valliere Emile Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
3618 Van Allen George Clinton England Sussex Seaford
3619 Van Buskirk Leroy Ellsworth England Wiltshire Upavon
3620 Van Iderstine Waldron Brewer England Surrey Brookwood
3621 Van Vlack Malcolm Clarke England Cumberland Penrith
3622 Vans Ebenezer England Hampshire Bordon
3623 Vartanian Ohanas England Kent Beckenham
3624 Vaughan David Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3625 Vaughan Edgar Thomas Alfred England Hampshire Bramshott
3626 Vaughan Percy Guildford England Sussex Hastings
3627 Vazos Georges England Hampshire Bramshott
3628 Veinote Archibald Garfield Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
3629 Venneear Walter England Essex Manor Park
3630 Vere Walter England Surrey Epsom
3631 Verner John Douglas England Sussex Seaford
3632 Vernon John England Yorkshire Rotherham
3633 Vescounte William John Wales Monmouthshire Blaina
3634 Vey Thomas James England Kent Shorncliffe
3635 Vigneux Alfred England Hampshire Grayshott
3636 Vigor Charles John England Kent Dover
3637 Vincent Ernest James Keith England London London
3638 Vincent Leon Chester England Surrey Brookwood
3639 Vincent Malcolm England Derbyshire Buxton
3640 Viner David England Essex East Ham
3641 Vines Frank Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
3642 Vockins Frederick Charles England Hampshire Netley
3643 Vradenburg Clifford England Cambridgeshire Cambridge
3644 Waddell George Clinton England Surrey Witley
3645 Waddell John Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3646 Wade James Ernest England Lincolnshire Lincoln
3647 Wade Louis Joseph Foster England Kent Shorncliffe
3648 Wade Walter Frederick England Devon Plymouth
3649 Waggitt John George England Yorkshire Addingham
3650 Wagner Louis England Derbyshire Buxton
3651 Waind Arthur England Yorkshire Leeds
3652 Waine Malcolm Lyle England Middlesex Middlesex
3653 Wakelam Lawrence Bernard Osborne England Nottinghamshire Nottingham
3654 Wakelen Joseph Henry England Hampshire Bramshott
3655 Waklem Thomas England London London
3656 Walker Charles England Hampshire Grayshott
3657 Walker Frank Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3658 Walker Frank Melton England Kent Shorncliffe
3659 Walker Frederick Henry England Kent Sittingbourne
3660 Walker Harry England Kent Shorncliffe
3661 Walker Harry England Nottinghamshire Nottingham
3662 Walker Henry Edgar England Lancashire Kirkdale
3663 Walker Henry Edmund England Hampshire Bramshott
3664 Walker John Binning Scotland Ross & Cromarty Fodderty
3665 Walker Joseph England Hampshire Bramshott
3666 Walker Joseph England Kent Shorncliffe
3667 Walker Walter Harold England Hampshire Basingstoke
3668 Walker William Earling England Surrey Epsom
3669 Walker William John England Kent Shorncliffe
3670 Walker William W Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
3671 Wall Patrick England Surrey Brookwood
3672 Wallace Charles Frederick England Essex Hadleigh
3673 Wallace Ernest Donald England Oxfordshire Oxford
3674 Wallace Thomas England Hampshire Bramshott
3675 Waller James Henry England Surrey Brookwood
3676 Walmsley Frank England Lancashire Whalley
3677 Walpole Leonard Edwin England Surrey Brookwood
3678 Walsh John Parnell England London London
3679 Walsh Michael Joseph England Surrey Epsom
3680 Waltenbaugh Wilbur Aulton England Hampshire Bramshott
3681 Walter Arthur Edward England Kent Shorncliffe
3682 Walters Arthur England Leicestershire Leicester
3683 Walterson Frank William England Hampshire Bramshott
3684 Walton William Blackett England Sussex Brighton
3685 Wambolt Arthur Ernest England Kent Shorncliffe
3686 Ward George Barker England Derbyshire Derby
3687 Ward John England Lancashire Leigh
3688 Ward Nathan Alexander England Kent Shorncliffe
3689 Ward Oswald William Wales Flintshire Pantasaph
3690 Ward Vernon England Dorset Wool
3691 Ward William Grenville Howard England Surrey Brookwood
3692 Wardle Albert Edwin Hewitt England Kent Shorncliffe
3693 Wardle Frederick William England Lancashire Kirkdale
3694 Wardle Samuel England Yorkshire Sheffield
3695 Wardrope John Scotland Ayrshire Stewarton
3696 Warn Lancelot Rodney England Hampshire Southampton
3697 Warner Albert England Surrey Witley
3698 Warner Dexter N England Kent Shorncliffe
3699 Warner George Lewis England Lancashire Liverpool
3700 Warner Peter England Derbyshire Holymoorside
3701 Watchorn Walter Roy England Hampshire Bramshott
3702 Waterman William England Surrey Brookwood
3703 Watling Archie England Surrey Brookwood
3704 Watmough John Snowdon England Lincolnshire Lincoln
3705 Watson Alfred Edmund England Cumberland Embleton
3706 Watson Frederick Samuel England Suffolk Lowestoft
3707 Watson George England Hampshire Aldershot
3708 Watson Harry Thomas England Hampshire Aldershot
3709 Watson Isaac England Lancashire Lancaster
3710 Watson James Scotland Caithness-shire Halkirk
3711 Watson James Pearson Scotland West Lothian Bathgate
3712 Watson John George England Durham Darlington
3713 Watson John Robert England Hampshire Aldershot
3714 Watson Robert Leonard England Sussex Crowborough
3715 Watson Thomas Scotland Ross & Cromarty Cromarty
3716 Watson Thomas England Yorkshire Leeds
3717 Watt John Alexander England Kent Orpington
3718 Watters Robert Cecil England Lancashire Kirkdale
3719 Watts Elwyn England Kent Orpington
3720 Watts Frederick Thomas England Sussex Hove
3721 Waugh John Brennan Ireland Co Down Newtonards
3722 Way Percy England Surrey Brookwood
3723 Weatherbee Wilfred Laurier England Kent Orpington
3724 Webb James Herbert England Hampshire Basingstoke
3725 Webb James W England Gloucestershire Bristol
3726 Webb William Adolphus England Surrey Brookwood
3727 Webster Frank Trevor England Gloucestershire Chalford
3728 Webster Gordon Garfield England Sussex Seaford
3729 Webster Henry Ebenezer Hopkins England London London
3730 Weighill Alfred James England Lancashire Liverpool
3731 Weir David Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
3732 Weir Douglas Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh
3733 Weir Robert England Surrey Brookwood
3734 Welbon John England Kent Shorncliffe
3735 Wells Albert Edward Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3736 Wells William Rudland England Surrey Witley
3737 Welton James F England Lancashire Kirkdale
3738 Wesley George England Hampshire Bramshott
3739 West Alfred Ernest England Kent Orpington
3740 West Charles Eric England Surrey Brookwood
3741 West George England Kent Shorncliffe
3742 West Herbert John England Lancashire Kirkdale
3743 West Hubert England Hampshire Bramshott
3744 West Seth George England Lancashire Warrington
3745 Westaver George Wilbert England Gloucestershire Cirencester
3746 Westman David Albert England Yorkshire Ripon
3747 Weston David England Hampshire Bramshott
3748 Whalen Dennis England Kent Shorncliffe
3749 Whalen Joseph Andrew England Hampshire Aldershot
3750 Whaley Henry Herbert England Hampshire Bramshott
3751 Whaley William England Sussex Old Shoreham
3752 Whatmough Arthur England Lancashire Rochdale
3753 Wheatley Harding Kirkpatrick England Essex Colchester
3754 Wheatley William John England London London
3755 Wheeler Arthur Edward England London London
3756 Wheeler Bernard England Oxfordshire Deddington
3757 Wheeler Frank England Surrey Brookwood
3758 Wheeler George England Kent Shorncliffe
3759 Wheeler Thomas England Kent Shorncliffe
3760 Whelan George King England Warwickshire Birmingham
3761 Whetstone Arthur Samuel England Kent Shorncliffe
3762 Whetstone Hugh Webster England Hampshire Bramshott
3763 Whitaker Alfred Tinsley England Gloucestershire Swindon Village
3764 Whitaker Philip England Surrey Brookwood
3765 Whitcomb Isaac George England Kent Shorncliffe
3766 White Frank John England Yorkshire Ripon
3767 White Garnet Edward England Surrey Brookwood
3768 White George Scotland Morayshire Rothes
3769 White George Stephen Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3770 White Henry Arthur England Kent Orpington
3771 White J Walter Wales Glamorgan Cardiff
3772 White James Wallis England Devon Exeter
3773 White John Stanley England London London
3774 White Joseph England London London
3775 White Sidney John England Kent Shorncliffe
3776 White William Henry Scotland Argyllshire Kilmore
3777 Whitehead Robert England Kent Shorncliffe
3778 Whithead Frank Ethelbert England Hampshire Bramshott
3779 Whiting George England Buckinghamshire Bletchley
3780 Whittet John Webster England Cambridgeshire Gamlingay
3781 Whitwham Harry England Yorkshire Bingley
3782 Whyte Archibald McLeod England Surrey Brookwood
3783 Whyte Charles McNichol Scotland Perthshire Alyth
3784 Whyte George England Sussex Seaford
3785 Whyte James England Hampshire Aldershot
3786 Whyte John McHutchion England Surrey Brookwood
3787 Wickham Alfred Lionel England Gloucestershire Bristol
3788 Wideman Maurice Edwin England Surrey Brookwood
3789 Wiederhold Rengaw Daniel England Lancashire Kirkdale
3790 Wilce George Thomas England Hampshire Grayshott
3791 Wildgoose Norman England Derbyshire Matlock
3792 Wiles Frank England Sussex Seaford
3793 Wilkins Charles Burton England Hampshire Netley
3794 Wilkins Harris Minard England Hampshire Bramshott
3795 Wilkinson Horace George Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3796 Wilkinson John Henry England Surrey Croydon
3797 Wilkinson Neil Donald England Hampshire Bramshott
3798 Wilkinson William Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3799 Willaughan Harry Burgess England Lancashire Manchester
3800 Williams Alfred England London London
3801 Williams David Scotland Stirlingshire Logie
3802 Williams Ernest William England Suffolk Mildenhall
3803 Williams Frank England Buckinghamshire Cliveden
3804 Williams Gilbert Lee England Suffolk Ipswich
3805 Williams Harry John England Sussex Seaford
3806 Williams Hugh Thomas England Hampshire Bramshott
3807 Williams John Ernest England Sussex Seaford
3808 Williams John Marshall England Surrey Brookwood
3809 Williams Lorne Willard England Kent Shorncliffe
3810 Williams Robert England Middlesex Middlesex
3811 Williams Thomas England Lancashire Manchester
3812 Williamson George Scotland Ross & Cromarty Tain
3813 Williamson James Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
3814 Williamson John England Lancashire Out Rawcliffe
3815 Willie Charles England Sussex Seaford
3816 Willis Harvey Franklin England Kent Shorncliffe
3817 Willis Lionel Arthur England Devon Plymouth
3818 Williscraft Charles England Staffordshire Stoke-on-Trent
3819 Willoughby Frederick England Yorkshire Sheffield
3820 Willoughby Samuel Thomas England Gloucestershire Bristol
3821 Wills Albert England Devon Exeter
3822 Wills William England Lancashire Bleasdale
3823 Willy James England Sussex Hastings
3824 Wilman Valentine Christopher England Kent Shorncliffe
3825 Wilson Alfred James Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
3826 Wilson Arthur England Yorkshire Scarborough
3827 Wilson Arthur William England Yorkshire Burton Leonard
3828 Wilson Charles England Gloucestershire Bristol
3829 Wilson Gordon Allen England Wiltshire Bulford
3830 Wilson Wilfred John Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
3831 Wilson William England Surrey Brookwood
3832 Wilton John England Surrey Brookwood
3833 Wiltshire James England Warwickshire Birmingham
3834 Wims Thomas Peter Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
3835 Winchester Elmer Stewart England Lancashire Kirkdale
3836 Winskill Ernest England Westmoreland Lowther
3837 Winter George Stuart England Kent Shorncliffe
3838 Winters Rowland Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3839 Winters William Charles J England Surrey Brookwood
3840 Wisdom George England Hampshire Bramshott
3841 Witherow William England Hampshire Grayshott
3842 Wolfenden Francis Cooley England Surrey Englefield Green
3843 Wonsawitch Nicholas England Surrey Epsom
3844 Wood Arnold Ralph England London London
3845 Wood Ernest John Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3846 Wood Frank England Surrey Brookwood
3847 Wood Frank Abbott England Norfolk East Harling
3848 Wood Frederick England Staffordshire Stoke-on-Trent
3849 Wood John England Devon Exeter
3850 Wood John Edward England Cumberland Carlisle
3851 Wood Oliver England Sussex Seaford
3852 Wood Philip Bunts England Hampshire Bramshott
3853 Wood William Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3854 Wooden Robert England Hampshire Bramshott
3855 Woodford Eric Gordon Wales Pembrokeshire Pembroke Dock
3856 Woodhead Percy England Yorkshire Bolsterstone
3857 Woodhouse Stott England Kent Dover
3858 Woods Arthur Oliver England Sussex Horsham
3859 Woods Daniel Scotland Glasgow Glasgow
3860 Woods Edward Harry England Lancashire Kirkdale
3861 Woods Harry Cecil Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3862 Woods Lyndon Delorma England Lancashire Manchester
3863 Woolfitt Philip England Nottinghamshire Newark-on-Trent
3864 Woor George England Hampshire Portsmouth
3865 Wootton Alfred England Essex Colchester
3866 Worth Joseph Ernest England Sussex Seaford
3867 Wrench Harold England Cheshire Frodsham
3868 Wright Allan Land Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3869 Wright Benjamin England Kent Shorncliffe
3870 Wright Bertie England Devon Plymouth
3871 Wright Bruce Emerson England Surrey Englefield Green
3872 Wright Charles England Hampshire Bramshott
3873 Wright James Montgomery England Lancashire Manchester
3874 Wright Percy England Hampshire Bramshott
3875 Wright Walter England Warwickshire Birmingham
3876 Wright William Scotland Dumfriess-shire Dumfries
3877 Wunsch Godfrey Sandy England Wiltshire Bulford
3878 Wyatt Arthur Scotland Perthshire Kenmore
3879 Wyckoff Eric Clifford George England Devon Plymouth
3880 Wye Arthur England Hampshire Basingstoke
3881 Wylie John England Wiltshire Bulford
3882 Yeo Lloyd Garfield England Kent Shorncliffe
3883 Yeoman William Harold England London London
3884 York Wilmot England Surrey Brookwood
3885 Youell Arthur Warren England Hampshire Southampton
3886 Youhill Neilson Riley England Sussex Hove
3887 Young Alton Charles England Surrey Brookwood
3888 Young Charles Ireland Co Antrim Belfast
3889 Young Charles William England Hampshire Bramshott
3890 Young Elmer Russell England Sussex Seaford
3891 Young George England Sussex Seaford
3892 Young James England Hampshire Netley
3893 Young James Hamilton England Surrey Brookwood
3894 Young Joseph Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3895 Young Stanley George England Sussex Brighton
3896 Young Theodore George Wales Flintshire Bodelwyddan
3897 Zinck Adolphus Milford Zenas England Surrey Witley

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